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‘Casualty’ Season 28, Episode 24: ‘Once in a Lifetime’


In this week’s “Casualty”  season 28, episode 24: “Once in a Lifetime,” a mountain-bike race between a man and his stepson does not go according to plan after both riders lose control. Jamie decides to follow Ramin to Australia, but Robyn and Jeff attempt to change his mind.

“Casualty” is the world’s longest running and most successful medical drama series on television. It depicts the private and working lives of the patients, doctors, nurses and all others attending a small but frantically busy accident and emergency department of the large Holby General hospital. By mixing episodic plots with longer, character-based stories it ensures that we get to know the characters as people with lives, not just doctors or nurses.

“Casualty” season 28, episode 24: “Once in a Lifetime” airs Feb. 8 at 3:15 p.m. on BBC One.

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