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‘Basketball Wives LA’ Season 3, Episode 4

Basketball Wives LA Season 3, Episode 4

“Basketball Wives LA” season 3, episode 4 premieres tonight on VH1.

This week on “Basketball Wives,” Draya confronts her boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, about accusations of possible infidelity with Jackie’s daughter, Chantel. Meanwhile, Jackie’s gala event falls apart when almost none of her friends show up to help, and with the ladies nowhere in sight, Jackie panics and snaps at her assistant for messing up her charity event.  Also adding to the drama, Brittish gets into an altercation with Malaysia.

The VH1 description of the reality series reads:

“Elbow throwing, trash talking and in-your-face action: forget the NBA, we’re talking about their wives! The successful VH1 franchise “Basketball Wives” just tapped a new team of leading ladies to take Los Angeles by storm on VH1′s “Basketball Wives LA.” The show introduces a group of dynamic women with relationships to some of the biggest basketball players in the game. This 10-episode, hourlong series will dive into the real-life locker room of these leading ladies, giving viewers a never-before-seen look at what it takes to live in La La Land and be connected to a famous professional athlete. For the most part, these women live the life with the best cars, biggest mansions and hottest bling, but living the high life is not all glamour and often there is a price to pay. Cameras will follow these women as they attempt to juggle their relationships, infidelity issues, children and friendships while trying to find the perfect balance between supporting their families and realizing their own career ambitions.”

“Basketball Wives LA” season 3, episode 4 airs March 10, at 8 p.m. EST, on VH1.

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15 thoughts on “‘Basketball Wives LA’ Season 3, Episode 4

  1. Jackie is to messy,lol.

  2. Sandra Smith says:

    Jackie thinks she is everybody's boss, maybe the two new girls, but not my girl M…
    Jackie didn't pay a dime, she wanted money from everyone but herself. Jacke is too damn old to be on TV with these young girls, now we know why her DAUGHTER dislikes her, she's too damn nosey and try to be too damn bossy — good her event went to HELL! The majority of the viewers were really hoping that it FLOPPED! Jackie go home and pretend you are happy and leave TV to the young girls

  3. Denise Mathews Brinson says:

    We need Bambi back on the show!

  4. Sandra Smith says:

    Lorenzo, how in the hell can you be with a woman like that, coming to an event with her tits hanging out, weave too long and needs to be fixed. Black women (new) starting shit while and she is immature, why are you marrying her? Lorenzo, you are too good for a woman like that, making you look really bad.

  5. Sandra Smith says:

    Jackie, you have some miles on you also, kiss everyones ass, then get some new whores on tv and think you're all that…. sorry but you are not. Sorry Lorenzo, check your b…….. take a poll nobody wants to see women with men of statue, sorry

  6. Dang Auntie!!! Tell is how you really feel!!! Lol

  7. Anonymous says:

    These are some miserable women. Everything that they have done on the show is malicious. Jackie is too damn old to be a ringleader of such foolishness. British is a ghetto ass hater that just fucked the right player that was dumb enough to give her a ring. She is such a crybaby getting pissed off about Malaysia not being filled with joy to speak with her. As the previous post stated why is Sundy on the show? She is not a wife. Hell she isn't even anyone's girlfriend. Wtf?? However, all of these women down the other women. VH1 is letting anyone on the show now. What happened to the classy ladies. I guess they would put anything on the show for ratings. Draya, Malaysia, Brooke, Gloria, and Laura need to come back. Notice I didn't include Jackie. She is a ratchet old-ass mess who is going through a mid-life crisis. And her daughter Chantel needs to sit down somewhere with her irrelevant ass offering to give business advice. Who is she? She doesn't compare to Draya at all.

  8. I just love Malaysia she's always so calm and collective and soft spoken by nature a peace maker. Draya' s come back this season is off the hook….. she's maturing and very beautiful and appears to be in love….. kudos to her. Jackie on the other hand, is still the insecure s*** disturber that's is her nature. For the rest of the cast, well we'll see. I must confess I liked the old cast better!!

  9. Milly Quinones says:

    These new girls are dumb as hell. No class at all. As for Sundy somebody needs to do some research on her ass. She acting like she really somebody but a thief and a Jail bird. As for Jackie old ass, she needs to shut up about Draya because at the end of the day your daughter is a grown ass woman that can take of her own battles. Brittish Ghetto as trying so hard to be something she not.

  10. Victoria Rivera says:

    Boring BBWLA- bring them back- Not JACKIE. Why is she back? I taught she was getting the ax..

  11. Victoria Rivera says:


  12. MsCaramel Tee says:

    totally agree…. malaysia is the most genuine and realest on the show, i love her. check out my review of the episode on my blog.

  13. MsCaramel Tee says:

    Watch #BBWLA? Check out my review:

  14. Donnita Cole says:

    Yes she is. Shes too old to act the way she does.

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