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5 Characters and Historical Figures Whitewashed by Hollywood

the gods of egypt

‘The Gods of Egypt’A movie scheduled to be released in 2016, The Gods of Egypt, directed by Australian Alex Proyas, will feature an almost all-white cast, the exception being Chadwick Boseman, who will play the ancient Egyptian god Thoth.

Other deities in the film will be played by white actors including Gerard Butler as Set, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Horus, Geoffrey Rush as Ra, and Brenton Thwaites as Bek.

Recorded Egyptian history dates back to approximately 5000 B.C., when these gods were first known to be the focus of worship. The fact is, there were no whites or people of other races besides Blacks in Egypt at this time.

According to historians John Henrik Clark and Cheikh Anta Diop, no other race even stepped foot into Africa before 1700 B.C., so everything created there before that was the work of Black people.  White actors playing in the roles of ancient Egyptian gods from 5000 B.C.  is misleading.

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77 thoughts on “5 Characters and Historical Figures Whitewashed by Hollywood

  1. Alexander Siddig is from Sudan.

  2. Regina James says:


  3. Alden Morris says:

    There were Greeks in Egypt 5,000 years ago.

  4. Farntella Graham says:

    like hell they were. you wish and want it to be so bad but you must stay in reality.

  5. Regina James says:


  6. Regina James says:


  7. Kwame Asante Wesley says:

    There is no historical evidence of Greeks being in Egypt 5,000 ago but there is tons of historical evidence of Egyptian/ Africans being in Greece. Do the research.

  8. Beau Howard says:

    Egyptians were white, folks. It's proven by the FACT that so far, whites are the only ones to build functional civilizations.

  9. Too many white racists here. Stinks already.

  10. How can you white folks open your mouth and be talking nonsense when none of you know from whence came the white man. White folks are nothing but thieves and murderers. Thats what they perfected in. Thge craft of inflicting pain, stealing and anihilation of fellow human beings.

  11. Tim Wise says:

    90% of ni99er history is nothing but lies and fantasies. Just like the BS the Black Muslims put out. Blacks are too stupid, lazy and prone to criminality to build anything. Just look at Haiti, Zimbabwe or Detroit!

  12. Denise Addison says:

    Where did you get that information? What book is it in? I Want to read it for myself.

  13. Denise Addison says:

    Where did you get that information? What book is it in? I Want to read it for myself.

  14. Joshua Strode says:

    That's the best evidence you have?? lol Please tell me you are joking..

  15. Beau Howard says:

    Joshua Strode Let's see… Engineering marvels such as the Pyramids and the Sphinx, aqueducts, both absolutely white inventions, and Egypt had both.

  16. Until lions have historians, the hunter will always be the hero. Hollywood is a propaganda machine. It's not designed to tell the truth. Stop expecting a pig to sing when it only knows how to grunt.

  17. Alden Morris says:

    Denise Addison Count the Olympiads, the Greek calendar is a 4 year year calender that dates back over 6,000 years.

  18. The only thing more tedious than listening to Blacks say they built Egypt is hearing them refer to themselves as "educated Blacks".

    Egypt was originally White and Negroes should be referred to as "White educated Blacks".
    There now,everything in its proper place.

  19. Eric Eyutchae that was pretty racist itself

  20. Tovia Scott says:

    Alden Morris What does that mean? Where are you getting the information from?

  21. Amber Tenoever it's not racist ,IT;S THE TRUTH, DO SOME RESEARCH.

  22. Tovia Scott says:

    Alden Morris Thanks for the response..I'll look it over, but i have a hard time believing alot of what's out there these days.

  23. Eric Eyutchae – Look at this Eric Eyutcha and his blatant victim complex and racism. With white people, as a society we said "we're done with racism" and practically overnight relegated racism to something that's SOCIALLY unacceptable. What happened afterward is pretty simple:
    1: Blacks didn't automatically rise to the same position as whites, both due to lingering racism and the black attitude of world blaming activity (not all) that you can witness in the comment sections alone.

