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‘Love That Girl!’ Season 3, Episode 20: ‘Imunique Gets Fired’

Love That Girl! Season 3 Episode 20:  Imunique Gets Fired

“Love That Girl!” season 3, episode 20: “Imunique Gets Fired” premieres tonight on  TV One.

In this week’s episode, Imunique’s next gig might be standing on the unemployment line? After she screws up at work, Delroy fires her. Meanwhile, Jasmine immediately starts becoming overwhelmed.

TVone describes the show as follows:

“Tyana is a young divorcee who returns home to Southern California for a second chance in life. She decides to take a job in real estate — making her father Delroy very happy to see she’s following in his professional footsteps — but she plans to work for his competition. Tyana also reconnects with her old friends, especially her best friend Nefertiti who is happily single and ready to help Tyana get her groove back. But Tyana’s world is suddenly turned upside down when her unemployed brother Latrell unexpectedly moves into her North Hollywood condo.”

“Love That Girl!” season 3, episode 20: “Imunique Gets Fired” airs March 21 at 9 p.m. EST on TVone.


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