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Is This What The iPhone 6 Air Will Look Like?

iphone6-air-conceptLast week, Japanese magazine MacFan published alleged schematics for a 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhone 6. French Apple website, along with graphic designer Martin Hajek, took these schematics one step further and created 3-D ‘iPhone Air’ renderings using these blueprints as a guide, via¬†TechCrunch.

These renderings show an ultrathin iPhone 6 that shaves at least 0.5 mm off the width of the current iPhone 5S, which measures 7.6 mm thick. The concept phone features curved edges and rounded buttons that are similar to early iPhone models. Other notable design elements include an edge-to-edge display, matte metal sides and a sapphire glass backing.

The validity of the source drawings are unknown, so these renderings may or may not be representative of the next generation phone Apple is creating. Other iPhone 6 renderings based on earlier rumors imagine the smartphone with an iPod nano-inspired design or a bezel-less, tapered form factor.

Apple is expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone sometime this fall, and may incorporate a larger display, possibly made of sapphire, and improved processor and camera upgrades.


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