    2: Blacks started using racism as an excuse, weaponizing their skin colour. Racism used to be being beaten up or lynched, or even being called nigger in the streets. These days racism is white girls not wanting to date a black, or the police checking your license and letting you go on your way.
    3: Blacks still segregate themselves

    Blacks like you Eric are the worst and you are the equivalent of the white trash of the caucasians. That's a fact of the world. The blacks I like the most, from personal experience, are the ones from black-as-the-night monoracial African countries that haven't had the cultural-marxist blessing of being politically elevated as the "superior race" or that you're "owed something".

  24. Denise Addison says:

    Calendars alone aren't used as scientific proof of anyone's existence anywhere. Fossils and remnants of tools, pottery, etc are found in an area, then radio-carbon dated. That is how anthropologists now know that Hebrews did not build the pyramids, regular Egyptians did. So I ask, what anthropological evidence is there that Greeks were in Egypt 5,000 years ago? I want to know where your facts come from, so I can read and analyze it myself. I sure as hell won't just take your word for it.

  25. Marcus Reyes says:

    Beau Howard sooo white people built the temples and the ancient mayan civilizations?smh.

  26. Marty Robertson says:

    Its not just "misleading", its deliberate propaganda and cultural manipulation. $100 says this movie is being produced by jews who have an agenda against the middle east and people of African descent.

  27. Farntella Graham BLACK egypt? Bahaha, Egyptians were north africans, they are NOT negroes, they are Eurasian and are closer to 80% Caucasian, the most prominent hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt shows them with golden skin, and it most cases they had their own bantu black slaves. They were arabs.

    Black people are the only demographic that will continuously try to steal history and culture and claim that it was white-washed

    Also the cleopatras were in fact Greek, try reading a book instead of subscribing to websites that offer nothing more than a victim complex with some minor academic gloss.

  28. Marty Robertson says:

    Beau Howard Explain the pyramids in Central America. Feel free to finish sucking all those dicks first

  29. Marty Robertson says:

    Cleopatra was born several thousand years after the construction of the pyramids and the origins of Egyptian mythology. Cleopatra actually lived closer to TODAY than she did to the ancient Egyptians.

  30. Marty Robertson says:

    Youre dumb as shit bro. Ancient Egyptians were not white. The Greeks didnt start showing up in Egypt until literally thousands of years later.

  31. Marty Robertson says:

    Yeah, casting a guy whose real name is "Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderrahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi" isnt exactly "whitewashing". But Hannibal himself was almost certainly black

  32. Marty Robertson They were arabs, mongrels. hence the golden skin. They were nothing close to Negroes and to make such a claim is pathetic.

  33. Atlanta Blackstar has written a fantastic article, yet the Europeans on this page are still using white supremacy. This a psychological problem that they have they always go to far ; to give back power to African people is not in there blood . The lack of melanin makes them anomaly on this subject. As Africans ruled the dark ages in Europe and made some if the greatest architecture on the planet . We must forgive the less educated and less melanin as they were not the first as they continue to mess up the planet we as a people were given to take care of. The plant is in chaos because of European rule.

  34. Bryce Lanier says:

    Interesting thoughts on history. With out sounding to bias can I just say, you'll realize that all people originate from Africa. There are ancient civilizations that they chose not to teach about in public schools, and the majority of all science, math, and astrology come from Africans. The term university stems from the Africans study of astrology or the universe at large. I won't deny Blacks try to hard to prove their history but you can't deny that white people have stolen it. The only reason white people are on top is because they say they are. Steal everything they know from another race and pretend like it was theirs to began with.

  35. Marty Robertson says:

    Nathan Walker Look at your fucking comment you goddamn retard. You literally said that "Egypt was originally White", not Arab. I never said they were "Negroes" i said they werent WHITE, because they werent, and i hope youre not white either because your genetic fucking retardation reflects very badly upon the white race.

  36. Marty Robertson Maybe try getting a little more proficient at reading you fucking ape and you'd see that I'm not even the person who wrote the original comment, so I never started "Egypt was originally white" so next time you want to chimp out, try reading it over a few times so your small brain can take it all in. Also don't breed.

  37. Oh look, another black person trying to claim the achievements of the Arabs. Never gets old, North Africans are not black, sorry.

  38. Farntella Graham says:

    Nathan Walker in most depictions I see, the color is dark like me. there is no mistake. Efforts have even been made by arabs to repaint and lighten the faces on many of these depictions but there are too many for them to do that. I am not going to argue with you. all of this has already been proven. maintain your fantasy if you want. I and many others KNOW the truth.

