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‘Saturday Night Live’ Season 39, Episode 12: ‘Jonah Hill and Bastille’

Saturday Night Live Season 39 Episode 12 Jonah Hill-Bastille

Jonah Hill is host  and Bastille featured the musical guest of Saturday Night Live” season 39, episode 12: “Jonah Hill/Bastille,” which premieres tonight on NBC.   Hill will join the three-timers club in the upcoming SNL episode, and based on promos for this weekend’s show, he’s having a difficult time keeping it clean.

NBC’s description of “Saturday Night Live” is as follows:

“A late-night comedy show featuring several short skits, parodies of television commercials, a live guest band and a pop-cultural guest host each week. Many of the SNL players have spun off successful independent comedy and/or movie careers from here. With live show surprises, especially those timed to the election – from Barack Obama’s surprise walk-on, Hillary Clinton’s performance opposite Amy Poehler, and Sen. John McCain’s “Weekend Update” appearance – “SNL” is making headlines and influencing the political dialogue while skewering it at the same time. Beyond politics, the show’s cast of recurring characters and take on pop culture targets remains spot-on. The addition of the show’s Emmy Award-winning SNL Digital Shorts continues to keep the show as current today as it was when it debuted.”

“Saturday Night Live” season 39, episode 12: “Jonah Hill/Bastille,” airs Jan. 25 on NBC at 11:30 p.m. EST. Check out the preview of the upcoming episode below.


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