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‘Men at Work’ Season 3, Episode 5: ‘Gigo-Milo’

Men at Work Season 3, Episode 5- Gigo-Milo

“Men at Work” season 3, episode 5: “Gigo-Milo” airs Wednesday on TBS.

Coming up on the next episode, Milo meets a book publisher (guest star Jane Seymour), but it’s not his writing she’s interested in. Neal hires an intern (guest star Ed Asner) and Myron enlists Tyler and Gibbs to make him look cool on social media.

TBS describes the show as follows:

“In this new comedy about four friends who work together at a magazine, the recently dumped Milo barely has time to nurse his wounds before his friends decide to help him get back in the game. Together, the four help each other navigate work, friendship and women.”

“Men at Work” season 3, episode 5 airs Feb. 12 at 10 p.m. EST on TBS.


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