  39. Farntella Graham Actually science has proven that the pharaohs of that era belong to a group of homo sapien that near identical to modern day arabs, and not even remotely close to the negro. You must be looking at bias depictions made by Afrocentric authors and scholars, which would not surprise me as you subscribe to a website like this. Learn about the moors and the berbers. It is academically a fact that Ancient Egypt was not black, if you think otherwise, feel free to provide adequate sources to prove us wrong

  40. Nathan Walker Sorry bro Arabs didn't arrive in North Africa until the 7th Century AD –

  41. Charles Lyons Please read Ancient Egypt – Anatomy of a Civilization, your point is addressed, including DNA testing that have confirmed that ancient Egyptians are the same people that live there today- middle easterners, not black. Egyptians of the upper nile were Mediterranean.

    Afrocentric scholars such as Martin Bernal and Cheikh Anta Diop, and websites such as the one you linked (which would not suffice as a suitable link at any university level) claim that dynastic Egypt was from its inception – and remained throughout several millennia – a primarily black, African civilization.

    The question is when were Egyptians supposed to be Negroids? They weren't in 11,000 BC or any time up to the 1st Dynasty in 3100 BC. No one has ever proposed that the tribes which ultimately formed Egypt came from Nubia. There is no paleoanthropological evidence to support such a wacky theory.

    Cro-Magnon Caucasoids once completely inhabited all the Med and mid east area. So how did Caucasoids in the area of Egypt become Negroid? To simply concede there was some Nubian influence at undisclosed times in Nile delta tribes is not good enough. Where's your progression of fossilized skeletal remains that show a progression from whatever points you are attempting to connect?

  42. Nathan Walker I agree that Ancient Egypt was not a primarily "black" civilization but was without a doubt at points ruled and integrated with the kingdoms of Nubia and Kush, which under our contemporary understanding was a group containing physical features more closely related to the Negroid. Actually these people would be more closely related to the civilizations that currently make up Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. A distinct group of Africans than those found in the Sub-Sahara region. What seems to piss people off the most is the color of their skin, which is narrow minded but seems to be more your point of contention.

    It is under debate that the Egyptians are a distinct group unto themselves which hold very little ties to the migrants from the Levant or Mediterranean as you say. There is almost NO certainty that ancient Egyptians were Caucasian until the conquests of Greek and Roman invaders.

  43. Farntella Graham says:

    Marty Robertson he is not the only bad reflection upon your race.

  44. Farntella Graham just upset cause you got outsmarted, get used to it in this world.

  45. Ron Varga says:

    Marcus Reyes. – First off, Beau is probably a fake account. Usually the trolls like to come and stir up trouble to get the conversation going. Pay the BOT no mind.

  46. Ron Varga says:

    Farntella Graham – it's best to do your own research from relevant sources. Debating with people who probably got their information from sites like STORMFRONTdotORG won't be as engaging as you'd like.

  47. Farntella Graham says:

    Ron Varga I am done talking to him. I made that clear in my comments. I will not waste my time debating a propaganda agent for white supremacy.

  48. Farntella Graham hahaha, cant win – play the race card, gotta love that mentality

  49. Ron Varga doesn't refute or challenge anything written, just poor ad hom like attacks, maybe i should have gone to a website that isn't just a black victim circle jerk for a real discussion

  50. Sundiata Keita says:

    lotta white trolls been coming to this site since they came out with those articles on slavery in black history month. yall need to look up "sock puppets"

  51. Marty Robertson says:

    Nathan Walker Those are both your sock puppet accounts. Ive gone to the actual facebook pages and its clear that these comments are full of fake troll sockpuppet accounts. Most of these comments are all coming from one or two racist trolls. Youre just mad that i caught you

  52. Marty Robertson says:

    Ron Varga Yeah ive checked a lot of the facebook pages of people commenting here and its obvious that theyre fake sockpuppet troll accounts. They only have one or two facebook posts and only one or two photos.

  53. Marty Robertson delusional negro

  54. Brandon Walker says:

    Egyptians were WHITE?? Where they do that at? LOL…All one has to do is look at their art and note that there are no depictions of White Egyptians. Even after the Greeks and Romans invaded, there was no depiction of them with brown skin. Can't give credit to the Black man for creating things before White people huh? Hate to admit that they lived in huts andcaves, while Black Egyptians and Kushites lived in palaces.

