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5 Roles Christianity and Islam Played in the Enslavement of Black People


The Color Purple, 1985

For The Bible Tells Me So

Slaveholders justified the practice by citing the Bible.

For the oppressor, the act of acquiring slaves was not only a divine spoil of war for the victor, but it was also the right of God’s “chosen people” to enslave others who were not part of their group during times of peace. In the Bible, Deuteronomy 20:10-11 states:

“When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you.”

What if the people of that land aren’t interested in surrendering their freedom? Well, Deuteronomy 20:12-14 states:

 “And if it will make no peace with thee, but will make war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it.”

The Bible doesn’t present many options for freedom outside of death. Fortunately, the New Testament is full of helpful tips for handling slavery while you’re living. Ephesians 6:6 states:

 “Slaves, obey your masters here on earth with fear and respect. And do this with a heart that is true, just as you obey Christ.”

Do your work and be good at it. Don’t upset your master with sassy talk and empty threats. Don’t even think about pulling a Nat Turner.

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102 thoughts on “5 Roles Christianity and Islam Played in the Enslavement of Black People

  1. Good read. Very informative and an eye opener.

  2. Tariq Ahmed says:

    Colonialism was not in Africa only. Arabs in yemen were colonised by the British. Fighting and taking them slaves was ok. When you Imply Islam promotes slavery you are wrong. Go read and understand Islam before criticizing. Or this page is now owned by Fox News? This page is all about the truth in the United States of America

  3. Abdul-Kareem Nafi says:

    Full of sh!t !!! There is no chapter Ishaq to which you elude and hence your argument unravels. The caution given by The Most High to our Prophet was,to treat them well ,feed them well,shelter them and all this in accordance of how you treat,feed,and house yourself. You see in Islam we are not about prison for life and the perversions that occur with that in prison and to the family left alone.
    You took that captured person as a sevant and your good treatment won over their sentiment. You no longer had a enemy ! But some individuals abused and perverted the ways but not the true teachings. But i guess Guantanamo is the right way? We are winning their hearts and minds there and in our regular prisonssystem which has slavery in it. Wow thanks for clearing that up!

  4. Abdel Bey says:

    WOW. Whoever wrote this article should be fired. It is so wrong on so many points it's a joke. First the so-called middle east is on what continent. Last I checked its Africa maybe I'm wrong. Christians are not mandated to follow the laws of the Bible just the laws as set forward by the pope. If not then the 7 year law as set forth the in the Torah would have been followed. That's in Leviticus,do your research.

  5. Evadne Smith says:

    Remember that god took us out of slavery ?because we seek his face and trust him again. Further more your understanding is not up to par, when you ask for help from him you will get.

  6. Christianity nor Islam enslaved people. People enslaved people. If you make theaargument that the people did if based on their faith, then what if the argument based on Christian abolitionist who fought for the freedom of enslaved people?

  7. Don't think this article was written with truth in mind. It was most likely written to stir emotions and create traffic.

  8. Religion is the weapon of the oppressor. Christianity is a practical religion in which there is no free born or slave the Arabs and Europeans used religion to psychologically and spiritually enslave Africans. To emancipate ourselves we must know what we worship. The Creator or the creature. Human beings must have a human standard of life Tim tom. Somieari

  9. Slaves yesterday are masters today. The Hyksos slavery in Egypt. The Jewish period in Egypt. The Jews were slaves in Egypt for 400 years its all the same what did we as human beings learn from mans inhumanity to man? Today are we living like human beings? Man cannot rule himself from what we see and read everyday on the net. Worship your God and him alone the creature will only lead man to what we are seeing today.

  10. The Middle East is a region, yes. However, it is spread across North Africa and Asia. Religion, particularly Islam and Christianity, has played a major role in slavery and oppression, regardless of anyone's pretensions.

  11. Abdel Bey says:

    Jason A. Cooke my brother, people use whatever they can to achieve things that they desire. The misuse of these religions by those who find any abstract quote by any so-called holy man to justify their actions. A thing is neither good or bad the way people use those are the right and wrong. Slavery in America can't be likened to anything. It was governments and institutions which sponsored and profited and these were of every religion including jews christians,hindus, etc. Do your research. and like I said the "so-called middle-east" is in Africa.

  12. People have been enslaving people long before either religion existed. People never needed a religion to take advantage of other people.

