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Invasion, Theft, Rape, Murder: The Aboriginal Holocaust in Tasmania




To many, the mention of Tasmania evokes humorous recollections of the Tasmanian devil–the voracious marsupial popularized in American cartoons.   But, I assure you, there is a much more harsh reality for Tasmania.  Tasmania is an island slightly larger in size than West Virginia, and is located two-hundred miles off Australia’s southeast coast. The aboriginal inhabitants of the island were Black People who probably went there by crossing an ancient land bridge that connected Tasmania to the continent of Australia.

The first people of Tasmania, known as Palawa, were marked by tightly curled hair, with skin complexions ranging from black to reddish-brown.  They had broad noses, wide mouths, and deep-set brown eyes.  They were relatively short in stature with little body fat. They were the indigenous people of Tasmania and their arrival there began at least 35,000 years ago. With the passage of time, the gradual rising of the sea level submerged the Australian-Tasmanian land bridge and the Black aborigines of Tasmania experienced more than 10,000 years of solitude and physical isolation from the rest of the world.

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52 thoughts on “Invasion, Theft, Rape, Murder: The Aboriginal Holocaust in Tasmania

  1. Bill Gord says:


  2. Kevin Smith says:

    Great Stuff… Great history piece…

  3. Folami Olujimi says:

    So much has happened to the Original people on the planet Earth. So many bodies have been killed; but no one and I say no one can ever kill their SOULS or SPIRITS.

    Afrikan Consciousness in the entire Afrikan Diaspora including Ancient Afrikan / Kemetic /Egyptian Knowledge of Thyself is the Beginning of Wisdom. Get as much of the 360 degrees of knowledge you can. We must re-learn and re-educate ourselves with what is already within our DNA.

    Such a Mighty People. Afrikan History and your want this information to include Black History. So much to know. What is 2014? " 2 + 1 + 4 = 7 " And, "7" represents the "Age of Knowing" / "Age of Spiritual Enlightenment."

    So much to know, for developing Afrikan Consciousness, please see the two great books both by Anthony T. Browder with great Truths based of Facts for they contain great, references, bibliography, evidence and more to support these Truths:

    "The Browder File: 22 Essays on the African American Experience – Book I

    "Exploding the Myths: Nile Valley Contribution to Civilization – Part I"

  4. Why?Why do these people think they have the right to kill what The Lord has created?they call us savages and make references to black on black crime.

  5. Emmitt Cooks says:


  6. Sundiata Keita says:

    whats with white people mutilating peoples bodies?
    even today, they stole that boys organs, the one who died in the gym. and the other week, i seen a documentary where the white man had teeth of patrice lumumba in his pocket.

  7. Dexstar D New Voice says:

    The kind of wickedness these so call white people (European grems) comment on this earth for the 3000 years they're where, its a shame. Now they wanna be the biggest judge on human rights and they are the ones who comment the most crime againts humanity.

  8. Dexstar D New Voice says:

    Cuz they are savage and thats their nature and believe it or not they are not gonna change what they do is just change their tactic you see what they do start war and telling the world they fighting for freedom or so call terrorist these ppl not gonna change untill the real ppl of the world see them for who they are and pour bleach on them for the germs they are…..

  9. My my my, I have already read this story by brother runoko, but this is the reason why we must unite as one black world. From south America, to the Australian island and everything in between, we have to understand each other and help each other and not hurt each other.

  10. I've known on the tragic fate of the Tasmanians for years, but when I read that Truganini begged the doctor "Don't let them cut me up", I cried a little.

  11. Montell Gaji says:

    new world order….they are about to do it again to us…google it!

  12. Diana Clem says:

    can't blame a race of people trying to become the dominant one
    is the way of the world it's a man's nature to win conquer and fight wars
    the weak and naive will be conquered
    even wrong they were….God will have the last say
    but my people need to wake up…
    maybe one day to awaken..and quit being so naive
    to think that another race of people owe you fairness

  13. Here it is (2014)
    Racist KKKrackers are & still are the bloodiest by far, we have only to look at Travon Martin & I needed mention the attacks of our President!
    Whites have & continue to be the vilest,sleaziest & evilest being ever spawned on the Earth! not all, but a great majority of them!
    This same spirit haunts our country today & survives in the bleakest recesses of the Pukeglickkklans & their Masters, The Koch brothers!
    I hope for unimaginable deaths on them & curse on their offspring,
    till time stands still!

