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5 Interesting Facts Black Women Can Proudly Claim

Mother Africa by BenHeine

Mother Africa by BenHeine

Black Women are the Mothers of Humanity

Africans were the first to inhabit the Earth. Fossil records as well as DNA analysis give scientific evidence to support this fact. Therefore, the first woman to give birth was a black African woman. It is from her that all humans have come. Mitochondrial DNA analysis has traced all human beings back to one Black woman who is estimated to have lived between 99,000 and 200,000 years ago, most likely in East Africa, when Homo sapiens sapiens (anatomically modern humans) were developing as a population distinct from other human subspecies.

Early African civilizations understood the importance of the woman as the creator of life. This is why many African civilizations developed matrilineal societies where the woman was the central figure. That does not mean women dominated the men, but rather that men learned to respect and appreciate the importance of the Black women.

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21 thoughts on “5 Interesting Facts Black Women Can Proudly Claim

  1. that was awful…..race is a made up structure

  2. Sydelle Tamar says:

    sooo what's your point? do "black" people not exist then? race is indeed a made up concept and people are more alike than they are different, but society makes race a reality that you can't escape or theorize away. either way, people who look like you and me are treated as inferior and therefore articles like this are NOT "awful" and are very necessary.

  3. Sydelle Tamar Technically no they do not exist. ( Although I identify as a black person) If current humans came from black people does that makes everyone black? My issue with this article is that it is literally black and white. they are not accounting for other races with darker hue who are not African. It's my own fault because I was expecting scientific journal type article. The last part is the worst part assuming that black women and men should be chained to one another because they are the same color. It irritates me because it perpetuates that ( he must hate himself because he is dating or married to a white woman thing) Which I always thought was ignorant. Which I always thought came from a place of insecurity on the behalf of black women.I have a hard time believing that black women can claim anything that any other woman can't claim. my point is this just seems like an attempt to raise black women's self esteem by providing misleading and simplified information. My other point is why should black women's self-esteem be low? They are beautiful beautiful intelligent women and we do not need stuff like this. Its beneath us.

  4. Sydelle Tamar says:

    Ashley Toodope Jordan Your thoughts seem to operate in some sort of societal vacuum. I almost don't know where to begin. Yes there are people who are not African who are of darker hue, such as low-caste Indians. If your thoughts took sociological conditions into account, you would understand that social stratification places even the darkest Indian above a fair-skinned African. Sociology and history work together. Until you have an idea of how they work (at least a college-course level understanding) you won't understand simple articles like this, nevermind scientific journal type articles on the topic.

  5. Sydelle Tamar I get sociology… I get history. I have a degree in social science. I get black peoples persecution. My point is this is focusing too much on western social constructs. We always do that. That is how we fell into the trap of inferiority to begin with. I just did not like it

  6. Samantha-lee Bunnyfluff says:

    White baby girls are stronger than black baby bpys,asian indian you name it.
    Female infants are just stronger. Its not a race thing males any colour are weaker. Rather than making this statement a race Issue it should be based on sex,females in general are the stronger sex.
    If this post was same sex then by all means compare, but truth be told a black female versus a black male of the same weight and age,the female will prevail.

  7. This issue pertains to both Race & Gender, it is about Black Women. Stop trying to make it into a "female" thing, it is not. We learn from our mistakes in the 60's, this will NOT happen to us again. Thanks.

  8. Samantha-lee Bunnyfluff says:

    Oh sorry! Gosh how silly of me! I did not realise it was a super random post that not only compared black woman against Caucasian infant males.
    Unfortunately it is a female fact! All studies done in this region are female against male,not race. If anything it actually undermines the strenght of a African female,oh whoopee a black female infant beats a white male infant in the race of survival,Along With every other female asian,white,indian,aborigine,malay etc etc

    Instead of comparing her to a white male rather focus on strengths that she and only she has alone rather than a general strenght of females in general!
    Example:black woman have minimal elastins in their skin,sunlight does not alter it. In laymons terms NO WRINKLES
    Black woman have fantastic skin,and that's their own fantastic fact!they do not share that with anyone!

