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5 Ways Europe Underdeveloped Africa

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Africa’s Population Underdeveloped  

According to the World Bank, Sub-Saharan Africa currently has about 910 million people. That number would  be much higher if it weren’t for the Europeans and the Trans Atlantic slave trade.

During slavery, the African continent had an abnormal stagnation in population in respect to the rest of the world and there is no causative factor other than the fact that millions of people who were of age to bear children were being shipped to the Americas.

One European scholar gave the following estimates of world population (in millions) according to continents:

Years: 1650 1750 1850 1900
Africa: 100 100 100 120
Europe: 103 144 274 423
Asia: 257 437 656 857

Africa’s population didn’t move at all during slavery. In other parts of the world such as Japan and parts of Europe the population growth allowed large socioeconomic development to occur while the lack of growth stagnated Africa.

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