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So, What’s the Goal of the White Man March?

In an effort to halt the societal gravitational pull towards the tanning of America, 30-year-old Massachusetts resident Kyle Hunt has joined forces with the white supremacist group, Free America Rally (FAR), to organize the White Man March.

Hunt, a former employee of Google and the current host of Renegade Broadcasting, a pro-white platform, says the march is intended to promote education about the global “anti-white agenda” and unify white America, and whites of other countries, against what he is calling, “White Genocide”—or the systematic washing out of the white race through the promotion of diversity. Hunt wants the march to aid in eradicating stigmas surrounding white men. He wants to address the marginalizing misconception that those who are pro-white are racists, “all of the others races, except White people, are able to have pride in their heritage and form groups exclusive to their people. Why can’t we,” Hunt asks. He says that societal loathing of white-pride causes systematic discrimination and promotes self-hate within the white community spawning a host of related illnesses including depression. On the White Man March website, Hunt details his philosophy behind leading this movement, which has garnered the support of thousands, nationally and internationally.

“White Americans are being attacked at almost every level. In 1965, Whites were almost 90% of America’s population, but in 2010 Whites were only 64%, according to census data. We are also being replaced in the work force and educational system by foreigners and non-white Americans in the name of “Diversity” and “Affirmative Action”. Our earning power has been drastically decreased now that businesses and universities are required to discriminate against us based solely on the color of our skin. Because we are now more destitute and because our countries are being flooded with immigrants, many Whites are now forced to live in unsafe (i.e., non-white) environments, where they are being persecuted by non-whites who have been propagandized by the media to hate their very existence. All the while, we watch as the most vile and hateful statements are made against our people by the talking heads on the television, and most White people either sadly agree with the anti-White rhetoric or are too afraid to say or do anything about it. This all amounts to displacement, demoralization, depression, and much lower birth-rates (i.e., genocide).”

The march will take place on March 15, 2014, in several states including New York, Georgia, California and Washington. A collective march was not organized because Hunt feared resistance from anti-white protestors and authorities.

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