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Stand Your Ground: 6 Cases Where Black Political Leaders Resisted Being Bullied by the ‘West’


Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since the country fought and won independence from Britain in 1980. At that time 46.5% of the country’s arable land was owned by approximately 6,000 commercial farmers, while white farmers, who made up less than 1% of the population, owned 70% of the best farming land.

Initially Mugabe, who holds seven college degrees, was a darling to western countries because he supported policies that maintained white minority domination of Zimbabwe’s economy. But in 1997, after the new British government, led by Tony Blair, unilaterally stopped funding the “willing buyer, willing seller” land reform program, the African leader instituted a forced land redistribution program to put Zimbabwe’s resources back into the hands of Black Zimbabweans.

The United States and the European Union did not take too kindly to this, imposing harsh sanctions on Zimbabwe in an attempt to destabilize Mugabe’s administration. Despite the economy-crushing effects of the sanctions, Mugabe remained committed to the idea that Zimbabwe’s land and natural resources belong to its indigenous peoples.

In the July 2013 elections, after a landslide victory, the African head of state said: “We paid the ultimate price for it [freedom] and we are determined never to relinquish our sovereignty and remain master of our destiny. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.”

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36 thoughts on “Stand Your Ground: 6 Cases Where Black Political Leaders Resisted Being Bullied by the ‘West’

  1. Donna Hamilton says:

    standing their ground as they should

  2. Allen Thomas says:

    All despicable tyrants. Nice puff piece.

  3. All African people got to love President Robert Mugaba. Now let the other African countries follow suit, as we watch Africa come up out of its hell hole.

  4. Lonnie Kushking says:

    Says the conservative with British names who loved Margaret Thatcher, the Queen, and Ronald Regan. Your country was ruled by King James, the adulterer, murderer, New Church and Bible creator. Name one honest ruler…EVER… In England's rich, imperialistic, land-grabbing history, please? You look like a puffer…

  5. Lonnie Kushking says:

    Do you pick up Wi-Fi and satellite radio with those Beaver Cleaver antennae ears?

  6. Lonnie Kushking says:

    Probably just Fox propaganda affiliate stations, huh?

  7. Lonnie Kushking You speak truth, thank you for your strong voice for our people.


  9. Lonnie Kushking says:

    Nzingha… Sad thing is, Allen doesn't realize that England was too far north and cold, and his ancestors came from the same place as we did… Before they enslaved and raped, and mixed with us and Native Americans a few millenniums after they left Africa. That is why Euros and Americans go to Africa, South America and West Indies on holiday….. For the food, music, women and warm weather.

  10. Ntokozo Moyo says:

    Lonnie Kushking Oh my gosh. He expressed his opinion,on both the people talked about and the way this article is presented. From where I'm sitting you assumed that hes British then continued to slur Britain , called him a puffer and took a dig at his ears.

    How does that come off? It does not make you come across as a reasonable person. Exactly the type of person who leads such a great continent into the ground. You're argument is just dumb, and the reason its dumb is because its narrow minded.

    I say so because its just a slur at Britain( of which btw Allen Might not be) you made sure you know all the bad things about them so can sling it back. How about having a more rounded argument, How did the rulers of the world in same time period fair? Is it purely Britain that had that type of person? How did they recover- is there something to learn from it?

    It is also dumb because its is dated. You cant move on or heal your scares if you dont a) take care of them and b) move on. What does prodding at them repeatedly help? Why dont you compare what is happening now with whats happening now? Its a much more fair comparison.

    Slurring out someone you hardly know so much based on two sentences they wrote is by far the worst reflection on how people on this continent are. There are people who have more sense than that. What positive thing can you build from such?

  11. So what you're saying is that
    a) African leaders should destroy their counties economy so that 1) Ordinary people cant keep bank accounts because bank charges are too high.
    2)Banks should suffer because they have no customers.
    3)Other countries should not place investments in the country because the banking climate is too unstable.
    b)Run the economy so far down that the you cant used your own currency and instead use the oh so hated "Wests" currency instead?
    c) turn one of the most educated populations on it head by destroying public education sector.( ZIMSEC used to be well accept intenatinally due to good standard but who care about that right?
    d) Turn the resources it has also on it head, i.e Zimbabwe can provide enough power for it residence but it doesn't because it been mismanaged to hell.
    e) making gaining medical treatment way to expensive for normal/lee fortunate people impossibly expensive.

    I'm all up for standing you own ground, if you're going to do something better with it….

  12. Lonnie Kushking says:

    And your closed-minded argument calls mine dumb because it doesn't coincide with yours. He's American, roots from Europe/UK. Like your name has African roots. I guess you win cuz you called my opinions dumb?

    I hope the UK and US don't sue me for the slurs and slander you wrongly cause me of…. America and UK are still in bed doing their evils around the globe. But, continue your love affair with the UK, sellout.

    This guy doesn't give an elephant's ass about your continent, but dipping into the chocolate…. If you look at his prize trophy/date that he has on his page.

    You would have been in his concubines as he google-eyed your pre-teen sons and daughters in the slave-trading days. But, like now.. You would have defended him.

