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‘Mob Wives’ Season 4, Episode 10: ‘Life Sentences’

Mob Wives Season 4 Episode 10 Life Sentences

“Mob Wives” season 4, episode 10: “Life Sentences” premieres tonight on VH1.

In this week’s episode, the day of Eddie’s sentencing has finally arrived and Alicia anxiously awaits the outcome. Meanwhile, Renee meets with a lawyer to discuss possible legal options after receiving a letter from Junior and a missed phone call from jail. Natalie and Renee meet for the first time since their fallout in Las Vegas, with explosive results.

When Drita set up a fancy “ladies lunch” at Le Cirque for everyone to air out their differences, one of the women drops out at the last minute. The next night, Drita tries to get everyone together again at her house. With the tension high on all fronts and confrontation in the air, no one knows what to expect. Elsewhere, Drita tells Lee that because she is so happy and in love, she is having difficulty writing a rap for her song with Method Man.

VH1 describes the series as follows:

“Mob Wives” is a docu-soap that follows the lives of four struggling, allegedly mob-associated women who have to pick up the pieces and carry on after their husbands or fathers do time for mob-related activities. The women are longtime friends who live in New York City’s “forgotten borough,” Staten Island. Along the way they battle their friends, families and each other as they try to do what’s best for themselves and their children. It’s not easy to maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to when the family’s primary breadwinner is in lock up. From “The Godfather” to “The Sopranos” to ”My Cousin Vinny”, these women are sick and tired of the lies and stereotypes that exist about their lives. They’re determined to finally set the record straight and show the world once and for all that while their lives may seem crazy at first glance, they love, laugh and get their hearts broken just like everyone else.”

“Mob Wives” season 4, episode 10: “Life Sentences” airs Thurs. Feb. 6, 10 p.m. EST, on VH1. Check out a sneak peek of the coming episode below.


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3 thoughts on “‘Mob Wives’ Season 4, Episode 10: ‘Life Sentences’

  1. Wtf…where does Natalie get off saying Renee has a lot 'to answer to'? Renee doesn't answer to ANYONE, especially a Bratz doll, bobblehead like Natalie. Seriously, who does Natalie think she is? Renee has so much on her plate, I'm sure she doesn't give a rat's ass what the Philly girls are eating.

  2. Bella Taylor says:

    I think the new blood girls, alicia and natalie SUCK. Natalie is such a trouble making bitch I can't believe that Drita and ANg don't see it, especially Drita. If I were Rene, I would be hurt and frustrated. Natalie, you are evil and Alicia you are such a phony it makes me sick. You both need to go off the show, you are both terribly annoying. And not hot, sorry. I know you both think you are, and natalie is pretty, but give her a few years and she will be a fat blob, she has that type of body. Alicia, your very voice is a whine and that is all you do. Oh, I didn't know, everyone is blabbing, oh oh oh. Get off the show, take care of your family and grow up. Natalie, your best role is funeral director, and it suits you. You are as cold and evil as they come. See Ya.

  3. Love this show, however I do have some comments to the ladies. First, I believe Natalie set up Rene because Natalie always wants to look good, she purposely called Rene to invite her to her Halloween Party and I believe she would of brought up old stuff to make Rene look bad in from of her friends. Second, Alicia get a life don't blame other people in your husbands pat life for your insecurities you are letting a little prima donner keep you agitated at someone who would watch your back (Rene). Drita you can't make people like each other if they don't feel comfortable around them, leave Rene alone. As for Angie, LOVE, LOVE LOVE you girl. Rene needs you Big Ange. Everyone should just listen to Rene side without condemming her as the bad guy, she isn't. I Love you girls!!!!!!

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