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6 Reasons Young Black People Are Leaving The Church

Social And Economic Improvements Make The Church Appear Less Relevant

Black millennials are experiencing economic and social benefits that previous generations only dreamed about. As a result, a need for faith in their lives may not have the same pull as it did in the past. Feeling judged and being told to check their generational habits at the door does not necessarily create a want for religious life either.

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  1. Blkirishqueen Huggy says:


  2. Kim Johnson says:

    Christianity is the 'slave masters' religion and once we embrace our spirituality we will be better off!!!

  3. Marlynn Love says:

    This is one of the worst articles I've ever read about church and it's relevance to Christians rather young or old. It's almost as if this article is a political ploy to manipulate the church into becoming even more compromising than it already has become. Shame on the writer of this article. You aught to be ashamed of yourself. I say let the young folks leave and by all means take everyone else who doesn't want to take the bible principles seriously with them. They are welcome to have their own home church congregations of hypocrites. You want to serve GOD your own way, by all means, who's to judge you but just do it on your own grounds not on the one built by the true believers. I myself left the 'CHRISTIAN' church but not because the church was any of what this article says. I left because the church has become everything the carnal world wants it to be, compromised and saturated with wolves in sheep's clothing. It's no more a safe haven than a prison. It has become that whitewashed tomb the bible speaks about, having a clean presentation but filthy on the inside. It's traditions are no-longer in tact, accountability no longer in tact, sound doctrine no longer in tact, almost all the worship team singers and choir members and even some of the leaders and church members, I'm sorry, Most are having pre-marital sex and/or sleeping with somebody else's spouse or are even homosexuals which supposedly is against God's will in the ' CHRISTIAN' doctrine. The church is full of people who insist on making it relevant to the times when it was never intended to be relevant to any time. Even in Christ days, it stuck out like a sore thumb that's why the disciples became martyrs. You think the world or it's citizens wanted that message at the time? They didn't want it then and don't want it now. They only want the sweet watered down compromised versions of the truth. But the message to be holy, have one wife, relieve people of debt, be fair and honest, honor the Sabbath, practice self control, marry instead of burning, love your neighbors and so on? No the world didn't want to hear it then and don't now. The church has become a social club so this article sucks. Like I said, if the young folk don't like the foundation of the truth, let them leave and take those phony money hungry pastors with them. Let them continue to build their lives on sex , greed, rap music and sinking sand. Stop trying to change the church to suit your sinful desires.

  4. Mulsanne Beats says:


  5. Marlynn Love. You couldn't have said it any better. All what you said are facts. Keep on speaking the truth.

  6. Again I say Am with you sistah!!

  7. David Khan says:

    perhaps they don't want to worship their master's god?

  8. Doug Handy says:

    This article is right on point. Indeed, if we placed as much emphasis on education as we do on religion we would be much, much better off. In fact, tithes should be paid to our educational institutions, and not to so-called houses of worship.

  9. Definitely true article..Christianity was used to oppress us as a people..Stay spiritual ..religion only brings about separation

  10. Meezy Badasz says:

    I agree…but leave rap out of it…

  11. Paul Flowers says:

    Anyone who reads or studies the bible will understand that it challenges you to live your best life, not one of dependence upon things, but to be accountable to and for one another. A lot of young and even some old folks do not want to be accountable to anyone. The book or Christianity is a call to accountability because we have to live together on this earth. As far as being judgmental, the word of God is what going to judge you. I have my own issues so I'm no better than the next person but If we are working together, challenging one another to be our best self to live a good life and growing daily, that is what makes Christianity relevant. The book(bible) says that how can we love God whom we cannot see yet hate our fellow man whom we see everyday?

  12. Michael Noel says:

    i totally agree with marlynn this article is pure deception and blasphemy

  13. Esosa KillingIdols says:

    Atheist websites severely misinterpret the bible because they lack understanding. There is a huge difference between chattel slavery and regular indentured servant hood. Before corporations and retail stores and government jobs were invented, what are you supposed to do for work if you don't own land? Servant hood was a form of employment in those days… Slavery was just a term that was used for it. We are all "slaves" to our employers for 8 hours or whatever your agreement with your employer is. The agreements in those days were a lot simpler than they are now.