  14. John Webster says:

    Great article – but Darwinian evolution isn't a fantasy. And savagery isn't restricted just to white people. Black and white thugs in British and American uniforms are killing innocent women and children as we speak – instructed to by a black president of the USA.

  15. This story which I have read and watched videos of before is absolutely heart breaking! Why is it that Whites can't live amoung let other groups of people without this type of behavior? What is even more ironic is that they what to be the standard of morals, character and how to live your life! They are absolutely corrupt! Anyone who defends this pattern of behavior by these so called "people" are even more deluded than they are!

  16. Anunnaki Nichelle Ferguson says:

    All I feel is deep sorrow for the ancestors and hate for the low life savage scumbags who do nothing but wreak havoc on this poor planet and its original peoples. When will they pay?

  17. Anunnaki Nichelle Ferguson says:

    You're in the wrong place to be spouting your bullshit white dude. No one wants hear shit you have to say. Bitchbegone.

  18. that's true, yes when will they pay?

  19. While thye readers of this entry may be unanimous in their reprehension of the reported genocide, the dispositive question is *why* do Black people *not commemorate* these events. Surely, the Jews commemorate the Holocaust and they even go so far as to commemorate their alleged enslavement by Egyptians over *2,000* years ago (even though that history is not recorded). "Obviously" the only reason that Blacks do not commemorate these events is because they are different from every other race on planet Earth. Which *confirms* the subhuman beliefs of others. You simply cannot be a human being and suffer the genocide and tragedies visited upon Blacks everywhere and not have *your own religion* and institutions to commemorate those events and to take restorative and corrective action. No other racial and or ethnic group ion the planet does that *ecept* you know who.

  20. Caneron Berai Sontana says:

    The writer says he "felt" the ancestral spirits? I have frequently dreamed of being 'before",if you can understand.I knew that it was me in my dream but I did not look as I now look.I was dressed in a lengthy robe or dress,proceeding to walk down an aisle with many Black people of youth,in silhouette,while in my path under my sandaled feet lay hundreds of gold coins.The crowds on both sides were,seemingly,cheering,but I could not hear the sound.As I walked my feet did not seem to touch the coins,that it appeared as I was walking slightly above them. It is strange to be able to feel happiness and peace while dreaming but I can truly say that the experience was exhilarating! I felt that I had really lost something of myself merely because I had awoken! This writer's narration has brought the memory of this dream back to me so vividly.It also brings the sadness AND the anger that I feel that the Black people have needlessly been made to suffer as though the God who created all meant for various of his creation to be treated so brutally!

  21. Caneron Berai Sontana says:

    Please don't forget that the same folks that chained our ancestors (Blacks) in the bottom of those slave ships write the "bible" for you tolive by.As much as whites keep the "best" for themselves? If they thought the Bible was the actual word of God,they would never treat others like they do! I do not say that there is no God because I know there is! But no one needs a book to tell them how to live right.They wrote it for the purpose of control and brainwashing.If you want it,keep it,your choice.I would rather read GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES. One thing I KNOW it's not true.

  22. Caneron Berai Sontana says:

    There it is! You see? You just proved what I have been saying all along! You proved what I have been saying about white hatred and prejudice.We can't help it,that you guys are mutants,but you'll be okay.Just take that fake book that you wrote(Bible) that King Jimmie said was the Word,and read it to your grand kids when they ask for a bedtime story from grandpa.We know the truth now.It's too late for the BS.Don't worry about your President.He's sleeping where your old ass will never have a chance to sleep. Fini.

  23. Usman Gana says:

    Caneron Berau Sontana, please try Islam, there is indeed a light therein to shape your conduct and give you peace.

  24. Caneron Berai Sontana says:

    Usman Gana I do appreciate your love and concern.I am at peace spiritually for the very first in many years.Islam,Christianity(and all the denominations that are included in it),all doctrinal ideologies (actual religions) are not my focus or ever will be again.I know there is a universal Creator God and NO ONE has EVER seen the Creator.We have evidence of the reality through the actual creation of the earth,the universe and what is in it,through nature and MAN and the fact that we are able live,function and pro-create and BREATHE the air that we did not make! We do not need a BOOK to tell us when we are right or wrong because it is spirit born IN us,even if we pay no attention to it.It is called CONSCIENCE.The Creator gave this to us.I formerly,like you,was told WHAT to think.God meant us to use the rationale.Therefore,I am conscious of my conscience for it is God-given.If it does not make sense then I have no use for it. HOTEP my sister friend.

