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Sisters Besieged: 8 Vicious and Disturbing Acts of Police Brutality Against Black Women

Police restrain Charda Gregory and cut off her hair

Detroit Cop Caught On Camera Cutting Off Detained Woman’s Hair

After she woke up at a motel, surrounded by strangers, with no idea how she had gotten there, Charda Gregory says she “flipped out,”  then allegedly damaged the Detroit hotel room she was in.

That evening, Nov. 13, 2013, Gregory was arrested  and charged with the misdemeanor offense of destruction of property. After police say she kicked out the window of the responding police car, she was pepper-sprayed and charged with the felony of malicious destruction of police property.

By the time she had reached the police station, Gregory, though visibly intoxicated, had calmed down and become docile. However, Warren Police Officer Bernadette Najor struck the young mother on the chest and pushed her.

Several minutes later, officers can be seen restraining Gregory in a chair as she struggles and Najor, using scissors, cuts out Gregory’s sewn-in hair extensions. It takes just over 3 minutes before Najor finishes the hair cut.

Gregory was detained for 14 days and when she was released, she barely remembered what happened. She thought she may have been drugged earlier that night when she went to a party.

All charges against Gregory were dropped, and Officer Najor was fired.

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37 thoughts on “Sisters Besieged: 8 Vicious and Disturbing Acts of Police Brutality Against Black Women

  1. Dalondo Moultrie says:

    warning: graphic violence depicted

  2. Andrea Whaley says:

    Why would u even put your kids in that kind of danger! Stupid

  3. Orion Freeman says:

    @andreawhaley What are you talking about?

  4. that police officer should've had her hair cut off as well as been fired.

  5. Andrea Whaley says:

    Orion Freeman I was commenting on the 2nd video. I don't know why my comment showed here.

  6. Ouvita E Hodge says:

    If she was really so concerned about her baby! then why she resisting arrest!! and all them screaming like idiots!! these people are crazies!!

  7. Ouvita E Hodge says:

    I'm talking about video 7

  8. Ouvita E Hodge says:

    The first video makes me sick! there was no reason to treat this woman in this manner! they all should had been fired! and WHY cut her hair? Stupid!

  9. Ang Evette says:

    #1 isn't in Detroit,MI. Its in Warren, MI.I hate when stories are bad they say Detroit or suburb of,but when its good the actual city receives credit.

  10. Ang Evette says:

    Andrea Whaley I agree,#2 is questionable and choppy.Her son could've been shot for just getting out the car.

  11. Andrea Whaley says:

    Exactly, she should have cooperated

  12. Sundiata Keita says:

    this is why our black women dont respect us. you got black men such as MLK, Benjamin Crump, Obama and these preachers telling us to be nonviolent.
    When the white man stops being violent then we should be nonviolent but if he ever lays a hand on our sisters we need to look up their info and give them an eye for an eye.
    the black woman is the only woman in the world who has no one to protect her. this stops today black men, if we gotta die, we die for our women.

  13. nobody kills more black people than black people. nobody is more violent towards black people than black people. nobody is more abusive towards black women than black people. maybe you should stop killing each other and calling yourselves "niggas"??? maybe then would the rest of the world would start treating you as equals. you act and like animals and treat your own people like animals…well guess what?…you get treated like animals by others. the problem is white people. its your own people that make you all look bad. pull up your fucking pants, stop butchering the english language ( i mean stop sounding ignorant on purpose) and stop shooting your own people by the hundreds daily and i bet you would be treated better as whole. worth a try. just saying.

  14. Sundiata Keita says:

    Marvelous Jankins sock puppet

  15. Sundiata Keita says:

    sock puppet

  16. Sundiata Keita how is anything i said not true? black on black violence is far more commonplace than white on black violence. how many blacks will be shot and killed by other blacks just in chicago this weekend??? 10? 15? i bet the average is around 5 per weekend. thats just 1 major city. white on black crime is a small percentage of violence towards blacks. face the reality. blacks, by in large, treat their own people worse than whites ever have. hell…your own people sold you into slavery. whites didnt go over there and kidnap blacks to bring over here. they bought them from the black tribes. thats a fact.

  17. Anonymous says:

    If these women were little blue-eyed blond hair chicks on spring break you wouldn't say anything about lacking FACTS. No matter how you spin it, the actions of these officers is in one word EXCESSIVE,

  18. Anonymous says:

    Marvelous Jankins you don't have a clue but most modern slaves don't

  19. Toni Beard says:

    What does all that information have to do with a hair cut?

  20. Junior Bennett says:

    Toni Beard I think he was just referring to number 2. I have to admit while the police seemed to react excessively the lady didn't help herself.

  21. Junior Bennett says:

    Marvelous Jankins "black on black violence is far more commonplace than white on black violence."..Bullshit….

  22. Junior Bennett you can bullshit all you want junior. Doesn't make it any less true. Thing is… I actually checked my facts before I posted them. Gang violence. Drug violence. It's predominantly black on black.

  23. Sundiata Keita says:

    Junior Bennett there is no such thing as black on black crime, cause if you go to the fbi stats say the white on white murder rate is 85%. i dont argue with these demons. i ask myself why are white people following black people all over the internet?? its white paternalism. we got off the plantation and theyre mad, so they dont want us to control our own thoughts, so they follow us around the web trying to tell us how to think. so aint nobody tripping over powerless white people that have to resort to this sort of paternalism.

  24. Sundiata Keita LOL! You think that's it huh? A little background on my family. All Irish immigrants. No slave owners in my family anywhere. Irish were treated badly too. I'm not racist. I don't follow anybody around the internet. This story showed up in my news feed. I read it, watched the video, then I researched what this woman did to be in jail in the first place. What I found was this woman put her children lives at risk over a stupid ticket. She put herself in that position. She completely disregarded her children's and her own safety and other people on the road. You act like a dumb ass and you deserve to be treated the way she was. I don't care what race you are.

  25. Junior Bennett says:

    Marvelous Jankins Is the USA the world? WTH are you talking about and over what period? for ever, the last 10 years what? What research did you do to make such a sweeping claim? Especially considering you are not even black – you searched the internet for an hour and that's research?

  26. Lol @ my comments being removed! I guess truth hurts. You preach equality and fairness but when a person comes and speaks his/her mind you censor them. What's wrong a little brutal honesty these days. Seems it's severely lacking. I guess my truthful comments don't fall in with your agenda of making ALL white people look bad. I'll let you get back to it then.

  27. This planet is besieged by white people.

  28. It would be a great planet if we woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that every last negro had vanished forever from the face of the earth.

  29. It would be a great planet if we woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that every last negro had vanished forever from the face of the earth.

  30. Sundiata Keita – a big part of the problem with negroes is stupid names like "sundiata"

  31. Sundiata Keita ….Marvelous makes too much sense and mentions too many facts for an ignorant negro to comprehend, so you just go with a stupid short answer like "sock puppet"

  32. Moore Love says:

    Marvelous Jankins you're either a white person or you're a negropean. Its obvious you need to do further research & I suggest you check out Dr Amos Wilson's who'll throw clarity on them issue of Black crime/violence. Not dismissing black on black crime. Here we go again the same old lame white/negropean excuse trying to shift the kidnapping & enslavement of Afrikans primarily onto the victim of what was a well orchestrated & document european crime against Afrikans. Also suggest you read Chancellor William's, The destruction of black civilization. Hotep.

  33. Sundiata Keita says:

    Moore Love FBI Table 43A

  34. we allllllllllllllllll have cell phone cameras…..we must use them too…at all times to protect each other in order to show what is going on when p;lice attack our people…

  35. Fuck Babylonians they can go fucking die

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