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The Wrath of the BeyHive: Garcelle Beauvais Backpedals on Beyonce Comments

Garcelle Beauvais attacked by the Bey Hive Garcelle Beauvais has learned more than enough about the wrath of the BeyHive after the “The Jamie Foxx Show” actress commented on Beyonce’s “overt” sex appeal.

The curvy actress took to Twitter where she exclaimed that she absolutely loves Beyonce and that her comments about Queen Bey’s sex appeal were taken out of context.

In an interview with “Hello Beautiful,” Garcelle dished about  her role in the new DVD movie “And Then There Was You,” and what her biggest challenges are when taking on emotional roles. But Beyonce’s fans weren’t focused on any of that.

When asked about being remembered as a sex symbol in the entertainment industry, Garcelle had some advice for ladies who want to keep it sexy while still being classy.

“I think you can wear a great short dress, but if you have long sleeves and you’re only showing leg,” she said. “I think you have to stick to a body part and show that. I don’t think you have to show all of it.”

That’s when she began to explain that she feels that older women should be conscious of the way they present sexiness, and now that she’s older, she wants to still be sexy but in a more mature way.

“As I get older, I still want to be sexy, but I want to do it in a different way,” the 47-year-old actress said. “I want to do it in a way that’s more classy. Certain things are just too overt for kids.”

Now, cue the comment that sent the Bey Hive into an absolute social-media frenzy:

“I love Beyonce,” she said. “I love her. I think she’s beautiful and talented; but I think there has to be a fine line where you have to take responsibility for what you do. I think it’s good to be sexy, but sexy can come across in so many different ways. It doesn’t have to be everything showing out grinding, all of the time.”

Shortly after the interview was published Garcelle took to her own social media to explain.

“I love Beyonce!” she tweeted. “What I said was taken out of context, and of course I support women being sexy!”

Beyonce’s sexually has been the topic of many feminist discussions and has even driven a university to add a class where students will analyze the works and performances of the international pop star.

But apparently, when you discuss Queen Bey outside of a classroom, the Bey Hive swarms in for the kill.

“Who is this woman?” one user asked after Bossip tweeted out a link to Garcelle’s interview.

“#BeyHive Get Her,” an unofficial Beyonce fan page tweeted.

“Shading Baddie Bey Cuhs You Look AVERAGE w/ #BeatFace,” another user tweeted directly to Garcelle’s page. “You mad or #nah?”

Even after she tried to explain the comment, Beyonce fans were still outraged.

“You got dragged by the Hives that’s why your tweeting this. Haha,” another user tweeted along with laughing emojis.

Garcelle hasn’t released any further comments about the interview and is likely just trying to ignore the criticisms until the entire episode just flies away.

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