  13. Hakeem Malik Muhammad says:

    A response to “5 Roles Christianity and Islam Played in the Enslavement of Black People” Just terrible article. Surprised to see an African-American website spread such misinformation. Slavery was widely accepted by indegious African spiritual systems and not something which came about as the result of the “evil” Prophet Muhammad and the religion of Islam. Not once does the author point out that not a single indigenous African condemns slavery. Dahomey, the Asante Kingdom, Oyo, Benin, Igala, Kaabu, Imbangala, and the Aro Confederacy all partake in intra-African slavery.

    The author Bunchy P. Hampton writes:

    “And in Ishaq: 327, slavery is not only justified, but exercising brutality and violence in the preferred means of obtaining slaves: ”Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.”

    This verse is simply not in the Qu’ran. It’s completely made-up and fabricated. It’s a shame Bunchy P. Hampton has sunk to such low-levels of academic scholarship. He continues to say:

    “Like the Bible, the Qur’an states that enslavement of non-Muslim prisoners of war is perfectly fine as cited in Qur’an 8:1. They ask you about the benefits of capturing the spoils of war. Tell them: ‘The benefits belong to Allah and to His Messenger.’”

    This verse certainly is not about enslaving black people but rather deals with the distribution of material goods gained after victories in war. In fact, the Prophet(PBUH) implemented a system in which the wealth collected from war would be redistributed directly to the poor, needy, and even some of his former enemies.

    whatever booty Allah gives to His Messenger from city dwellers belongs to Allah and to the Messenger and to near relatives and orphans and the very poor and travelers, so that it does not become something which merely revolves between the rich among you. (al-Hashr)

    As for slavery,”Free the Qu’ran” is repeated throughout the Qu’ran.

    Righteousness is not turning your faces towards the east or the west. Righteous are those who believe in GOD, the Last Day, the angels, the scripture, and the prophets; and they give the money, cheerfully, to the relatives, the orphans, the needy, the traveling alien, the beggars, and to free the slaves.– Qur’an [2:177]

    With regard to slavery, one author writes:

    Despite the Arab-dominated Middle Eastern and Trans-Saharan slave trade in African captives, the religion of Islam is the only mainstream faith to actively emancipate enslaved people as a aspect of religious devotion. “Free the slave” is repeated constantly in the Qur’an … Islam therefore is a revolutionary religion born into a world where slavery was part of the fabric of that society.

    Far from being a tool of the enslavement of black people,Islam has always been a source of their liberation.

    Islam began to spread rapidly among the poor, orphans, women, slaves and downtrodden members of society precisely because it elevated their social position. One of these slaves was a Black Man of Ethiopian heritage named Bilal. His slave-master suspected that he was visiting Muhammad and began torturing him outside. Muhammad, disgusted by Bilal’s treatment, sent for his friend Abu Bakr to purchase his freedom. Bilal was then freed and would go on to be a great friend of Muhammad and be the first man to preform the call of prayer, a highly prestigious position in the Muslim world.

    Bilal, one of the first black converts to Islam, was not forced to become Muslim by the sword. Rather, he himself chose Islam to the dismay of his slave-master because of its stance against oppression.

    Thus, in early Islam we actually see Black people leaving Arab Captivity and entering positions of prestige- not the reverse. Islam, and its message of universal brotherhood and sisterhood was a response to Arab injustices and prejudices towards Black People.

    Islam’s elevation of Black people is not limited to Bilal. There was also another slave named Zayd whom Muhammad freed and adopted as a son. Zayd’s son, Usama, would then be chosen by Muhammad as a military general at the age of 19. In a biography about Muhammad, the author Tariq Ramadan writes:

    “In the presence of God, nothing could justify discrimination, social injustice, or racism. In the Muslim community, a Black Man called the believers to prayer, and a slave’s son commanded the army; faith had freed the believers from judgments based on deceptive appearance linked to origins and social status that simulate unwise passions and dehumanize them.”

    “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action… Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves. … beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone. “ – The Prophet Muhammad

    As for Muslims who partake in the slavery trade, Alik Shadadah notes:

    Arabs did not enslave Africans because of a religious edict (fatwa), they did so for their own greed and nationalistic interest–like everyone else, including other African nations.

  14. Alton Ohmygoodness Chislom says:

    This article is garbage. If you have a vested interest in going against religion, at least use real quotes from the respective books.

  15. Kaizer Solze says:

    Umm, the comments on here are funnier than the article (which contains quite a bit of truth). When are you all going to realize that ALL religions are scams? Every single one is a scam. Black people are foolish enough to continue the mental slavery of both Christianity and Islam, and that's not only the black people in the Americas, but Africa too.

