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‘Single Ladies’ Season 3, Episode 9: ‘Cat and Mouse’

Single Ladies Season 3 Episode 9 Cat and Mouse

“Single Ladies” season 3, episode 9: “Cat and Mouse” premieres tonight on VH1.

In this week’s episode, in order to get a cut of Franks Jewels, Deacon holds Raquel hostage until a deal is made with Malcolm and Terrence. While held against her wish, she learns some startling truths about the Franks brothers. Meanwhile, as Malcolm and Terrence desperately plot a rescue mission, they are forced to turn to an unlikely ally. Still reeling from Malcolm’s confession, an emotionally raw Keisha is paid a surprise visit from an old friend. April joins David for a night out with his friends, and as sparks fly she begins to see him in a new light.

Here’s VH1 synopsis of the series:

“VH1 has teamed up with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment to bring viewers “Single Ladies,” a new comedic drama series that asks the question: What do women really want in a relationship? “Single Ladies” is a comedic drama about Val, Keisha, and April – three best friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships. Val (Stacey Dash) is an ambitious aspiring fashion mogul who wants to find a true partner. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy), on the other hand, is a former video dancer just looking for a rich man to keep her in style. April (Charity Shea), has supposedly found the perfect man and the perfect marriage – but is learning that marriage isn’t necessarily a happy ending. “Single Ladies” is a modern, sexy series set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity that will constantly explore which woman has the right approach to relationships.”

“Single Ladies” season 3, episode 9: “Cat and Mouse” airs Monday, March 3 at 9 p.m. EST on VH1. Check out the sneak peek videos below:


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