  25. Usman Gana says:

    Noted, sir. No offence meant, please. Thank you. 1love.

  26. Adalgisa Freddy says:

    not only white man were savages………………………learn you history

  27. Usman Gana Would you say that Islam has done more for Black Africa–especiallly North Africa and the Eastern Horn of Africa than Christianity has done for West and Southern Africa?

  28. Making Moves says:

    And every President B4 him.

  29. Kairo Kidd says:

    The Europeans calling themselves Jews are delusional, they are in no way connected to the people spoken of in the holy book another group of Europeans revamped to tell the story that makes them feel better and included.

  30. Kairo Kidd says:

    Caneron Berai Sontana I've had dreams of being dressed in robes. My face has been similar to the one I have now. This person I saw looked a few years older and his hair was very long but dressed in a robe in clearing standing waiting to be taught by a woman who seemed ageless but as old as time itself. She welcomed me home after running through a forest for what seemed like days and nights. She wasn't running but moving a steady pace as I struggled to keep up. As we left the forest a large tree came into view with a throne and large stones at the bottom 13 in number each with a large black cat on top with different colored yes. The woman turns and welcomes me home. I've had other dreams like this. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Kairo Kidd says:

    Darwin helped invent Eugenics. Survival of the fittest was meant to justify the murder to the so called primitive people they encountered. You're taking it out of context. Our people were not savage before watching you brutalize non-white people. Non-white people have Stockholm syndrome.

  32. Caneron Berai Sontana says:

    Kairo Kidd Yes,at times the Creator let's US "see" to bring us comfort.

  33. Caneron Berai Sontana says:

    Geoff Charles No.

  34. What we have to also keep in mind is that the way they usurped Christian Doctrine to calim that we Black people were not human but 'Beasts'. Therefore what they did to us was justified as "God gave man dominion over the animals of the earth"…

    The treatment of Black people throughout those centuries was an attempt to make us as animalistic and Sub-Human as possible, resticting us form reading, standing tall and upright, keeping the majority of us in fields (plantations) and whipping us like dogs.

    Most cutlures (apart form our own) tend to make God in thier own image as opposed to God making man in his image….Fundamentally for thier own selfish reasons which usually, when all is said and done, is nothing more for than greed-based PERSONAL PROFIT….

  35. To answer the question you asked Geoff Charles "*why* do Black people *not commemorate* these events.” I'd highlight something called
    'Social Memory'.
    Much of what we know we know not though personal experience but through things recorded through various mediums before being filtered down to the masses. Take slavery for example. No one presently living today actually experienced slavery on a personal level yet still many can tell you about its effects and systems. In other words they have a memory or memories from their society or environment.

    Considering this, take note of who has controlled the society we have lived in for centuries.. Take into account and consider who has controlled media outlets for centuries…. take into account who has written the history books…. Take into account the effects of hegemony and philosophies of ‘Chips on shoulders'

    To highlight an example, the name King Leopold II would probably mean nothing to most people, even in the Congo, he might be even celebrated by some there as some kind of savior yet, he's the author of so many million black deaths. Why doesn’t the world know as they do about Adolf Hitler? Look into media outlets and who controls media channels and their interest then this will go long way to answering your question…..

  36. Your narrative has a lot of inaccuracies. For one, the Aboriginals came from India around 4,000 years ago according to studies.

  37. The irony of it… It is ISLAM and nothing else, that created the export slavery of Africans. Islam destroyed Africa. After hundreds of years of making wealth from slavery the rest of the world began to engage in the trade – started by the Muslims. In fact, there were hundreds of attempts to end slavery for over 1000 years before the British finally managed to end it – but the Muslims constantly engaged in slave raids and started it all over again. Even to this day Muslims enslave 27 million people in Africa.

  38. Rob Radix Bailey But who stopped you from writing history books, create your own media outlets, and work for the freedom of the 27 million African slaves brutally kept by their Muslim masters today? Who stopped you from it?
    No one stopped you. All you people have done is used it as an endless excuse to not transform yourselves. MILLIONS of white Europeans were enslaved too and shipped all over the world. Do you hear the Europeans moan about it over and over again? Their nations were destroyed from Muslim invasions and they were reduced to poverty and primitiveness. What did they do? They rebuilt.

  39. Muslim slave trade in the 1960s (and they enslave 27 MILLION Africans even today):

  40. Quincy Gordon says:

    Yeah they really look like Indians don't they?

  41. Quincy Gordon says:

    U can't blame a race of people trying to become the dominant one? Are u sure? I guess we can't blame Hitler either as it was he's nature right?