  13. Lonnie Kushking LOOOOOL….You stalked his fab page? What the hell? Thats so weird. Why would you do that?

    Well, my accusation is accurate…You made fun of this man ears. Like what do they have to do with anything. Then to sound smart did a dropped a few names of their least impressive leaders( Yes, do that because it proves your point yes yes…ignore all the other good one…its just the really bad one you want to highlight).

    I'm not WRONGLY accusing you of any thing. DEF: Slur -To talk about disparagingly or insultingly. Which you did- read you own comments…and they fit that definition.

    So systemically proving why your opinions are flawed…and opinion can not be wrong. It can be flawed due to being presented incomplete information based on fact…its not your fault.

    a) You opinion on this mans ears and how much he looks like a puffer have nothing to with anything thus wasting an interested readers time. Sure its your opinion but is on NOTHING constructive. So what? Boo hoo it hurts your feelings.

    b) Yes, if this man has ancestry and roots in Europe/UK then that's beyond him. If we talk of ancestry, all the people in the world apparently( I wont confirm this) originated from Africa so hes African too by your logic.

    Of which you also state this when you talk about people going on holiday dont even know what you're on about there.

    ps: How many African working people do you know can save up and go on holiday as often and as comfortably as "Euros and Americas". The plumbers, roadworkers and policemen of this continent.

    c) "Name one Honest ruler Ever in England….dah dah"…name one Honest ruler ever in the whole wide word in all the time periods for that place. Tell me what you find.Nothing is squeaky clean. I mean its a well known joke that most politicians are liars, may be not by choice but yeah. And most monarch are handed down to people of the same blood…yeah family politics….is always messy ..anywhere you go. So, there…enjoy that.

    e)" Before the enslaved and raped…dah dah dah…" People rape each other…its sad thing…african people rape other african people all the time…in the the past….hopefully not in the future…so accusing them of rape as if they came up with it all on their own. ( Im not defending rape here- so dont even try and use that angle if you want me to elaborate i will.)

    d) Finally, why are all you reference things that happened in the PAST!!! This continent wont move on like this…

    Its like this; Some on broke into your house and stole material things, kept you hostage for a bit and then left…and broke a few windows…but you know your house is still there…you spirit is still there…but youd rather keep the house in that broken state for years on end so that you can still say " Look at that the theives did!"

    and LOOOOL…I would be one of his concubine based on your stalking Facebook pages….Ha! Please….give me a break…LOOOOL…

  14. Jones Errol says:

    big up youself mugabe you rule

  15. Lonnie Kushking says:

    Stop and listen You're too young to understand the history of the theft of Africa's resources, genocide and European rule. Ooops, that's in the past/history, therefore Africa and the world should burn those history books and be nice little forgiving Christians. You really look and sound like Don Quixote.

  16. Lonnie Kushking says:

    Stop and listen a, 2, 3, b, c, d, e? Spend less time licking boots and ruining your hair with those chemical perms and Indian hair and yarn. You look really ignorant with your numbering skills and rants.

  17. Lonnie Kushking says:

    "So systemically proving why your opinions are flawed…and opinion can not be wrong. It can be flawed due to being presented incomplete information based on fact"

    Anyone you don't agree with has "flawed opinions" — cuz your opinions matter in your crazy world. Seek angry management therapy and strong medications. The world has 7 billion people, and you're not going to change their thoughts/opinions to fit your agenda.

  18. John Smith says:

    Stop and listen

    You can blame most of those "problems" on sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US ans UK. As for banks, I suggest you focus on how the banks destroyed the economy in your own country which ordinary people are now being forced to pay for in Austerity. Sheesh! there is no where you can go on the internet that is not infected by agents of the status quo power structure.

  19. John Smith says:

    I'd say you got that the wrong way round — without the AID in the form of mineral resources and cheap labour that Africa provides the West, westerners would perish.

  20. Austin Mokumobi They are only giving aid, so that they can steal the resources. After being held down so long, do you expect these leaders to quickly turn things around, not only that, but the west are hindering many countries from advancing, because they will not allow them to steal their resources. Zimbabwe a good example. What reason do they have for placing sanctions on Zimbabwe? President Magabe at the UN just last year said the sanctions are illegal, and his calls are landing on deaf ears, because the UN is control by the very countries who sort to place the sanctions on Zimbabwe in the first place.

  21. Nzingha Shabaka: Well, if the people of Zimbabwe are so stupid to continue voting for the same man all these years, that is thier problems. Other African countries are moving ahead just fine. Mugabe is another Idi amin, another coconut head dictator. He drove away all the white people, put his country and his people in a difficult situation……… and now…. complaining about the west? Common people of africa, when are you gonna learn?