    "When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said "Let us pray." We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land." -Desmond Tutu. Even if those aren't his exact words, it is still true.

    Religion is poison. It continues to destroy and divide black people. You know how white people like to "divide and conquer"? What do you think religion is?! It's the white man's BEST tool for dividing and conquering.

    Look at Nigeria: Muslims killing Christians over what? Unproven myths. And look here in the United States: who leads in virtually every negative social indicator? Black people. Who are the most religious? Black people. Who has come up with the least number of scientific and technological advancements? Black people. Your computer, cell phone, car, airplane, boat, freeways, televisions, etc. are all made by non-Blacks. Can Black people make these advancements? Absolutely! Black people have the potential to be just as brilliant as anyone else, but the first thing that needs to happen is to drop all the religion. Religion kills our natural scientific curiosity. Why study astronomy if you believe "god made the earth"? That's false. Why study biology or mycology or agronomy or genetics or geology or computer science or cryptography or chemistry if you believe "god did it"? Removing religion completely will force us to be more responsible (because there is no one to blame except yourself) and more intellectually proficient (because you will have to research everything you thought "god did"). Then, we won't be filling up the jails. We won't be killing each other over some stupid color or religion or what side of town we live on. We will be winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals and getting the respect we deserve as thoughtful and intellectual beings.

    As long as black people keep believing in god, nothing will change. Things will continue to get worse. NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US; WE HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES.

  16. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the main weapon in the Arsenal of Global White Supremacy that has embarked on a 6,000 year long war of the destruction of Afrikan civilization globally. Unit we Restart worshipping again the Great Divine Universal Spirit that lives in us all by using the images of our Ancestors, living Kings and Queens,Heros and Sheros and our beautiful black faces in the mirror,my above statement will continue with no end in sight,Holy Imaniwell I,Dja Ra-S-Tafari

  17. Chet Lindsay says:

    I couldn't have stated it any more profoundly! Thank you for your eloquent and truthful statement!

  18. Mak Hashi says:

    The Quranic verse "Ishaq 327" cited in this piece is completely made up. There is no such chapter or passage in the entirety of the Qu'ran. This "article" should be removed immediately.

  19. Illm Illir says:

    Islam is a Arab cult a vehicle for Arab supremacy this cult has destroyed many beautiful African cultures, Its a dangerous cult one which converts people by the sword.

  20. Stephanie C. Stephanie says:

    Spot on!

  21. Who needs freedom when there's Jesus or Muhammad?

  22. Abdul-Kareem Nafi says:

    Any idiots who believes this please go look up his info. No Wait !!! If its on the internet, it must be true.

  23. Love is thy key … Love is thy key … Our Father says

  24. Love is thy key
    Love is thy key
    Our Father says
    Love you one another
    Love is thy key
    Let the world try and see if we will not have peace.
    No more division among the Gentiles
    No more division among the Asians
    No more division among the Europeans
    No more division among the children of God
    Love is thy key Tim tom

  25. Diana Bush
    The cyber police are looking into your soliciting on a non-commercial website. Warrants are being prepared at this very moment.

  26. Odds are that the Christian abolitionist who fought for the freedom of enslaved people was shunned by other Christian brethren.

  27. Christians that stand for true Christian values usually are. Everybody can't do it, so they down it. Be in the world not of the world. That's hard.

  28. Your religion is a lie and your prophet was a murderous pedophile

  29. Abdul-Kareem Nafi says:

    Primo Uomo Ass. We shall leave the pedophilia and bestiality to you according to your pictures you post weirdo. Try reading from unbiased sources and not being such a puppet.

  30. Primo Uomo Assoluto ???? where are you getting this information from? You are misinformed. please read the Quran yourself and dont rely on other peoples information. May Allah bless you.

  31. Slavery didnt start with Christianity or Islam! Slavery has been there long before both religions and Islam has done a great deal in bringing an end to it. what is so sad is that people who are quick to be anti-religion fail to examine the good that religion has done for humanity. Arabs use to bury their daughters alive before Islam but i guess the end to this evilness isnt significant for you. The fact that Christianity has failed you doesnt mean that the answer doesnt lie elsewhere.

  32. yo bro, read about Islam yourself and dont take any bunch of nonsense someone feeds you . Fact check everything said about Islam in that article. Funny how the article failed to mention that most of the slaves stolen from africa where actually Black Muslims.

