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Robert Mugabe’s Invitation to Africa-EU Summit Prompts Call For British PM Boycott

CAPE TOWN, South Africa — British MP Kate Hoey has reportedly urged British Prime Minister David Cameron to boycott the upcoming summit between Africa and the European Union (EU) after Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was invited to attend.

According to The Telegraph, Cameron faced a dilemma over whether to attend the two-day summit scheduled to take place in Brussels in April.

EU ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia last week confirmed that Mugabe had been invited to attend the summit along with other Africa leaders.

The invitation came despite the Zimbabwean leader being officially banned from visiting any EU member state. Mugabe is accused of presiding over serious human rights abuses in his country.

Dell’Ariccia, however, made it clear that Mugabe’s attendance did not signal a softening of the EU position on targeted measures imposed on Zimbabwe, nor did it suggest the measures have been ineffective.

He said there were international laws that needed to be respected and these made exceptions for heads of state that were on targeted sanctions lists to be allowed to attend such summits and other functions.

The summit is expected to focus on strategic priorities under the Joint Africa-EU Strategy.

The strategy seeks to enhance political cooperation and partnerships at all levels.

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown boycotted an earlier EU-Africa summit attended by Mugabe in Lisbon in 2007. He also ruled that no British minister would be present.

Downing Street has, however, reportedly declined to say whether Cameron would stay away from the conference, the report said.

Hoey, who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on Zimbabwe, urged Cameron to boycott, saying the prime minister should “follow the principled lead of his predecessor Gordon Brown.”


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20 thoughts on “Robert Mugabe’s Invitation to Africa-EU Summit Prompts Call For British PM Boycott

  1. Michael Bush says:

    Imperial Britian has some nerve mentioning Human Rights….talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  2. Michael Bush What does that mean, "The pot calling the kettle back? I know one thing, it is a negatve label of what black is. In that I am black, I take offense to the statement. If you are white you are a racist, if you are black, you are a student of Willie Lynch.

  3. Sure these white imperialist will reject President Mugaba, because he is cleaning up his country, of colonizers, robbing the people of their resourses, including their land. They are trying to send him a message to stop what he is doing, which will never happen, under Presiident Mugaba. These imperialist will never change.

  4. Michael Bush says:

    Please google "pot calling kettle black" before you accuse someone of being white or a racist. I was talking about all the atrocities Britain has committed in Africa and how ridiculous it is for them to be condemning mugab

  5. Michael Bush says:

    Hard to imagine a "black" person has never heard that term, you must not be American. I actually am in support of brother Mugabe and his efforts to restore land to the people.

  6. Noel Morgan says:

    These Leaders think we are back in the dark ages, sand we are not intelegient to see and understand what is going on, they don't want to give up Afrika, they can't kill Mugabe the way the Kill Lumumba, and the others, so while Mugabe show defiance, they are countering with sanctions against Zimbabwe to derail the countries Economy, blaming it on Mr. Mugabe, with all they are trying Zimbabwe is on the move, to encourage up coming revolutionary Leaders to carry Afrika forward, and take it out of the hands of these colonial BASTARD

  7. Nzingha Shabaka The English and other colonial languages such as Portuguese French Spanish unfortunately have so many proverbs and words that were used for Racist Imperialism. Look at the synonyms for the word Black. That's why its important for blacks to be African bilinguals especially when in the diaspora.

  8. Iyasi TP says:

    They are only pissed with Mugabe because he refuses to be a puppet, the abuse of black people is global and systematic. All of our men and women with heart must stand up to the seasoned racists of this world and tell them where the hell to kiss….

  9. Confidence Chizoro Okeke Thank you for that comment. In fact, the more we call ourselves black, they got us. We are not color but Moors. What Michael was saying is these people does not know anything about human rights when they commit all these atrocities to humanity. Nzingha, you're the problem

  10. Olutomi Brown What do you mean? You were going very good until you wrote the last sentence. I thought we were on the same page. You need to tell me what are you talking about in your last sentence.

  11. Michael Bush You still didn't answer the question what did you mean, "The pot calling the skillet black"?

  12. I have heard the term too many times, and black folks should not use it.

  13. Michael Bush Look Michael, I do not need to gooogle it. The point I am trying to make is, the pot calling the skillet black, because black is associated with being negative, and that is what that meant, but there is a lesson here for sure. Blacks say that to each all the time, being black is a bad thing.

  14. Olutomi Brown Besides why do you feel the need to name call? Folks like you do not contribute any constructive comments when you destroy them being negative. Stop being negative. What is your problem? You are a typical example of blacks with negative attitudes toward each other, for no reason.

  15. Al Jones says:


  16. Farntella Graham says:

    he will not boycott. his a$$ must attend. they don't have the luxury of not attending. anyway, they should probably stay away. the commonwealth? lol lol lol lol

  17. Farntella Graham says:

    he will not boycott. his a$$ must attend. they don't have the luxury of not attending. anyway, they should probably stay away. the commonwealth? lol lol lol lol

  18. Farntella Graham says:


  19. Farntella Graham says:

    Nzingha Shabaka this is too advanced for you. stay in your lane.

  20. Farntella Graham says:

    no, never. it is time we accept that and start of act like we know.

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