  55. Ademola Fadipe says:


  56. seing we are in the "INFORMATION AGE". Nagar-U (Negroids) are starting not to buy into the mythologies and outright lies about the "MELANIN-ITE CHILDREN" OF "AFRICA'S EGIPT"!!! #WEAREALREADYAWAREOFTHEAGENDABEINGPUSHED

  57. Marty Robertson says:

    Nathan Walker Im white, which you could have easily figured out for yourself with like 2 seconds of actual effort. Go back to Europe

  58. Marty Robertson How's that? by looking at your portraits on facebook? You're probably not even completely white, just a hybrid. lel

  59. Marty Robertson says:

    Nathan Walker Haha seriously, if you bothered spending TWO SECONDS looking for yourself, youd realize how stupid those comments are. Im probably the palest person youve ever seen in your life. Look at my last name. Im Scottish bro

  60. Paul Cooley says:

    What's new? Eurotrash has no history of their own so of courses they'd steal someone else's. I mean lets face it, the dark ages; a time when these "people" believed that baptism was the only time they should bathe, they also believed bathing was a sin, making way for the plague. Not to mention they were completely illiterate and roamed the earth for exactly 1000 yrs with no language or written script. Their history is pretty embarrassing and lack luster. I really can't blame them for copying us, they get it. Seriously, If i weren't black I sure would want to be!

  61. They (Hollywood) can't expect me to pay for their propaganda movies. Even with a discount, the stuff is not worth sitting in a theater.

  62. Yeah….right! And their "descendants" built "dysfunctional ones." Go figure!

  63. If you are trying to pass yourself off as the new slave master, you're doing a lousy job.

  64. He is not off the mark. I was in a video store recently, all those horror movies did was display the worst that white folks are capable of coming up with all in the name of entertainment. Heck, if the "identity theft" phenomenon comes from them.

  65. He is not off the mark. I was in a video store recently, all those horror movies did was display the worst that white folks are capable of coming up with all in the name of entertainment. Heck, if the "identity theft" phenomenon comes from them.

  66. Spartans were Israelites thus black as well.

  67. James Teel says:

    Two colored African people of the darkest beauty can have one of each on this post from the the darkest down to the albino which is where the white man came from. Arabs have colored people but two arabs will never make an african which is why Egypt was conquered land after our glory. So just as I said before a african depending on time and space can have one of each!

    To all the white people on this post listen up your ancestor which came from a black vagina took our culture, heritage, and religon and confiscated it calling it sun worship. The things is melanated people don't have to worship the sun we embrace the sun for the healing it do to us and everything around us; which is the reason you hate colored people. The sun gives you cancer and makes everyone else and everything powerful except you! You're not natural to this earth and believe me everything I said before this moment is why you made people slaves because you are inadequate!

  68. Robert Rider says:

    I'm Happy to see we have an open racist here smh…

  69. Isn't this a "black" website? Why are you "non-whites" here? Very curious stuff, indeed.

  70. Isn't this a "black" website? Why are you "non-whites" here? Very curious stuff, indeed.

  71. you are completely wrong, you might want to do a little more research on that before you make comments like that.

  72. Jt Smith says:

    Having traveled and photographed in the Valley of Kings and Queens, visit Kemet and see how they depict Her. White people want to state they are in the Middle East and are constantly reminded they are in Africa and Kemet the Land of the Blacks. ,

  73. Pharoah Ramses III had DNA testing done and his Haplogrouo (ancestral line) was E1B1A. That is an African ancestral line. One of the first ancestral lines as a matter of fact. Google Ramses III and you will see that he shares the same ancestral line as African Americans and West Africans. Egypt belongs to the world since we all came from Africa but it is a disservice to those ancient Egyptians to dishonor them by misrepresenting them. Every ethnicity has contributed to the world but you have to place Egypt where it belongs. It's black African history.

  74. Tim Wood says:

    Because "black" culture isn't a locked ghetto, it's a vibrant diverse community that celebrates heritage and acceptance.

  75. Tim Wood says:

    Because "black" culture isn't a locked ghetto, it's a vibrant diverse community that celebrates heritage and acceptance.

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