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7 Of the Most Ruthless European Colonialists

When we think of the evil atrocities that have been committed against humanity, one person is frequently called the most evil to ever live, Hitler.  But why is his name the only one synonymous with evil? When you kill more than 10 million Africans or Native Americans why are you not symbolized as evil?

Europe has a long history of colonialism, imperialism, slavery and genocide and Hitler wasn’t alone with his vile acts against humanity.

Here is a list of European Colonialists other than Hitler, who have managed to exterminate groups of people, all for the sake of land, greed and wealth:


Leopold II of BelgumKing Leopold II of Belgium

Leopold of Belgium amassed a huge personal fortune by exploiting the Congo, initially by the harvesting of ivory and rubber by the Congolese people. One of his most heinous acts was in forcing villages to meet quotas on ivory collection; if the villagers didn’t meet their numbers, their hands were cut off.

His regime was responsible for the effective enslavement of the native population, beatings, widespread killing and frequent mutilations that led to the deaths of an estimated 15 million Congolese.

This became one of the most infamous international scandals of the early 20th century.

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37 thoughts on “7 Of the Most Ruthless European Colonialists

  1. Sidney Bordley says:

    Forgot to include Cecil Rhodes.

  2. Evil is evil period. This is a european society and europeans project period.

  3. Bongani Ndlela says:

    Who will pay for these autrocities, what is the sin with the colour of my skin

  4. Malachi Freeman says:

    we need to put together nation wide an Reparation movement!

  5. James Moise Leroy says:

    Check out my new educational documentary call Istwa DAyiti .
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  6. Sundiata Keita says:

    these white people showed us who they are. its really time to stop acting like we dont know what theyre about. he couldve made this list 100 pages long and still not finished listing all these devils. time to get away from these devils.

  7. They should of just stayed in Europe lol… The world would be much more interesting now… bad man Columbus,,, BAD..should of stayed put 😉

  8. White men are so cruel,, and yet Arabs/Asians and blacks never did anything horrible or anything to disturb………………….lol

  9. Oh and save the worst until last because exploring new lands is abhorent

  10. These white people? and what way is this to speak about anyone? Do you think that (THESE WHITE PEOPLE!) account for all of us? and dont you think the list of 100 pages could also be filled with people of all other races, who commit the worst types of inhumanities across the world, in places in Asia and Africa and for example the sex slave trade in India? Only difference is that it is not historical, it is happening now, please wake up…

  11. Axel Santa Maria says:

    "Well said.

  12. Axel Santa Maria says:

    smallpox, measles, cholera, measles…
    Top four of seven more ruthless.

  13. Axel Santa Maria,,,,,,,……..only whites are bad,, there is no cruelty going on in Asia or Africa or trafficking of child sex slaves in India or anything like that is there..

  14. Axel Santa Maria …..The Arab people never exported African slaves and turned them into uniks to keep them docile or anything like that

  15. Deji Toye says:

    Funny, I too was looking forward to Rhodes, one or two notches below Leopold.

  16. Sundiata Keita says:

    genocide isnt the same as exploration. well maybe in the mind of a devil it is. not to a sane person.

  17. Sundiata Keita But Europeans took genocide everywhere they explored

  18. The same as any nation/tribe or people that has explored other lands in the past,, ie,, Greeks, Romans,, Turks, Arabs, Mongols, Chinese,,Russians,,Bantu peoples of Africa etc.. They all done it but today there is an easy color distinction between coulor skins which is unfortunate because it shouldn't be as simple as that.. Black and whites shouldn't have this excuse to argue with each other

  19. Stan Walker says:

    Russell Hopkins u crackers always trying to point the finger in a different direction instead of being held accountable for what you did and still do to control the masses thru greed and deception

  20. Sundiata Keita says:

    Stan Walker these are sock puppets. white people that get paid by the government to go online and troll black websites and other websites that tell the truth about america and imperialism. look up articles on "sock puppets."

  21. Stan Walker Stay real

  22. Stan Walker You both talk so much sense,, so simple to blame another race for all your troubles isnt it…

  23. Sundiata Keita Alot of people around the world have issues with freedom in the modern worlds,, thats the real issue, not your history or anyones history because its history and there are problems going on now., if you want to play the race card im quite sure you have a better life than the Slavic people of eastern Europe who have had issue with freedom for centurys and are still using people power to rise up agianst the puppets in control which im so glad that they are are rissing up agianst there corrupt governments.., im just saying many others across the world havnt got the additional skin color excuse to play the victim , These people cant play the race card so vigilantly.. Strive to go forward, not play the hate game, not show the race card and play the victim.. Yes i can understand why you hate alot of white people,, i hate alot of white people, but its not because they are white it is because of who they are,there personality,and what type of personality are you showing yourself to the world.. This is why i hope for a world where all racism in every form will slowly diminish until it can no longer get in the way of rational thought.. no two white men are the same,, not two black men, or brown yellow or any other..

  24. Russel Hopkins really dude. We are not racist or prejudice but we have aright to be upset and angered by the European space invaders who took space that wasn't theirs. Because of the racist spainiards twisting the minds of our Mexican brothers. Mexicans not all dont like black people and we fought side by side to fend off European domination. Please read about the african named djanga in mexico. You should be helping us get reparations for the atrocities done to black people or you are just as responsible as your forefathers. May god bless you russel Hopkins you are still a part of the human race just like the rest of us but be more understanding of our pain and suffering which still exists today. N

  25. We are all slaves to the government so shut the fuck up .

  26. Sundiata Keita says:

    Dewayne Graham "We are all slaves to the government " = nah, thats some shit alex jones came up with after Obama got elected to incite white fear and deflection about your fucked up history. nice try tho

  27. What did Cecil Rhodes do?

  28. i ain't no puppet ..yours or theirs..10th generation creole in new Orleans..yes my ancestors owned slaves..and yes my ancestors mixed with those slaves and there are people with my last name who grow up in a culture of African American new Orleans..and I too grow up in the white culture of new know what..they aren't that far apart..economics is the bigger denominator..

  29. Sundiata Keita says:

    Whatup Whatup creoles, if you are a creole, are endogamous, so you could never know what the fuck its like to know what the fuck im talking about so you can get blocked too.

  30. Why would they be in article about European colonizers and imperialists tho?

  31. Azuka Osakwe says:

    Caleb Granger Thank you Caleb

  32. Azuka Osakwe says:

    No sense appealing to his conscience. He like his forebears are brutes.

  33. Who will pay for the crimes of your people now who murder there own and ravage whole cities. And all of this at the cost of tax payers,the real working class who have spent their lives and blood to better their lives while parasites live off others and blame everyone else for their plight and that the world owes them….get over it, go to school and get a job.

  34. Apparently you didn't read the article. It was about the 7 most ruthless European colonist.

  35. Josh Blackburn You are an ignorant motherfucker. and your brother Willmer Sarny.
    Boy Wopiks. You crazy Europeans can not be engaged in rational discussions about race, so there is no point in trying to talk to you.

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