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10 Reasons African-Americans Should Invest in Africa


Africa has the most natural resources in the world. For example: Just one country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is estimated to have $24 trillion worth of untapped deposits of raw mineral ores, which is equivalent to the combined total Gross Domestic Product of Europe and the United States combined. These raw minerals include cobalt, copper, niobium, tantalum, industrial and gem diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, manganese, tin, uranium, coal, petrol and timber. It is believed that 80 percent of the world’s coltan is in the Congo.

Besides the raw resources, there are plenty other investment opportunities in Africa and with proper organized initiatives many African-Americans that may want to invest can make plenty of money for their efforts.

According to Jerome Almon, a businessman and an economist, “African Americans spend well over a trillion dollars annually, and it does us no good, however investing in Africa through business ventures can create thousands of new millionaires, and dozens of new billionaires in a wide range of categories.”

Below are 10 solid reasons why African-Americans should organize campaigns or join other solid initiatives to invest in Africa.

gold in africa


1. Demand for commoditiesTen percent of the world’s oil reserves and 40 percent of the world’s proven gold reserves are found in Africa, according to experts. In addition, Africa contains 90 percent of the world’s platinum reserves, about 80 percent of its cocoa and diamonds, 60 percent of its phosphate, 50 percent of its bauxite and chromium reserves, 20 percent of its titanium, and close to 15 percent of its oil and natural gas.  As other countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China continue industrialize, they’re going to be demanding more and more of these commodities.  (Source: US Geological Survey).

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27 thoughts on “10 Reasons African-Americans Should Invest in Africa

  1. Melvin Foote says:

    Thanks for making the argument for African-American investment in Africa. We will continue to press this argument here in Washington.

  2. Mike Brown says:

    The problem is "where and with whom" do we invest in?

  3. Jovan Denson says:

    Where do I begin?

  4. Evans Mwangi Edd says:

    very true but very difficult to convince them do that

  5. Salvatore Chester says:

    Thank you very much. Glad to note that this time the energy sector (grid and off-grid) is not omitted.

  6. Bwire Vincent says:

    Most of Africa is turning east (China etc). This is due to the fact that the 50+ years that the continent has been doing business with the west has only yielded poverty. American Blacks can take a shot at it, but should not expect to be accorded preferential treatment by virtue of their skin color or ancestry. After all, they hail from the US, a country that is notoriously synonymous with Africa's misery.
    Just saying.

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  8. Tips Matale says:

    This article is spot on. Africa has a huge growth potential with possibility of a good return on investment.

  9. Ancient Time says:

    You All are foolish. You not even a dog. You have poison so much that you don't even know your home. You had a dream!

  10. Talk to us at or

  11. do your homework….check out

  12. Marco Zidan says:

    I'm in from Egypt

  13. I understand your disgust but don't mix up everyday American Blacks with either turncoat Blacks who betray their own or with American Whites which is always a mistake. Also, you will be changing that arrogant tune when you realize who it is you're dealing with. These people are interested in the continent, NOT YOU. On the day of that realization, that these Asians, Arabs and Indians you look to can't stand your Black selves, you will be looking at the larger diaspora of skin folk for help.
    They want Africa without the Africans. Don't get it twisted.

  14. You don't know how to reach the ones your ancestors betrayed either. It goes both ways. You'll be crying when you realize these others want Africa but not Africans. Right now your mind is just as twisted. Whites like it that way. So worried about us coming your way but not worried about all this investment coming and too arrogant and stupid to realize that it's the resources, NOT YOU they want. They want you out of the way .
    Picture America with all the Indigenous tribes in place on both North, South America and the Caribbean. .You can't can you? That's what they ALL have designed for YOU in Africa.

  15. Eunice Nyandat Thanks for this. Very interested in investing.

  16. Bwire Vincent says:

    Deborah Martin
    'They want Africa without the Africans.' If that ever was possible, it would have happened centuries ago.
    My post,like the article, is about serious business, not cheap CNN politics.

