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7 Harmful Practices Mainstream Media Exhibit When Talking About Race

Individualizing Racism
What It Means: Concentrating attention on thoughts or acts of personal prejudice.

This reinforces the common misconception that racism is simply a personal problem that should be resolved by shaming, punishing or re-educating the individual offender. This belief often leads to long, inconclusive debates about what’s in the offender’s  “heart,” and whether or not they intended to be hurtful or discriminatory, and perpetuates false notions of individual agency in our national consciousness.

Perhaps the most common characteristic of the mainstream media’s treatment of stories on race and racism is the disproportionate share of attention that episodes of individual-level racism receive, while ignoring a deeper analysis of systemic racial injustice.

While the rate of this infraction can vary greatly depending upon the subject matter and by media outlet – such imbalances reinforce for readers the misconceived message that racism is primarily a phenomenon of overt, intentional acts carried out by prejudiced individuals. Racial transgressions, such as Paula Deen’s, are typically presented as simple, individual defects that need correcting or shaming.

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8 thoughts on “7 Harmful Practices Mainstream Media Exhibit When Talking About Race

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    The media are wrong with alot of things.

  2. We have to dig deeper to get to the root and uproot the deleterious effects of modern racism on our posterity. For instance the CODED WORDS talked about include the word "fine" to describe someone who is good-looking. Fine features are thin noses, thin lips, etc. The reassurance "you're fine" when someone says excuse me.

  3. Jared JuggHead Harris says:


  4. This is why we have to come together, can't let others define who we are.

  5. Sundiata Keita says:

    number 7 hit the nail on the head. they turn demons into heroes and our heroes into racists or crazy or gay. nothin good from come from ever being around these people.

  6. I wish to add, what we get from mainstream media is all that we will ever get, left wing or right wing media, because they are participates, benefactors, and recievers for their livelyhood, and security, in the global system of white supremacy. They have to do what they do in order for it to work for them. So black people continuning to complain about mainstream or any white media, will go on deaf ears. Or any complaint we have of them. Can we stop complaining about racism, and do something about it, and go on our merry way? Like creating our own. It is called self determination. Black people need to realize, no town hall meetings will ever change white people, you say we need to come together to talk more, for what, you cannot change their ways, it works too good for them, they love what they do.

  7. Loretta, i`m deeply impressed but, not everyone of us has the same features you have! I only hope you watch your STIs 😉

  8. Dred Sunny says:

    Peace to the warrior queen Nzingha, she is right.

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