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5 Ways Europe Underdeveloped Africa

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Africa’s Population Underdeveloped  

According to the World Bank, Sub-Saharan Africa currently has about 910 million people. That number would  be much higher if it weren’t for the Europeans and the Trans Atlantic slave trade.

During slavery, the African continent had an abnormal stagnation in population in respect to the rest of the world and there is no causative factor other than the fact that millions of people who were of age to bear children were being shipped to the Americas.

One European scholar gave the following estimates of world population (in millions) according to continents:

Years: 1650 1750 1850 1900
Africa: 100 100 100 120
Europe: 103 144 274 423
Asia: 257 437 656 857

Africa’s population didn’t move at all during slavery. In other parts of the world such as Japan and parts of Europe the population growth allowed large socioeconomic development to occur while the lack of growth stagnated Africa.

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13 thoughts on “5 Ways Europe Underdeveloped Africa

  1. wow…..just………..WOW.

  2. The Europeans and Arabs have damaged African people so severely, you wonder how long will it take African people to get to where we need to be? When we look at all that we are up against, even our own blacks themselves, they have misused the wealth African people provided for them, and now they need slavery again, if not the people, we know where else they will step up their game robbing Africa of her mineral resources, and anything else they need. I believe their ultimate agenda is to retake Africa again, and try to eleminate all of Africa's people, world over. If this is their desire, what is going to stop them? They fell they do not have any use for black people anymore. They see blacks as a burden on the economy. One of the main reason, they despise black people, because their tax dollars pay for many social prograns, blacks benefit from, it is eating them alive. Pay attention to their conversation, it is a major topic. Blacks like Obama, from the top to the bottom, they will not have any use for. That is why it is so important that blacks come together, and work for self determination, those groups who work together to save their race, only gets stronger. These black people being held as slaves movies, there is a covert agenda there folks.

  3. Karen Allen says:

    yes beautifully said . I feel the same way that there is a covert agenda. the more truth I read and witness I find it hard to not feel there is something very wrong going on and what"s most alarming to me I don"t know what to do about it.

  4. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa should be in all schools…great book..i read more than ten times over..You should also read "The Destruction Of Black Civilization" by Chancellar Williams..

  5. Diane Chehab says:

    Yes, even though I am both of "white" Arab descent, I totally agree (+ my family is African now… descendants too even if they may not look like it!). It is sad and I don't know if anyone has suffered and is still suffering like the Africans.

  6. Ra Hul I am just reading your post, been off here for a while. I totally agree with you as well. Thanks.

  7. Kemetyale Hood girl this is why I set up the group I have to admit after what happened I was feel a little lost as to if what I am trying to achieve will happen but this article has me more determined to than ever thank you girl. Anyone looking at this comment if you want to know what I am talking about and are determined to be apart of change please inbox me like minds are needed.

  8. Norman Bajnaut I agree 100%. The conquoror will not present or allow your history in his schools for us. Because it will show they have lied on their history and ours. White supremacy/racism, is the name of the game.

  9. Chancellor Williams wrote about everything that our ancestors went through in his book The Destruction of Black Civilization. ..a must have

  10. Adaba A Uhuru says:

    My brother just told me about this book last night

  11. blacks need to arm there household. just like every other home owner. be none violence. but at the same time be ready for anything.

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