    First you have to understand what was the economy like in those days… There was minimal division of labor, and little technology, so most of the earth worked in agriculture, and worked to eat. That means if you didn't own land, being an indentured servant aka slave was a major form of employment. Then you have to look up "chattel" slavery… It was a different form of slavery based on RACISM, that was practiced on Africans.

    Also the sex slavery thing was completely made up. The scripture is basically just saying to treat the woman you marry right, even if she started out as your servant. Its basically saying if you marry your employee, you can't treat her less than your wife. That's the OPPOSITE spirit of the chattel slavery that was practiced on Africans.

    People that believe atheist lies believe them because they love sin and pride. People with good hearts will eventually learn how to find the knowledge of God.

  14. Yes, you are right on it! I totally agree and sometimes I feel like I'm standing all alone. My kids left but they all came back because the world didn't have very much to offer after the sex, lies and abuse of relationships and power. Yes, they are all back with a new message to these teens and for their own children–holiness is still right!

  15. Eunice Wade says:

    I hope you don't let people's actions stop you from knowing God thru Jesus Christ. You may not believe this there are some churches and ministers that are not like what you say they are. There are some sincere ministers and Christians. There are Christians that think Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Being Christian that follows the Word really works. Nobody is perfect but there are Christians that work at having a relationship thru JESUS Christ and grow and practice what God would like us to be. There are people that put forth an effort to do the right thing thru Jesus Christ. I keep saying thru Jesus Christ because He is the only one that can help us change if we so desire it. It's ok if you choose not to believe but i'ts been my experience that God works. Please don't let people sway you away. Learn God for yourself. God bless!

  16. Robert Ahmad says:

    Thank you.

  17. This article is horrible and so untrue.

  18. Esosa KillingIdols says:

    Read this as we continue to excoriate the lies, lifting the Word up:

  19. Eunice Wade says:

    Also, the money takes care of the churches bills and things that help us grow as Christians, help people,etc. You have to have money with anything to keep things running. There are some ministers that do the right thing with the money. God says to give 10% of what you receive. If you study that part i the bible you'll understand. If we do what we are suppose to do God will bless us and He will hold the minister accountable for what they are suppose to do with it. God bless!

  20. Marilyn Love.. you are describing humans, no one is perfect. I do not know what Christians you met. But it is impossible, that you could have known every single private life. Religion is like food… some will follow it correctly, others will not, some will distort it to their convenience. I rather have my child learn about GOD, than growing up like empty LOST SOULS.. Once my child grows-up,it will be up to them if they want to continue.

  21. Marlynn Love says:

    Eunice Wade I appreciate your warm words and bless your heart. I just want to say to you that although I have left the Christian church, I have not left God. He is still my Father and I feel in my spirit that He is just as disgusted with today's church as I am. He is disgusted with how even the doctrine has been manipulated, tweaked, re and re written into so many new translations that each translation itself can justify a whole new religion based on the intentional leaving out of scriptures, play on words and even the implantation of books that weren't originally there. That's why he says we must worship Him in Spirit and in truth because if we were to fully rely on pastors and doctrines, we'd all be headed straight to hell thinking we're heaven bound. And you're right, there are still men and women of integrity that can be found in any place of worship but I'm 45 years old, been singing on worship teams since I was nine and have been doing this Christian thing since I can remember and I have seen with my own eyes the dismantling of Christianity by people, the lust for members, money and power, by compromise, by wolves, hypocritical pastors and so much more and one day I snapped out of it and realized that we've been fed lies. The bible even warns us that we would be. The bible warned us we'd have a false Christ, many of them and they gave us one and slapped a false European image on him along with a compromised version of the truth. Satan gave power to the false prophets of that other Christ and His alternative Christianity. That is what I left and have no intentions of returning.

  22. I just have one thing to say: Do you. If you don't believe, don't believe. See, I believe that my walk with Christ, with all the things people find wrong with it, has kept me grounded, confident and alive. We go through things, we do things but at the end of the day, what do you really hold true to the heart and believe? People like following the Devil's bread crumbs and are ashamed that they like it. The whole moral here is that with God, people are angry because they can't reconcile their walk with Him with their desire to do their own thing.

  23. Oduwa Khumalo-Amen says:

    I lost my faith a long time ago. Religions don't answer my questions the way science does.

