Converse Music All Stars: Frank Ocean, Diplo, And The Clash ‘Hero’

frank-ocean-diplo-heroConverse Music has put together another all-star grouping for its new track. The new song called “Hero”  features Frank Ocean, Diplo, and English rock band The Clash. As reported by

“Converse Music has brought another talented trio together in the name of music. Frank Ocean has come out of oblivion and teamed with DJ gawd Diplo and The Clash for the funky new folk song “Hero.” It took some swaying on D’lo’s part, telling Noisey, “I spoke to him and played him what we had … It wasn’t easy but when he’d heard the track he felt it was right.” While the record offers a different texture than all artists are used to, Ocean’s smooth vocals, Mick Jones and Paul Simonon’s punk influences and Diplo’s live instrumentation make for a rock star collabo.”

This isn’t the first time Converse has brought together a cast of stars to make its branded music. In recent years it has brought together Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy’s on “DoYaThing” and Pharrell, Santigold and Julian Casablancas’ on “My Drive Thru.”

Check out the Frank Ocean, Diplo and The Clash “Hero” record below.

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