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‘Deion’s Family Playbook’ Season 1, Episode 3: ‘Dropping Beats and Dropping Balls’

Deion's Family Playbook Season 1 Episode 3 Dropping Beats and Dropping Balls

“Deion’s Family Playbook” season 1, episode 3: “Dropping Beats and Dropping Balls” premieres tonight on OWN.

In this week’s episode, Deion is concerned that Shilo is paying too much attention to his music at the expense of his football training. Meanwhile, Shelomi’s unhealthy eating habits cause worry; and Florida  lies in an attempt to impress a girl.

OWN’s description of the show reads:

“‘Deion’s Family Playbook ‘is the fun-filled and compelling real-life story of Deion Sanders, the only pro athlete to ever play in both a Super Bowl and a World Series. Few people know that Deion, best known as “Prime Time,” is a single father raising five kids of his own, while also helping to raise five other children who live with him—including the twins whom his mother cares for, his niece and nephew and a student in need whom he recently took into his home. Additionally, Deion is co-founder and football coach of Prime Prep Academy, a charter school that aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of children in underserved areas. With so much on his plate both at school and at home, Deion strives to keep all facets of his complicated, crazy and chaotic life in balance and under control. Help is on the way every other week when his girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, a Hollywood producer with two sons of her own, comes to visit.”

“Deion’s Family Playbook” season 1, episode 3: “Dropping Beats and Dropping Balls” airs Saturday, March 15, at 10 p.m. EST, on OWN. Take a look at the preview and sneak peek videos below:


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