  24. Really! All of these reasons are invalid…I totally agree with you Esosa. I'm reading these like, what? These are just excuses to do what you want to do when you want to do it. If you choose not to have a relationship with God and find out how to connect with God on your own, even when you are told the truth, then do you think God is going to hold the person who told you the truth and punish them for not telling you in the way you wanted to hear it? No! Once you hear the truth, you are now responsible for it, and you are also responsible for seeking out the WHOLE truth with fear and trembling.

  25. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Christianity does nothing for black people. We are in a much worse position then when we were after enslavement was a done deal. And furthermore, you cant pay me to believe in a religion that was FORCED on my ancestors….

  26. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Lady you better PREACH!!!!!!!!!

  27. You can tell who the Christian's are on this thread, you defend things but never question, are you sheep being lead to the abyss, it is fine to have your beliefs but stop forcing it on other, stop pretending because you claim this religion your a saint, you, we are all flawed. I am a spiritualist I don't believe in organized religion, do to all the hypocrisy there on. I was raised in a household with my parent's and grandparents, they are ministers and missionaries, but they allowed me to believe what I wanted, they didn't get mad when for five years I studied the Muslim faith, or what I became a Buddhist, they supported my choice to want to find what right for me. Maybe we should question things and stop following like sheep, cause some of your Sheppard are leading you astray. Follow ye sheep into the night.

  28. This the most assinine thing I have ever heard. Since when has the one WhO has your very life in control becomes irrevelant? Crazy folks. A fool has said in his heart there is no God.

  29. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Samuel Mckenzie …she told it like it is in just a few words better than most sermons that I have heard in awhile.

  30. Rachel Baldwin says:

    This article was and is just giving more excuse for more young people to fall away from the truth more and more. The person who gave the first comment to this couldn't have said it better. How strange is it and this is for the believers who has an ear let them hear that the finger is always pointing at Christians or at anything relating to Jesus Christ. Wake up! Its another decoy to detour the young people away from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Turn to rebellion and heading down a road that will lead them further destruction eventually for eternally.

  31. Rachel Baldwin says:

    They not only need education. They still need spiritual education as well. Nothing wrong with education but education alone will not save you.

  32. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Christ is who saves you not the religion from man.

  33. LaMonika Nicole says:

    My heart breaks reading this article and a few of the comments because Christ was not about religion and tradition. His emphasis was on love and building the body (the church). A few of these "reasons" and some comments have focused on people and things. God is not a forceful god. He never has and never will force anyone to do anything. The bible is our road, our framework to live a life free from hurt, pain and punishment; some of which has been inflicted upon people by the hands of another imperfect person. Its not Christ who should be blamed but rather the work of removing God from our lives which allows evil, hurtful and damaging situations into our lives. Only when we stop blaming others and take responsibility for our own actions and see that God is opening a pathway for us to be free will be truly be free and see that the church really is the safe haven God desired and Christ died and fought for it to be.

  34. Olyvia Yvonne but being Christian's has nit stopped ppl from doing what they want , in fact they do these atrocity in the name of God, and your truth is not be everyone else's truth, I think ppl should allow each other their own truth without forcing it on each other.

  35. Maurice Thorbs says:

    What does Christianity have to do with the 'much worse position' we're in now Than when our ancestors were enslaved?? O.O

  36. Anitra Majors says:

    People are always talking about what so and so did is doing, etc. At the end of the day the Lord isn't going to ask you about what so and so did. He's checking your book to see if you did what he commanded. What so and so did or did not do has nothing to do with you relationship with or obedience to God. In the mean time we pray for God's mercy on them, for the compassion, heart and understanding to reach those who have fallen or hurt by such people. But most of all for the wisdom and humility so that we ourselves don't fall to the same calamity as those you mentioned because it can happen. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall, Proverbs 16:18.

  37. Kmike Wms says:

    All I have to say about this article is, if you are young old or somewhere in the middle- check out Agape International Spiritual Center. If you're in the Los Angeles area go to the service on Sunday or Wednesday. If you're outside the area stream live at

  38. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Maurice Thorbs Well Godbody… lets first explain what happened AFTER enslavement. Many of our ancestors didnt have jobs, a source of income, any opportunities and maybe 1% whites were willing to hire those that use to be enslaved. Now lets look at today: Okay, we have black politicians thats not about us, a dark skinned biracial president and black business owners that arent keen on hiring black youth. Even if they all claim Christianity, they're not about that life. If anything, they're so heavily indoctrinated that they refuse to even question an injustice. Now those that are not in those respective positions that claim Christianity still dont do anything. Our neighborhoods still look like shit, etc.

