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6 of the Most Racist Board Games Ever Made

games 1‘Blacks & Whites’ (1970)

In 1970, Psychology Today published a board game where players choose to either be “Black” or a “White,” and their choice handily determines who wins the game.

According to the instructions, the game tries to emphasize, “the absurdities of living in different worlds while playing on the same board.”

The whites, who comprised the majority of players, started with $1 million and can buy property anywhere on the board. Their Black counterparts are the minority, start the game with only $10,000 and can’t buy many properties.

The property clusters had outrageous names such as  “inner ghetto” and “outer ghetto” to “lower integrated” and “upper integrated,” and  “newer estates” and “older estates.”

The “Blacks” and “Whites” each draw from their own set of “opportunity cards.” A typical Black card: “Government begins urban-renewal project. You lose both Harlem and Watts. Collect full price less 10% from Treasury.”

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7 thoughts on “6 of the Most Racist Board Games Ever Made

  1. Little black sambo was cool, there's no black people in my country, so that was the fist interaction we have with a black character, he was heroic and funny, we all wanted to have him as a friend back in the kindergarden. Also, isn't a sambo someone that is part black and part native american? Or in america that has another meaning?

  2. The Blacks and Whites game wasn't racist. It was designed to TEACH about how white privilege holds down minorities.

  3. Karl Kelly says:

    I here everyone complain and complain but no one very rarely suggest a solution. Among our people we have a vast amount of knowledge that goes untapped to the reconstruction of the black man a vast amount of wealth that is untapped toward our own flight. If you people don't stop and address the real problem among ourselves quit complaining and learn the Art of War everyone knows it but us. Our Creator gave us the same ability but we as a people won't use it.One of the greatest commandments given was that we love one another as we should love ourselves. As simple as that might seem self preservation of our people is a commandment. Black people wakeup! Quit begging , Quit complaining , Tap in to your own great resources bestowed upon you by our Creator.

  4. This is actually pretty damn funny

  5. Lawrence Ross It's a dumb premise though. Most white people don't start life with millions of dollars with every advantage in the world. Most white people are poor, they live their lives poor, and then they die poor.

  6. That's racism.

  7. Rick Cicchini And that's an ignorant and illogical statement.

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