    There are so many fabulous things abpuy the black female,why compare her to a white man!show the world how she stands against other woman!empower her! Do not compare her to a weaker sex white black or otherwise,its a give in she is better.give the world something to real go wow about um how about how black woman are the mothers of soul!they are proud,athletic and astounding sportswoman!
    This particular "fact" is a "female" thing simple as that,do not play yourselves down be better than that

  9. I thought the headline was interesting, so I read the article. It did not live up to the headline

  10. So basically the article didn't have enough "wow" factor for you?…A White woman…Instead it should have concentrated on the black woman's aesthetic ,the elasticity of her skin, her soulful voice and her athletic abilities?
    Of course it should have… It is very demoralizing to learn that biologically we are stronger than white males, that we are the mothers of humanity, the first rulers, and strong and determined fighters (for you)…

  11. Samantha-lee Bunnyfluff says:

    Not white honey.daddy was a gi. Personally I wouldnt find it very uplifting to find my "great list of achievements" include being a stronger baby than a male,regardless of race,along with every other female on the planet. Personally I think being beautiful beyond your years(and I am speaking hundreds of years of abuse and social degradation) is way more notable "wow" factor that being apart of a "sex based fact".
    I find that pretty demoralising if the point of this article is to uplift and creatre a sense of pride.yup unfortunately not enough wow factor,but hey I'm just sitting here defending and all. Tsk tsk naughty me ^_^
    P.s athleticism…yup ever seen any woman with the stamina to outrun and outplay Caster?thats a pretty fucking amazing attribute


  12. Just as well the article wasn't written with you in mind then isn't it?!

  13. Samantha-lee Bunnyfluff says:

    By segregation/aparthied standardz being not fully Caucasian would I not be considered minority? Or am I beyond that? My stepmom is very black ,born and bred AFRICAN,and the most educated woman I know (a professor of health,working in the NICU ward of one of the best hospitals in Southern Africa(King Albert Luthuli) so before you add you "white woman" comments know this I fight for the rights of black woman just as you do,and I personally think black woman are alot more than this article.

    Anyway have a lovely life

  14. Feji Odibo says:

    You lost me at 4 and 5…those are incredibly obvious facts. I wanted to know more stats about black women, not how they revolve around black men *eye roll*. Are people beginning to fear blak women dating it and leaving the community to the point where the last two points needed to be added? Lol

  15. Sydelle Tamar says:

    If you care at all about your alleged blackness, you'd be much more effective arguing against your fellow whites. Your opinions about how you "fight for the rights of black woman" don't matter much here. My instant response is, "ok and??" You don't know the first thing about being a black woman because of the privilege of your skin, regardless of what your genes say. Go post at the bottom of the white supremacy articles.

  16. Samantha-lee Bunnyfluff says:

    Who was arguing? I basically said "black female infants are stronger than all male infants including black male infants",yet you havr all chosen to view that as a negative?
    Surely that not only adds to the "black power attitude" as much as it does to "I am woman hear me roar!".
    If you cannoy see good in that then your vision is very clouded and immediately on the defensive because I am lightwt skinned than you are therefore it is a rascist remark.
    That is silly. If its privilege you speak of I qssure you,Sydelle you are way more privileged than I will ever be, not because of skin colour or anything silly like that, but because you are(and I am guessing) a citizen of a first world country.
    So please stop and think before you assume I am being a bitch,I am actually being nice…and it takes nothing to be nice.
    Notifications turned off. I really do hope you all realise one day that you are way more powerful than one puny infant and rather a entire sex.ITS A COMPLIMENT!

  17. Alika Bisa Akinyi says:

    Sydelle Tamar she is probably a Black Feminist.

  18. Simon Si says:

    Sydelle Tamar, you tore her up lol.

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