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Sisters Besieged: 8 Vicious and Disturbing Acts of Police Brutality Against Black Women

Police restrain Charda Gregory and cut off her hair

Detroit Cop Caught On Camera Cutting Off Detained Woman’s Hair

After she woke up at a motel, surrounded by strangers, with no idea how she had gotten there, Charda Gregory says she “flipped out,”  then allegedly damaged the Detroit hotel room she was in.

That evening, Nov. 13, 2013, Gregory was arrested  and charged with the misdemeanor offense of destruction of property. After police say she kicked out the window of the responding police car, she was pepper-sprayed and charged with the felony of malicious destruction of police property.

By the time she had reached the police station, Gregory, though visibly intoxicated, had calmed down and become docile. However, Warren Police Officer Bernadette Najor struck the young mother on the chest and pushed her.

Several minutes later, officers can be seen restraining Gregory in a chair as she struggles and Najor, using scissors, cuts out Gregory’s sewn-in hair extensions. It takes just over 3 minutes before Najor finishes the hair cut.

Gregory was detained for 14 days and when she was released, she barely remembered what happened. She thought she may have been drugged earlier that night when she went to a party.

All charges against Gregory were dropped, and Officer Najor was fired.

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