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‘Love That Girl!’ Season 3, Episode 13: ‘The Twilaugh Zone’

Love That Girl! Season 3 Episode 13 The Twilaugh Zone

“Love That Girl!” season 3, episode 13: “The Twilaugh Zone” premieres tonight on TVone.

In this week’s episode, Latrell falls asleep watching “The Twilight Zone” and falls into a dream state where he, as “Fraud Sterling,” narrates supernatural stories starring the whole gang; Delroy gets too greedy when selling a property that everyone wants to buy; Adonis keeps sending back the same plate of food for the rest of his life; and Latrell loses the ability to say anything but his comedy catchphrase.

A TV One description of the show reads:

“This comedy, follows the life and times of Imunique Jefferson (played by Bresha Webb), a dynamic and quintessential ghetto-fabulous chick who wreaks either havoc or harmony – depending on her mood. Along for the ride is an unusual cast of characters who equally withstand her whirlwind of antics but can’t help but Love That Girl!

This season, Reagan Gomez is introduced to the cast as Delroy Jones’ niece, Jasmine, who relocates from Ohio to Los Angeles to chase her dream of becoming a sports reporter. Radio personality and “Tom Joyner Morning Show” regular Huggy Lowdown also joins the cast, playing himself.”

“Love That Girl!” season 3, episode 13: “The Twilaugh Zone” airs Friday Feb. 7, at 9 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. CST on TVone. Check out the spoiler video below:


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