  33. Zondac Gibson says:

    I was trying to justify Islam when I bought a copy of the Koran and accompanying history texts. After reading 60 pages dedicated to my death and torture, and pages dedicated to misogyny, I researched into Mohammed. He was only a criminal pedophile warlord who hated women so much that he tied one of his tribes beloved women leaders between two horses and ripped her apart. Her crime being a woman in power. That disgusting religion stopped all scientific and social advance for billions of people. I can find no worse religion than Islam.

  34. Zondac Gibson hahahaha Thats strange. Only god knows where you found such information from. Maybe you should watch the history channel if you have cable tv and learn about Islam not from muslims but from christians. You may learn of the advancements Islam has contributed to the world civilization. 60 pages dedicated to death and torture????? what Quran are you reading? First of all the Quran is not just like a book full of stories to read like the bible. the Quran is the word of God and thus needs guidance to get the riches therein. You need a good tafseer to accompany the quran. It explains in detail each surah, why it was revealed, when it was revealed and the lesson to be learned from it. In regard to the Prophet of Islam, again you claim you did your research yet these claims are not even seen in any way or form in one of the most leading critic of Islam book. For a someone to hate women so much i wonder why he had wives? its like saying that Hitler hated jews so much he choose jews as his close advisors. Bro, the internet is full of unsubstantiated rubbish and its up to you to choose what you WANT to believe but if you want the thruth then start by searching from the right source.

  35. Zondac Gibson says:

    I got my information from the Koran. Save your cult speech

  36. Ibrahim Kamal M Do yourself a favor and educate yourself with something else than that book of lies. Mohammed was a peadophile, marrying a child when she was 7 and fucking her when she was 9 (Aisha). He was also notorious for his cruel treatment of prisoners and enemies, and his messed up idea of what "choice" was (convert to Islam or die).

  37. Abdul-Kareem Nafi says:

    Primo Uomo Ass ,you and others sound like a robot spitting out the same youtube crap. Investigate and stop being sheep.
    Oh and happy gay pride month to you.

  38. Primo Uomo Assoluto Again it seems like your fuel your hatred for a religion you know nothing about on information you find online. If its online then its true lol. Simple common sense tell you that the accusations dont make any sense. So a man who as you say is a peadophile and his religion spread all over Arabia has only one incident marry a child. is that what peadophile who have power do???? wouldnt there be numerous stories concerning him and kids??? Did you bother to find out the reason behind this marraige? and the fact that the marriage wasnt consummated until she was of age? If your accusations have any substance do you really think that the Christian world wouldnt run off with this and there be tons of books and even many movies made about him??? Cruelty of prisoners ???? you must be kidding! Just watch what christians have to say about Islam on your history channel. You can make up whatever you want about Islam but the Facts are facts and standsup against everything you just said. maybe you should stop taking your information from internet hate groups and start reading books of substance . What religion was the very first to give women the right to vote? the right to inheritance which you may benefit from today? What religion took Europe out for the dark ages? just to name a few but in your world everything that supports Islam is a Lie lol

  39. Kaizer Solze says:

    Ibrahim Kamal M Why don't you try reading ALOUD my third and fourth paragraph?

  40. Kaizer Solze says:

    Chet Lindsay Feel free to cut/copy/paste that elsewhere!

  41. I find it very interesting how this article has spoken a lot about Muslim Arabs, when the dates mentioned was during the introduction of Islam when many Arabs were in fact idol worshippers not Muslim. Secondly it's unfair to talk about Christian and Muslim people and make it out as if this is exactly what the religion has said, not once dd it mention how the Quran infact abolished slavery and stated that no white is superior than a black man and no black man is superior than a white man and no Arab is superior than a non Arab except in piety. You need to look at the religion not the people who claim to practise them. In the Quran slavery was banished during te time of the prophet (SA) way before the international laws were brought in, but it was the choice of these 'Muslims' not to follow them not the religion.

  42. What religion would the black community follow if the slave masters were not Christians?

  43. Akil Talib says:

    I am a Muslim and have been one since 1988 i was not forced to be a muslim it was my own personal choice. can you tell me a time in african american history where Islam was forced on African Americans…? i'll wait……christianity yes i can testify to that as far as Islam Show and Prove.