  42. TheMusli MIssue I agree with most of your posts but I have to say my (humble) 2 cents…White peoples have certainly been thrown in the mix of abuses throughout history, however, blacks/african peoples have been repeatedly abused and suppressed "religiously" (science -religion too) since the dawn of time, very clearly bc they are not "superior" whites. This accumulative and repeated/un-ending cycle of complex emotional trauma is ingrained (and passed down psychically) and will prob take many generations of acceptance and respect to overcome (and btw, many have written books about it) their particular history.

  43. Stop giving these people so much credit, they do not have the wisdom to write the Bible. The Bible is a history book for so called Negroes (Hebrews), not a religious book. They used our own book against us, it was never intended for them. We were not allowed to read the Bible remember? Also, Nat Turner read the Bible and became aware of our condition and that we were truly the Israelites, thus prompting a slave revolt. The Bible was written by Hebrews for Hebrews. Take to time to study it for yourself. You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. Shalom.

  44. Quincy Gordon Lol! You actually think a country of 1 billion people all look the same? Tell me your middle name is idiot?

  45. Brad Morris says:

    Tasmania is not 200 miles of the South East Coast of Australia, Tasmania IS australia.

  46. Kai Brantley says:

    I am working to be self sufficient. I have my job,home, and do it all myself. I want to see more single young brothers like myself ib this position,so we can come together and help our president make our mark and command our respect in this nation. That man below riled you ladies up as a prank to his clan buddies. One is also on my job,and recently apologized to me for asking me an off colored question. They are voicing their hate via alex jones, tea party, opposing veiws,and the cable guy. Notice they are all gearinf up,holding rallies, and EVERYONE has guns. Do we not get the big picture yet? They are forming malicias and the ONLY way besides gearing up and training for our men, wonen and children is what our ancestors of the original moore has done,without any one in our sanction acting out as judas,is to increase black nationalism. To be moorish american means certain laws do not apply in favor,as well as the right to govern our own, bringing the fallen dollar back up and commanding the respect of us and our president. He really does need us,and if we all vote him back in, we will see change

  47. Kai Brantley says:

    That means there is a reason they raise so much hate toward islam, the only religion where you see our brothers uniformed with faith, integrity and respect. Plus, they take care of their own. The powers that be know this,and they fight afainst divide and conquer. White supremacy does not want us accepting islam because it is the ONLY path to us knowing our true past present and future fir usall. The orthodox have already started this and we should have complied fullywith the million man March. From day one all becoming muskim and building our bation. They are still doing it today. Support your local mosque and stop begging and start building.

  48. TheMusli MIssue

    You're reply borders on the ridiculous no in fact, it's totally ridiculous…

    Quote: "who stopped you from writing history books".

    Slaves would be lynched if it was found out they were able to rad so slave masters stopped them to answer your question.

    Where do you get your figures about "MILLIONS of white Europeans were enslaved".. please show me documentary evidence as I know this isn't found on this information isn't found on this planet or any other in this universe.

    White indentured workers were used to dig for Gold when Columbus found the Americas but they didn't last long, nether did the Arawak Indians who had no resistance to the European virus brought over to their lands. So hence those Europeans turning to Africa for supply of humans as animal workers…

    I don't know who or what nationality you are Musli Missue but your obviously someone who has no respect or care for black people or what they have suffered. would you call Jewish people who say "Never Again" and make "Remembrance day" part of their culture 'Moaners'?

    You need to educate yourself and be informed before you present yourself on world wide forums such as these.

    Following are some recommended viewing for individuals of your general knowledge and intelligence:

    These are just a few pointers. Study and educate yourself before replying with nonsense embarrassing yourself globally….

  49. Yes and Indians came from the east of Africa.. so your point is moot… Again I'd suggest you research your sources thoroughly and not rely on anecdotal evidence which suits your emotion based beliefs…

  50. Kimo Carter says:

    Geoff your an idiot, we commemorate events in history, blacks invinted memorial day for one, for two ; our religion, language, since of family, was tsaken from us you fucking idiot. But don't forget blacks are the fathers of music, philosophy, math, science. no your history before you open your stupid mouth.

  51. Lizzie Grace says:

    Yeah, let's blame the Icelanders, Lithuanians, Latvians, Poles, Belarusians, Hungarians, Ukrainians, and Russians for what happened to Tasmania even though they had NOTHING to do with it. Why? Because they're WHITE of course!

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