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5 Interesting Facts Black Women Can Proudly Claim

Mother Africa by BenHeine

Mother Africa by BenHeine

Black Women are the Mothers of Humanity

Africans were the first to inhabit the Earth. Fossil records as well as DNA analysis give scientific evidence to support this fact. Therefore, the first woman to give birth was a black African woman. It is from her that all humans have come. Mitochondrial DNA analysis has traced all human beings back to one Black woman who is estimated to have lived between 99,000 and 200,000 years ago, most likely in East Africa, when Homo sapiens sapiens (anatomically modern humans) were developing as a population distinct from other human subspecies.

Early African civilizations understood the importance of the woman as the creator of life. This is why many African civilizations developed matrilineal societies where the woman was the central figure. That does not mean women dominated the men, but rather that men learned to respect and appreciate the importance of the Black women.

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