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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 1, Episode 20: ‘Fancy Brugdom’

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 1, episode 20: “Fancy Brugdom” airs Tuesday on Fox.

Coming up on the next episode, Charles asks Jake to be the best man at his wedding, a role that requires Jake to be supportive in important wedding decisions, ranging from cake tasting to floral arrangements. Meanwhile, Terry, Amy and Gina support each other as they start a new extreme diet and Holt helps Rosa make a sincere apology.

FOX describes the show as follows:

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a new single-camera ensemble comedy about what happens when a talented, but carefree, detective and his diverse group of colleagues get a new captain with a lot to prove. Detective Jake Perlata (Andy Samberg) is gifted enough that he’s never had to work too hard or follow the rules too closely. Perhaps because he has the best arrest record among his colleagues, he’s been enabled – if not indulged – throughout his entire career. That is, until the precinct gets a new commanding officer, Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher). Captain Holt believes in rules and regulations, two concepts that have long been overlooked by the detectives in the 99th precinct. Jake’s colleagues are a brilliant and capable bunch, but lack a certain level of discipline and leadership. They compete with each other, annoy each other, gossip and flirt, but at the end of the day, they have each other’s backs.”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 1, episode 20: “Fancy Brugdom”  airs March 11 at 8:30 EST on Fox.

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