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Angela Bassett Shuts it Down For EBONY Magazine

In a salute to Black Hollywood, the gorgeous Angela Bassett lights up the March cover of EBONY magazine.

The star or American Horror Story: Coven graces the cover flawlessly in a Michael Kors dress while flaunting subtle accoutrements.

Check out the cover below:

In the piece, Bassett discusses the rigors of Black Hollywood and keeping the morale up during the downtime of auditioning. The Black Nativity star opens up about her most intimate moments of doubt and insecurity. As the mother of two, Bassett comes across as resilient, poised and beautiful on the cover. “You’ve got to keep a good attitude,” she says. “You can’t think, ‘This is it [during the lean times], because that’s when it’s going to break open for you. You’ve got to be ready; you’ve got to be prepared.”

Despite her place as a bankable leading lady (she just starred in “Olympus Has Fallen”), Bassett also offered insight as to why pursuing excellence and staying grounded are most important to her. “I understand where I come from; the strength and the people I come from. I know what has been endured and sacrificed.”


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