  44. I don't know about the old'n days slavery (I know christianity was used for sure) But what I do find today is that many african american muslims seem to be "self segregating" themselves from participating in science/education system or political groups and technology trying to make changes in the world… like if it's not muslim ran/operated they don't want to have anything to do with it. many of the muslim people I talk to carry a lot of anger with them. I'm not religious even though I have a profound respect for god/universe and am always taken back when someone who claims to be religious has so much anger with in them. really makes me question their understanding of god/universe and makes me doubt that their books are really doing them that much good. an example of islam continuing to enslave people is many seem to be dead set against the legalization of cannabis… which are obvious tools they use to continue to enslave young black men in the prison system so wether you smoke it or not it's only logical that legalizing it would take some of their power and ability to continue to keep such a ridiculously high % of black men in prison and start changing this f#cked up un even system we're all trying to live in… so when the topic of legalizing it comes up in a conversation about it with a muslim all they tend to do is refer to their book and say "nope my book says any mind altering things are of shaytan" and thats as far as their thinking goes… (books alter the mind too especially religious/spiritual ones) even though it would better for their own communities their still against it. (it reminds me of poor people voting republican) going against logic because of some old book/programming doesn't help themselves and deff doesn't help man kind.

  45. Anna Montana says:

    I do not think that Ibn Khaldun said "The only people who accept slavery are the Negroes, owing to their low degree of humanity and their proximity to the animal stage." It sound like the theory of evolution and this has nothing to do with Islam and came a long time after Ibn Khaldun. Really, really stupid.

  46. Anna Montana says:

    I do not think Ibn Khaldun said "The only people who accept slavery are the Negroes, owing to their low degree of humanity and their proximity to the animal stage." It sound like the theory of evolution and this has nothing to do with Islam and came a long time after Ibn Khaldun. Really, really stupid. Who really studied, know that slaveriy in Islam was totally different to what Europeans have done. They ate with their owners at the same table, wear the same clothes as their owners. Many slaves become leaders of the Muslims. You (not only white) americans have a problem with your past. That's the reason why you're looking for mistakes in other cultures.

  47. Jenna Parks says:

    Primo Uomo Assoluto Oh my god! This guy again! Don't worry, Ibrahim Kamal M, he spouts hate wherever he goes. He called me a bitter he-she a few hours ago…nice guy.

  48. Jenna Parks says:

    Primo Uomo Assoluto Oh my god! This guy again! Don't worry, Ibrahim Kamal M, he spouts hate wherever he goes. He called me a bitter he-she a few hours ago…nice guy.

  49. This is more antichristian derision and nones.sense. Just like the slavers of the UN-holy Roman Imp.pire that took > 3 centuries 2 conquer.
    Under the New Dispensation CHRIST made no slaves and unless U can spiritually discern scripture stop the 11th Persecution of the CHURCH causing blacks 2 lose their souls to sin, folly, wickedness, and evil.
    This derision is causing the destruction of the ADiA family.
    CHRIST called 4 no violent élan or slave trade. U can't muurder murder. Dr. MLK, Jr.
    Blacks have not been born-again ignorant, but did not become evil because of evil.

    the plantation seer

  50. <1% Melanin nones.sense of the Human Genome! We need no "black massa" 2 replace a white or aryan massa…
    B not beguiled 4 GOD IS not mocked by OralLOT.try!
    the plantation seer

  51. The followers who used books 2 justify evil: mammon.ites

  52. Consider this: what if we suffer slavery cause the ancestors enslaved Hebrews 4 400 of 430 years… Justice? Vengeance? Do un2 others?
    OMG. AS a CHRISTIAN, would that mean white people would have nothing 2 do with us being here?
    the plantation seer

  53. Nones.sense from the fake massa aryans. We know of a certainty when the Euros came a conquering…, and when the Arabs came a élan crusading…!
    Lie not 1 to the other 4 GOD IS not mocked…

  54. U r incorrect if U have the gift of spiritual discernment. Dispensation 2 CHRISTIANS r not JEWS… Legalism does not save! Christ was not the father of mammon or murder or violent élan!
    the wellness ambassador

  55. That flag U display and the word U use promoting Massa Arab Aryanism was seen on 9/11/2001 promoting Jihaddi terror.ism! TCT.TV/faithinhistory

  56. That flag U display and the word U use promoting Massa Arab Aryanism was seen on 9/11/2001 promoting Jihaddi terror.ism! TCT.TV/faithinhistory

  57. Sura 4 and what Presidents fought against Muslim slavers of ~ 2 million whites of the violent élan?

    The plantation seer


  59. What if white people have nothing 2 do with Africans being here, OMG?

  60. TCT.TV/faithinhistory orWHAT EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE KORAN. William J. Federer
    EducateUp 4 U can't muurder murder! Dr. MLK. Jr.

