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Colin Kaepernick Calls Richard Sherman’s Antics ‘Ridiculous’

Colin Kaepernick tossed aside political correctness and called Richard Sherman’s behavior after Seattle beat San Francisco to advance to the Super Bowl “ridiculous.”

Sherman broke up Kaepernick’s pass intended for Michael Crabtree in the final seconds, leading to an interception by linebacker Malcolm Smith, which preserved the 23-17 Seahawks victory. Sherman ran over, tapped Crabtree on the backside and eventually made a choking gesture directed at Kaepernick.

Then, in a postgame interview on Fox Sports, Sherman became even more heated.

“I’m the best corner in the game!” Sherman yelled. “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me!”

Sherman then was asked who was talking about him.

“Crabtree,” he said. “Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick.”

“To me, it was ridiculous,” Kaepernick said of Sherman’s rant. “But if that’s what you need to do to make yourself feel like a better player, you have to tell everyone, I’m the best corner in the league, go ahead and tell them.”

Sherman, who has since apologized for his actions, was fined $7,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct/taunting against the 49ers.

Thursday, in an interview on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” Kaepernick said this about Sherman’s antics: “At some point, it’s going to catch up to you.” Kaepernick said he’s pulling for Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII.

“I’ll take Crabtree against Sherman any day of the week,” Kaepernick said. “If I throw that ball one foot farther, it’s a TD, and now you’re the goat, Richard Sherman.”

The young S.F. QB said he is anxious to face Sherman next season. “He’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I’m looking forward to [exploiting] next year,” he told the New York Post.

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