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8 Accounts of Black People Being Used As Guinea Pigs


Gynecology Invented Through The Torture of Black Women

In the 19th century, the father of modern gynecology, J. Marion Sims, conducted his research experiments on enslaved Black women. Sims performed the invasive and torturous procedures without anesthesia. J. Marion Sims’ justification for choosing not to anesthetize his test subjects was that he did not believe Black women felt pain at all. In an 1857 lecture, he stated that it was “not painful enough to justify the trouble”.

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32 thoughts on “8 Accounts of Black People Being Used As Guinea Pigs

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    A shame. This is crazy…

  2. Marlena Nkene says:

    This is just awful. Who wouldn't be paranoid as a person of color living in America!

  3. Marlena Nkene says:

    Wow, I just read the last one, or any country for that matter. Suspicions justified.

  4. Wow! I remember living in the Caribbean and dengue fever came out of nowhere. .geez!

  5. Rhonda Hooper says:

    Marlena Nkene I would say the same for anywhere in the world, people are devious and selfish. I am ashamed that I live in a country where people are treated with such disrespect based solely on the color of their skin. The native people of this country went through just as much discrimination if not more when this country was first discovered by the white man. I am ashamed of my people for the atrocities this country has had to endure. The buck stops here, I am teaching my children to love, and accept the differences between all peoples. I wish I could say the same for all people.

  6. Courtney Palmer says:

    This is not a shame- This is criminal at it's highest level. Now you know the real prpose behind Monsanto!

  7. I know ….This has been happening for centuries

  8. Isaac Mitra Adriel Knourek says:


  9. Isaac Mitra Adriel Knourek says:


  10. What has not been done to the Black people. Will the tables turn one day, one day

  11. Sundiata Keita says:

    these arent people, they are demons. you got more than enough evidence now.

  12. Man in Africa folks should be running any time they see the Red Cross sign

  13. Brandon Mason says:

    There's another story to add to the list. Google this: Secret Cold War tests in St. Louis raise concerns.

  14. Melodi Stone says:

    Henrietta Lacks!

  15. "All I want to say is they don't really care about us." —Michael Jackson

  16. Glenn Kessler says:

    So many Child Molesters are sitting Idle in prison and they OWE a debt to society. Why not use them for new product experiments? I am actually kind of serious about this issue. They should give something back instead of just doing time. Vaccines, the new AXE shampoo, and car safety crashes should all use child molesters (of all races) as Guinea pigs. Survive a 50 mph head on collision? We will knock a decade off of your sentence.

  17. Glenn Kessler says:

    Christopher, you posted a horrible comment on a horrible subject. Right is right and wrong is wrong. These activities are a transgression against God and man. A stain on our History. They need to be remembered so that it will never be repeated. Your post sounds like an evil desire for these types of experiments to be repeated on other races. payback or revenge? Either way, your point of view is as evil as the people (mostly deceased) who committed these atrocities. How about instead of revenge, you seek forgiveness, justice, and peace? You will live longer if you live without hate in your heart. Take a moment to remember the 58th Illinois Infantry Regiment. These white farmers (including my Grandfather's Grandfather) took up the sword to end slavery and preserve our nation. Some died, some suffered far worse. Andersonville Georgia was the site of a war prison where many of them suffered greatly before starving to death. Yes they wanted to see how many Yankees they could kill and the effects of starvation. There is enough evil in our past to fill volumes. For all of our sake, I hope Americans of all races come together for a better future. If we all let go of the hate, judge only the guilty, and teach your kids to love others, America will be better for it.

  18. Victoria Moss says:

    I'm with you…..

  19. James Dean says:

    Glenn Kessler AMEN

  20. Solomon Wong says:

    Glenn Kessler haha wrong is wrong huh? "So many Child Molesters are sitting Idle in prison and they OWE a debt to society. Why not use them for new product experiments? I am actually kind of serious about this issue. They should give something back instead of just doing time. Vaccines, the new AXE shampoo, and car safety crashes should all use child molesters (of all races) as Guinea pigs. Survive a 50 mph head on collision? We will knock a decade off of your sentence."

  21. Zeondra Gayle says:

    MenAfriVac was used on millions of people in Africa and is soon to reach 100 million. Why do we not hear of paralysis? Also, it's reported that the paralysis symptoms appeared on children who weren't vaccinated too. So…Something is very wrong there. The vaccine prevents thousands of deaths. I'm very skeptical.

  22. Toya T. Harris says:

    This is why I am afraid for my childrens welfare. And this has given me another reason not to have anymore. God help us all!!!

  23. Harriet Washington says:

    Eight of these 10 examples are in my book Medical Apartheid using the same illustrations and similar wording except for the errors. In the interest of ethics and courtesy, you might have at least alluded to the source of your information. Any one who wants to read a 500-page, award-winning, accurate description of this research may want to pick up a copy.

  24. Kiara Marie says:

    Rhonda Hooper Except don't go pitting suffering against one another on a scale. THe idea that one group suffered more than another in this gross process of dehumanization does not do a positive thing. It says to one, "Hey it wasn't as bad as the other" as if both are not bad.
    And I love the sentiment, but make sure to carry it through. Love goes beyond tolerance of differences. It's living with, and not making fun of them. It's understanding how the systems that allowed the atrocities that happen long ago, still exist in the world today. The sludge thing is really recent and blatant, among other workings, even in everyday social interactions.
    Teach and learn against micro aggressions as well as the macro.

  25. Kiara Marie says:

    That is a system just waiting to be abused.
    I'm not for it. Not at all.
    What stops this to just being the whole use any prisoner -especially those without chance for parole, or taking away the chance for parole- to be dehumanized. Use as a slave and a test subject.
    No, no, no.
    And we ALL know that the prisons have disproportionate amount of Black/Latino people incarcerated. And frequently those POC are given unfair sentences.

  26. Kiara Marie says:

    Glenn Kessler …aren't you the same person for dehumanizing people that are in prison though. Take time to reintegrate that line of though to your previous argument. Also, don't erase race from a clearly radicalized problem, as problematic as OP's statement was, it doesn't mean your erasure isn't problematic as well. These were offenses, that were committed against Black people.
    And honestly, the atrocities continue. No, hoping for the same to happen to them won't help, but guess what else doesn't help, this passive, kumbayaya bs, that if we're always nice and kind people will treat us better. The learning experience hurts, and it's GOT to be reciprocal. We can't constantly look to the disprivileged, to be responsible for us to do better, especially when the attacks are still happening. These are peoples lives.
    Look into issues of ableism, cissexism, sexism, racism, and check out microaggresions what we do in our everyday social interactions to perpetuate the thinking that ALLOWED for the atrocities. Look into institutionalized -isms.
    They are all alive and very well.

  27. Ama Nwaifejokwu says:

    I am certain this continues in some form all over the world bank because there is no true accountability for these acts against humanity.

  28. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Glenn Kessler is it so hard to believe that people are angry about what's been perpetrated and what continues rampantly under cover? Do not be offended by What he said. Be clear on why he said it. The fact is that if you are willing to do something so heinous, be prepared to reap what you sow. Is that revenge? The guilty won't be judged. It's difficult to persecute those who developed the persecution. You are right about coming together, but you are uncomfortable with the anger that will remain until the guilty receive their due.

  29. If you knew more about the abuse of prisoners in medical-research programs I think you would feel differently. There is a chapter on Prison research in Medical Apartheid.

  30. Glenn Kessler It would be wonderful if this forgoing of revenge were preached more universally, not just to the descendants of Africans.

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