    The plantation seer

  61. Violent élan crusades 630A.D. > 240-250 million murders?

  62. Tariq Ahmed says:

    Jonathan Hines
    Hitler said "The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost impercitible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which changes cannot be reversed."
    How will freedom be taken away without fair reasoning?

  63. Pure nones.sense to call evil good and treat people as a demi or 2nd class status 4 makinge phallic urges… Eber blood feuds and violence beginning with tribe robbery at Mecca And Medina…~ 7th Century A.D.
    EducateUp @ http://www.TCT.TV/faithinhistory

  64. B4 U continue with the 11th Persecution of THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH… know what a CHRISTIAN IS. Now of Prophet JESUS THE CHRIST was thePERFECT PROPHET OF PEACE, LOVE, and SALVATION.
    EducateUp with respect and lie not 2 advance Islam…!
    the Ambassador of GOOD WILL

  65. Anna Montana says:

    NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US; WE HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES…In Islam we don't believe that. What we believe is "WE HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES"…but we accept the power who gives life to everything and this is God and we obey nothing but this power. In Islam God is totally different than what christians think of God. He's not a man, he is not a father, he look not like a human being etc. Sorry, but what you wrote about Desmond Tutu is maybe not from him. It looks like you know nothing about Nigeria or Africa. Islam didn't come by force to Africa. You should study your own history (maybe in Africa, but not in american newspapers). For me it looks like your a 5% or something like them. You can believe what you want, but don't forget all of us will die and then we will know the truth. If you believe in something other than your creator you should know there is no way back to this life and then you can't change nothing. Do what you want (or believe in what you want) like it is written in the Quran Chapter 107…but like I wrote after this life there is no second chance. You should read the Quran and what he says about "god made the earth" and think you will be suprised what the Qurans says about the beginning of the universe. Like I wrote I think you should study a little bit more. I wish you all the best.

  66. Wahiid Ali says:

    First of all, a "black" man did invent some of the major components of the cell phone. A "black" man also "invented" the world wide web and was forced to sell the patent to the federal government for 4 million dollars. A "black" woman invented holographic television in 1972 that still has not hit the market. You, like other people lump Christianity, which you know something about, with Islam, which you know nothing about. If you knew anything about Islam , you would know that it is also a science book that scientists use for research. ( actually, they're trying to find something wrong, since the challenge is issued in the book to find something wrong in it, you know like fingerprint analysis, DNA, the big bang, it's all there).. You would also know that we aren't waiting for a savior. I know that neither you or your cheerleaders ever read the Quran, and seriously doubt that you ever read the Bible. So what do you call a person that never read a book, yet dares to report on it? Whatever happen to "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? "Black people have the potential to be just as brilliant as anyone else"? ?? I have never met anyone more intelligent than me. "As long as black people keep believing in god, nothing will change". I take it we should believe you. It's also funny that the writer of this article left the Jews out, and they owned more slaves than anyone. Oh. That's right. They own the media too. Probably this publication? The more I listen to agnostics and atheists, the more I see the wisdom in the verse "A fool says in his heart "There is no God"." "The chapter Ishaq" …What book is that in? By the way, maybe 30 yrs ago I was an atheist , straight "A" full scholarship bound. So, unlike you, I'm not talking out the side of my neck. I like your objective though. You must understand, however, that since the basic definition of religion is "a way of life" atheism is a religion too…a tool being used even by you to divide. The first thing blak people need to realize is that when people see us they don't see Christian, Muslim, Atheist, PhD,whatever. You see, I see, they see a "black" person.

  67. Wahiid Ali says:

    Primo Uomo Assoluto Judging by the color of your skin, and the texture of your hair, if you go far enough back into your own family history you will find where sex with a 3yr old boy or girl is condoned. Or just tell me and I will provide proof for you.

  68. Wahiid Ali says:

    I think that the author of this article is trying to get a book deal with a Jewish publishing company. He left the Jews out, when they owned, bought and sold more slaves than anyone.