  39. The knowledge of science is God gift intelligence.

  40. Lets be Real! This article is on point. And alot of the comments here prove that Exactly. Some of you are as brain washed as our ancestors… Why can't you go to church and Think 4 Yourself. The ultimate purpose is to strengthen your personal relationship with God! Not to sit in judgement of others or constantly throwing a persons sin in their face.

  41. Victor P. Muhammad says:

    The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has presented us with The answer. His #1 Student The Honorable Minister Farrakhan has a focus on the youth and has for years

  42. Rachel Baldwin says:

    You can go to church and think for yourself, yes. But whats going on in "some" churches today. Ill put it that way because it is not all churches a place of social "elite". It is a place where you learn and teach the word of God. Not a place to continue to compromise sin. How else are you going to grow spiritually if you are taught an itching ear philosophy. Pretty soon that itching ear will become dissatisfied and really you wont' get anywhere with that.

  43. Craig An'em says:

    This article is soo true! #3 is at the top of my list. The buybull and the slavery passages insults my intelligence.
    I don't think many black have read those slavery passages in the buybull. They're quite disturbing.
    Leviticus 25:44-46

    As for your male and female slaves whom you may have: you may buy male and female slaves from among the nations that are around you. You may also buy from among the strangers who sojourn with you and their clans that are with you, who have been born in your land, and they may be your property. You may bequeath them to your sons after you to inherit as a possession forever. You may make slaves of them, but over your brothers the people of Israel you shall not rule, one over another ruthlessly.

  44. Hunter Why Ask Why says:

    I think folks are saying, what about slavery in the bible. Slavery in the bible was different then African slavery because of the sheer brutality. The folks who talk about slavery are not taking it back far enough. For example, WEB Dubois wrote a book called the Negro Church and he admitted that Christianity was forced onto slaves. Remember, before the slave trade Africans and Native Americans did not worship Jesus or the Bible's God, okay some did in Africa because of the missionaries. Remember the 3 Ms Missionaries, Money, Military and thats how Africa was basically taken over by so many European countries. Now the missionaries would come in and make the Africans feel basically stupid about their spirituality. Everyone wants to say how we built great pyramids and were the first to do this or that and all those great times came before Christianity when Africans had their own spirituality. Not only that most Black Christians don't understand they are learning something that was stolen from them originally and then given back all distorted and manipulated.

    Jesus is one of the last saviors and he is a copy of many before him. Osiris/Isis/Horus was the holy trinity. Look up the black madonna and child and that picture of Isis and Horus is the original picture of Mary and Christ. Horus, Mithra, Dyanisis, and about 10 others all were from cultures way before Christianity and Christ story is very similar to their stories.

    Moses was raised and Egypt and they had the 42 Principals of Maat which encompasses the 10 commandments. Now if he was raised and Egypt he followed these principals and new about them cuz he was educated in the Egyptian way. Now the bible says he received tablets( which are nothing but stone with writing, like which are on the walls of the pyramid) and remember the Jews didn't have a written language back then. But the these 42 Principals are on the wall of the Pyramid and if you remove those stones you have a tablet.

    Solomons Proverbs were clearly written on the walls of the pyramids and these were from Amenehotep III(spelling) you read Amenhoteps philosophies you will see alot of Solomons Proverbs written on the Pyramids and Amenhotep was dead about 500 years before Solomon was born.

    The great flood was told by the Sumerians which was one of the first Civilizations on the planet. The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh tells the same story basically.

    The Dogons of West Africa tell a more detail story of creation than the bible its gets deep into the actual science of conception in their story. Now grant it it involves other beings, but it is definitely similar to Adam and Eve. Chinese and Indians also tell a very similar story. All these cultures were before the Jews and Christians

    Also John said women should be treated like kids in church seen and not heard I can't remember the verse but its in their.

    See my point is the bible is a rehashing of other cultures and was used to keep the slaves in line. Black Christians no more about the "Bible" then they do their own history and if most took the time out to learn about this they wouldn't take the Bible too serious. Look up lectures by John Henry Clark, Dr. Ben Jochannan, Ivan Van Sertima some of the most great scholars of African history and they will tell you where a lot of the bible got its stories.