  17. Bwire Vincent CNN isn't going to mention that the true intentions of these oligarchs. I obviously struck a nerve and am happy to strike it again considering I never mentioned CNN politics to begin with. The Asians are NOT interested in YOU, they are interested in the riches of the continent. They've polluted their continent to the point where they need fake sunsets and sunrises because they can't see it through all the pollution since they must be the factory of the world. Africa, that holds over a BILLION people is large, lush and perfect. Perfect because it has lots of women for the 100's of milions of Chinese men who will NEVER have a partner and also, if only they could get rid of as many Africans as possible and inhabit it for themselves.
    CNN will NEVER talk about how Genocide killed off the Native population here and now they inhabit the entire continent. Those Whites and Asians hope Africans like you, who hate Black Americans so intensely, NEVER see the truth of what happened so that you never see what's coming your way. They hope the inertia and manufactured division of race will ALWAYS keep you separated so that when you notice those around you disappearing, you won't see it until it's too late.
    I don't watch CNN. I'm too busy studying how the Germans could have the notion to form New Germany in Namibia and try out the holocaust on Africans first and wondering where the African ancestors of Bwire Vincent were and why they couldn't come help out immediately to end that sooner and why the arrogant Bwire Vincent now wants to keep that same inertia in place now. I'm too busy working on ways to get arrogant psychophants like Bwire Vincent to see the light before it's too late.
    They want Africa without Africans in it. Take a look at Canada, the US, the Caribbean and ask me where the Native Indians are? That is coming to YOU.

  18. Thanks for posting your information as well. Those in power have split us all up too much for far too long. Yes, we in the West are like the cultural mulattos of Africa. We have a lot to learn, much to gain on both sides. There must be Africa for Africans and the intelligent, decent masses of the diaspora have a lot to teach as well. Inertia was always our problem as a people. On such a vast continent, with so many tribes, these murderers and thieves were able to create a mass atrocity. Now that the descendants of this chaos want Africa, there is an entire diaspora that has lessons and history for Africans to know as well. It goes both ways. Only then will we know what we're truly up against.
    How much more imperialism do we all need? We collectively have the numbers in BILLIONS to stand up to the nonsense they all want to bring. I for one am tired of always seeing Africa under attack, always being bled of it's resources and then all this poverty and misery where it's not necessary.

  19. Bwire Vincent says:

    Deborah Martin
    These Asians, Arabs and Indians we look to can't stand our Black selves? People like you can't stand our 'Black selves' either.
    '… you will be looking at the larger diaspora of skin folk for help'. You got it twisted, it should be the other way round, since you have bigger problems.
    Africans like me, hate the pompous attitude exhibited towards us by Black Americans like you. So maybe you need to check it before you start preaching about race division.
    The Asians, just like the Americans are interested in the riches of the continent. The difference here is that The Asians are actually paying for the goods.
    I will have you know that as inferior as a lot of morons would like to believe the African race is, my ancestors fought to preserve the continent and its identity. That's why 'Canada, the US, the Caribbean' never happened. Your Civil Rights Movement drew its inspiration from the African liberation struggle. You would know that if you studied History without American.
    Africa may have its problems, but stupid isn't one of them.
    I would be looking up to Africa as my Mecca, if I were you.

  20. Ancient Time says:

    One only counts, you!

  21. Garnett Elenin Melanin says:

    First and foremost, the negro who this article quotes (jerome almon) is not the type of brother who is intellectually capable of operating on the level needed to speak on this important of an issue. He runs a little-known gangster rap label in DETROIT. He has no intellectual dynamism. He threatened to "sue" the government of Canada (you can't sue countries or governments) and TMZ, of all media outlets, covered the story. I came into knowledge of him and his "endeavors" this past summer, when a favorite website of mine on African business, did a similar story on his views. And I told them the same thing.

  22. Garnett Elenin Melanin says:

    If we are going to be serious about investing in our Father continent, we should do our homework FIRST, on this side of the water….There are too many porkchop preachers and crooks among our population in the U.S. to just jump into any ventures without properly vetting all parties involved……Where did Atlanta Black Star get the notion to include him as a source for anything????????

  23. Garnett Elenin Melanin says:

    And when did this negro become an economist???? I read too much for this,lol!

  24. Deborah Martin Sister you are right and exact! We need not worry about anti-Black American type Africans there are may on the continent who can not wait to embrace. I am African, a kidnapped hostage under mind control. But I have reconnected and found my mind, my self thanks to the Universal speaking to me. Mamma Africa is calling me. And with this American Money, I am sure I can be successful if I work as hard over there as I have here in this cess poole. Can not wait to leave here and go to The Gambia.

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