  22. Austin Mokumobi Do I need to keep saying it, the sanctions, the sanctios. Look at Haiti, Haiti did not do anything to to west except, defeat the three powers, and they placed sanctions on Haiti for over a hundred years. And look at Haiti, I guess you say the same thing about Haiti, people starving, and blacks cannot be leaders. Open your eyes. The west do not want any African country to advance, they want to keep them suffering, making it easy to steal their resources. If these African countries had the means to process their own resources, they could kick these leaches out today. I wish you could telll me how is it, we have the wealthiest continent on the planet, and the people are slaves, suffering from hunger, disease, all kinks of problems, how can that be? White supremacy. Mugabe is not a diatator. He made some mistakes, that is not a reason to throw him under the bus, his primary goal is to advance his country without being a puppet for the west. What African country is moving along mighty fine, that dosen't have resources every counrty wants?

  23. Nzingha Shabaka Blame the African leaders themselves for corruptions bribery, tribalism, nepotism, abuse of office and complete disregard for the overall betterment of thier fellow country men and women.Mugabe and his people had laid their bed, let them all face the music.If Zimbabwe people want to remain bitter for ever let them. If they wanna continue ellecting angry and old papa to lead them into the 21st century that is their choice. As i said before, most African countries had moved on, looking for partnership with both the west and the east. If Zimbabwe cannot come to terms with the political enviroment of the 21st century that remains their problem. And stop crying about the sixties and seventies.

  24. When I see Robert Mugabe I see the Spirit of our Beloved God Prophet St.Maakus Mosiah Gavi as I call him. I also hear in my mind the Israel Vibration song ,"the prophet has arise",Holy Imaniwell I, Dja Ra-S-Tafari

  25. Bwire Vincent says:

    Austin Mokumobi Stop worshipping white people.

  26. Bwire Vincent says:

    Slow down with the white worshipping and try to look at the other side of the coin.

  27. Tassti H Asantiwaa I do too. He makes me feel like he is my father, or my brother, or uncle, somebody who is biologically I am a part of. His rich beautiful black skin, I love all of him.

  28. Ntokozo Moyo I cannot believe you spent that much time defending a white person, who had just put out black leader in African down. What is your problem?

  29. Ntokozo Moyo Please visit the African Renaissance, there you can enlighten yourself about who you really are, and why you think like you do. No offense please, only trying to offer knowledge, of who we are ,so that we may stop being so critical of each other. We do not have time for all the fooolishness.

  30. Allen Thomas says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Manners. There is no need to criticize Ntokozo Mbambo. Not everyone has the same charm and tact that you do. But for the record, the ground these tyrants stand upon is soaked by the blood of blacks and whites…thousands in the case of Mugabe. Under his dictatorship he turned Zimbabwe from the bread basket of Africa…a major agricultural exporter…into a basket case…a country that can't feed itself. Now he uses starvation against tribes that don't support him, encourages aggression and murder against political opponents, tribes out of his favor, and the white minorities. Mugabe is an evil man…a man who cares only about enriching himself and to hell with every one else. And Zimbabwe has lowest life-expectancy in the world…37 for men and 39 for women. At 90, Mugabe doing well for himself but he isn't lifting anyone out of a hell hole. He's making it worse. You would to well to recognize the difference between an enlighten and inspiring leader (Nelson Mandela) and murdering tyrant (Robert Mugabe). Then you can praise and condemn appropriately. Intelligently…without regards to race.

  31. Ntokozo Moyo says:

    Allen Thomas Thank you. I am not defending a white person while disregarding a black person. I know who I am, I am Zimbabwean and I am proud of where I come from. And the Man you praise for holding his ground has made my life a living hell and made my family life impossible. And counteless of other people life more difficult than they have to.

    If you note Allens comment, everything he has said in that comment is true. And If you turn a blind eye from the truth, just because it was spoken by him then you have a more sinister problem.

    You're the one with the problem, promoting people that literally ruin lives. People that think of themselves. Do you think the mentioned president or any of them gives a flying fuck about his own people?
    Not going way to off topic here, i just want to really squash the race thing- One of the worst genocides Africa has ever had was because of TRIBALISM( Mull over that where is the fuckin racism there!! )

    I want to grow as person. I am indifferent to what race I am. I am a human being who respects other human beings and will not tolerate people saying unjust things to other people. I just happen to be black.

    I feel people and this country don't grow because they hang on such things, things that happened in the past, things like race.Fine they did some great things, but they have lost the plot. You shouldnt just keep them there because you feel obligated to.

    It your kind of mentality that bringing the whole continent down. Instead of looking at the mans race, listen to the words hes speaking. They make sense and they are logical.

    I as an african look past race, and I want to see reason. If you dont seek reason, I will no longer respond to this. I cant reason with unreasonable people.

  32. Lovey J Burney says:

    Wow! Things are different when another side of the story is told. Western media eventually paints every African leader as an ignorant and bloodthirsty tyrant. Great info!

  33. Allen Thomas says:

    I guess that settles this debate. It was a pleasure getting to know all of you.

  34. Zyhp Nick says:

    robert is a true hero i love this guy and fuck the europeans

  35. Farntella Graham says:

    you need to investigate the source of the aid virus in africa. do not believe anything they say. do your own research and draw your own conclusions. we are dealing with the heights of evil and they are capable of everything evil that you can imagine pkus some more.

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