  69. Kaizer Solze says:

    Anna Montana Actually since I'm an atheist, I am an atheist towards all gods, not just "God". Yours too. The Torah, Bible and Koran (the Jewish trilogy — and you thought the Jews only made trilogies like "Star Wars"!) are all fake. I don't care what your god says, he doesn't show up to help people and he likes to try to kill us at every turn. Please don't ever insult me by calling me a 5% when I have made a CLEAR stand against ALL religions. Why don't you try reading my exact words instead of responding to what you THINK I said. Thanks!

  70. Kaizer Solze says:

    Wahiid Ali Well Wahlid, if you took a few minutes to do some quick google searches instead of screaming about how your religion is right/is the best, you'd learn a thing or two. Atheism is not a religion. There are no holy books, ceremonies, doctrines or anything lack that. It is a "NO" when asked "do you believe in a god or gods". You need to really familiarize yourself with this fact because it renders most of your argument as useless. I don't believe in any god or gods so I don't believe in any holy book I don't care who wrote it, they were no different than me and I'm not special and neither are you. All religion is horrible. All religion is evil and all religion is ultimately bad.

  71. I haven't come across any African language without the word "slave". Maybe you should be specific so that we can verify that.

  72. Wahiid Ali says:

    Kaizer Solze That's the difference between me and you. I don't base my opinions on "quick google searches". I have been on this search for over 30yrs. I know more about religions and the history of religions than most theologians. I am special and so are you. "All religion is horrible. All religion is evil and all religion is ultimately bad." is really jumping to conclusions. By the way, the inventor of the cell phone (which is 40 yrs. old is Henry T. Sampson. Google his photo.

  73. Kaizer Solze says:

    Wahiid Ali I see you have a comprehension problem. I never said that I did a quick Google search, I told you to do one so you can get a brief overview of what kind of conversation you are about to get in to. Quite simply, when you religious people assert there is a god, I have the right and duty to ask you for proof. Not one person has done it yet. That's the type of evidence that requires no research. There are plenty of verifiable facts that I can show you that will combat any pro-religion argument you bring to me.

    You might be special in the sense that you are unique, but no one is endowed with special physical abilities that you or I do not have. No one is THAT special.

    All religions are horrible because they are controlled by a person or group of people who usually do not have beneficent plans.

    All religion is evil because it is mental manipulation. It is a combination of sales, marketing, and reprogramming. You begin to believe things that are clearly absurd like walking on water, turning water into wine, etc. It is a system of the weak following the weak right off the cliff.

    All religion is ultimately bad because the net liabilities far exceed any of its benefits.

  74. Kaizer Solze says:

    If god took us out of slavery, he also created it in the first place.

  75. Evadne Smith says:

    See how the bible, ( the word of god ) is powerful? they used it to conquer the
    land . think of that.

  76. Anna Montana says:

    Kaizer Solze I'm sorry, but the 5%ters don't themself a religion. If you don't believe in God, how can he punish people if he don't exist? Nice

  77. Wahiid Ali says:

    Those are not the "Jews that were in Egypt. Please don't compare their "slavery" to that of my ancestors. For one thing each family had a house. We didn't even have family.

  78. Kaizer Solze says:

    Anna Montana "If you don't believe in God, how can he punish people if he don't exist?" What?

    You don't need god to punish people. Come steal from me, and I'll punish you. Go kill 1000 people and society will punish you. Morality does NOT come from religion. Morality forms exclusively from religion. On top of that, every action has a consquence. If I steal from people, I will get stolen from. If I give to people, I will be given to. Our world automatically corrects itself. White people went around the world colonizing and ruining other civilizations, not members of those civilization live in white people's countries (and white people hate it). Crime and punishment are automatically handled, and not by god.

  79. Wahiid Ali says:

    Jonathan Hines The "Koran" is the KKK holy book. That's how they spell it. Ever think to read the Quran yourself? After all, it's the most read book in the world. Right now you're still pointing to what "massa" said. Washing your hands first will help.

  80. Wahiid Ali says:

    Chris Fontaine Sounds like you're upset because they won't condone the use of drugs. I'm getting angry at you too. Who are you to say what's best? Judging by your conception of reality, you're just a victim of media programming. You anti-religious people are irritating with your pseudo- intelligence, some sh*& that you think you made up because of your arrogance. Yet if you dig deep enough, you'll find that your ideas are not your own, they are truly tools of white supremacy, initiated by white supremacists angry at the fact that no religion had it's origin in Europe, that all of their original gods were African, They've figured out the difference between man and mankind, and realize that there's nothing new under the sun. Your ideas won't last 10yrs outside of satanism, let alone thousands. No matter how much you and your kind proselytize, Islam is still the fastest growing religion in America and the world as is prophesied in the Quran itself. The next time you see a Muslim, recognize that you are seeing the difference between knowledge and belief. That they know something that you don't.

