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Delta Links Present and Future Business Leaders At 35,000 Feet

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Delta is partnering with LinkedIn to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet industry leaders in a most usual setting—inflight.

Delta Innovation Class hopes to attract innovative leaders and experts from a range of industries, to connect with users of LinkedIn to discuss ideas aboard a designated Delta Airlines flight.

The first seat given away was to James Patten, an Interaction Designer who was given the opportunity to fly in a seat next to Eric Migicovskyte, the creator of the Pebble smart watch as he flew to the TED conference on March 14, where the program was previewed.

Also on the list is Sean Brock, a famous chef, who will be flying to the James Beard Awards in New York, as well as an opportunity to fly with an unannounced mentor to the TechCrunch Disrupt event in September.

Those who are interested in flying next to a mentor can apply using LinkedIn when the program announces new flights. If selected, not only do they receive the seat, they also get a ticket to attend the industry event that the mentor is attending.

British Airways ran a similar promotion in the air last year, when it ran a hackathon at 30,000 feet. The company chose a group of founders, venture capitalists and “Silicon Valley game-changers” who were to come up with solutions to pressing problems for the United Nations.

For those who have always wanted to meet a leader in their industry, Innovation Class is a great opportunity to meet them in a setting like no other.


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