  81. Wahiid Ali says:

    Superior weaponry was the reason African countries were conquered, that we were enslaved. It wasn't a mind game. They had guns. We didn't. Pure and simple. Our ancestors fought gallantly, heroically. Don't believe the hype. It's not a matter of intelligence. It's the same thing that's happening today.

  82. Your comments are spot on Kaizer Solze, however I still think that explains Orthodoxy in a nutshell, but not necessarily spiritual systems. I do agree that we as a people cannot stay stupid and spooky as it relates to religion. "Removing religion completely" may or may not be the "end all, be all", but reducing the level of religiosity may provide an avenue to become more objective in our thinking that is for sure.

  83. Kaizer Solze says:

    Wahiid Ali Ok, first of all, let me explain how logic works. The person making the claim, in this case it's you, is the person that has to prove the claim.

    If you call 911 and say "John set my house on fire!", they will send the fire department who will look for proof that John set your house on fire. If they have proof, John goes to jail. Otherwise, nothing happens.

    You are saying there is a god, so you need to prove that. How do I know you aren't some nut making things up?

    Next, you need to prove that the quran is true and you need to tell me why I should believe it to be true.

    There is absolutely nothing that I have to prove because I am not saying that god does not exist. I AM saying that there is NO PROOF that a god or gods exist. AN ATHEIST IS SOMEONE WHO SAYS THERE IS NO GOD BECAUSE THERE IS NO SOLID PROOF OF A GOD OR GODS.

    So please, defend your Arabic god and religion (which enslaved and killed FAR MORE BLACK PEOPLE than Christianity) until your heart's content. I am waiting on the proof. It's very easy to see that your Arabic god does not exist.

  84. Islam is just another dog ass religion.

  85. Ibrahim Kamal M I have read the Quran and find it as ludicrous as any other religious fantasy. Find a life outside of a ridiculous religion.

  86. Both religions permit slavery. You are not well informed.

  87. How many atheist lifted a hand to stop it?

  88. Do you really believe that crap

  89. Why do you bring your imaginary friend to bolster your idiocy.

  90. So explain how Rasulilahi defeated the Meccans with his 313 men against 1000 of theirs and they too had "Superior Weapontry"? Also explain how Tarik bin Zaid with a mere 6 to 8000 me defeated the Christian army of the last Visgothic King Roderick 70,000 men who aso had "Superior Weapontry"????

  91. Shadderick Henderson Atheism was still a prohibited non-belief back then. See how the Mormons were treated, and then see how states had prohibitions on those who did not profess a theist belief were barred from public office.

  92. Wahiid Ali Then why are Muslims jailing atheists?

  93. Ken Williams says:

    Why in hell is this insane narrative that Islams African Slavery was not as sadistic and.
    demonic as European version of African Slavery? Arab Muslims were the very first to drag.
    African Blacks out from the continent a full thousand years before any white Europeans ever.
    got involved. This under handed way to make excuses for Islam serves no dam purpose to.
    help the plight of Africans in any way. I guess in today's Nigeria and Malawi the Arab Muslims.
    and their Uncle Tom Negro followers are providing excellent examples on how to carry out.
    traditional Islamic philosophies.

  94. Chris Sava says:

    Ib Rahim What about Mauritania?

  95. Khin says:

    Ib Rahim , You're in denial. How do you know Christianity has failed.. How is your Islam better than Christianity..

  96. Khin says:

    I agree People enslave people and not religion but did you also know during the Arab Slavery, if you're a Muslim they couldn't enslave you because of their Islamic faith, but it was okay for Arabs to enslave non Muslim Blacks?

  97. So not true… Conjecture or pretext…. Maybe semantics of imp.pires and King.dumbs of phallic and ithyphallic snake.cult men
    Study and EducateUP

  98. We been shelved 5 times, Egypt, you know the story, and how it will end, Babylon, Assyria, Greko- Roman, Islam, and Europian.
    There will be retribution for the lives stolen. God said there will.
    To the officers of the law, he said, " tell no lie, on no man, do no harm to no man, and satify with your wages ", him being God, he knows your heart.
    Have you kept the charge? Him that you recon to be a stranger, have you treated him with equity and dignity.

  99. A lot of truth and an equal amount of Bull**t..that's becoming typical of this web site.

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