  45. Roderick Mitchell says:

    And Islam was force upon our ancestors as well in the form of Jihad. When Islam came to Africa, you couldn't do business with Muslims unless you're were a Muslim or they would threaten your life unless you convert to Islam.

  46. Yeah but this article is not even about that.

  47. I worship, walk with and serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jabob and the only way I could ever have access to this true God, who has shown himself real throughout history, is through Jesus Christ.

  48. There is truth in this because you cant believe in Evolution and Christianity at the same time. So what do you believe; science or science fiction? When we are educated in our Anthropology and Sociology classes we are taught and shown hard evidence of things that existed and how they came about. The church is a very judgmental place and has gotten that way even more so now. Young people are judged on alot of things in the church. Old traditional ways of religion have held us back as a race. Look at the generations before us I mean the 80s babies. How many of our parents went to college and went against the norms of their generations. Im not speaking for everyone but the majority of blacks came up in some form of poverty and its not always a monetary thing. So these old backwood teachings are not conducive to future success. Im not saying do not believe God, just think outside of traditional religion.

  49. Maurice Thorbs says:

    What you just stated has nothing to do with Christianity,

  50. Maurice Thorbs says:

    What you just stated has nothing to do with Christianity, Mohammad.

  51. Ray Lucilfer says:

    it's all a lie and a waste of time anyway. no gods or devils people wake up!

  52. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Laura Martinez no it does not Religon is based on faith while Science is based on evidence.

  53. The Africans Who Wrote The Bible: Ancient Secrets Africa and Christianity Have Never Told

    Judaism is the African way of life. Judaism was the religion developed in Africa by African people. It was adopted and adapted in a similar fashion to the Yoruba Orisha worship (Vodoun, Santeria, Lacumi, Condomble, etc) and is still being co-opted and altered by non-Africans today. To speak of an African influence on Judaism is like speaking of an African influence on Orisha Worship. It is not an African influence. It is still African and represents an African way of life.

  54. Stephanie C. Stephanie says:


  55. Stephanie C. Stephanie says:

    Rachel Baldwin saved from what?

  56. Stephanie C. Stephanie says:

    Rachel Baldwin saved from what?

  57. Ray Lucilfer says:

    athiest don't need bs religion to be good people. the bible talks about beating slaves and getting away with it if the slave survives. also it says "god" is omniscient,potent etc yet he seems to have limits, and tests us humans even thhough he should know the outcome already. makes no sense.

  58. While This Article Has Some Truth To It As Well As Data To Back A Portion Of Its Claim, It Lack Depth. So If This Article Is Irrevelent What Are Some Suvgestions Other Than Those Mentioned Are Reasons For The plight

  59. While This Article Has Some Truth To It As Well As Data To Back A Portion Of Its Claim, It Lack Depth. So If This Article Is Irrevelent What Are Some Suvgestions Other Than Those Mentioned Are Reasons For The plight

  60. Doug Handy says:

    Rachel Baldwin, religion will not save you either. Great question, Stephanie. Poor people have more religious faith than anyone else on earth, and less of everything else that is germane to human existence. WHY? Because religion ain't the answer. The mythical St. Peter may ask what church you went to ( though I doubt it ), but employers never will.

  61. Craig An'em says:

    what bible principals do you take seriously Marlynn?

  62. Paul McGee says:

    Or it could just be the truth. Part of my families problem has been that they only want to see their own perspective. When they open up again, people will come. Until then …

  63. Thank god I'm an atheist. 😉

  64. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Doug Handy I didn't say anywhere that religion will save you. We are spiritual beings not just natural. Its nothing wrong with academics. We must work, etc. Matt 4:4, "Man cannot live by bread alone but every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God." You need the spiritual food as well.

  65. Craig An'em says:

    blasphemy is a victim less crime.

  66. Craig An'em says:

    this article is soooo true for me. It seems like all the points that it made are on point.

  67. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Stephanie C. Stephanie Acts 4:12, "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

  68. Rachel Baldwin says:

    In Genesis, there wasn't any evolution. Evolution is pretty much a hoax to deny that an intelligent being was the one responsible for the entire creation of the universe, earth, and the creation of man.

  69. Rachel Baldwin says:

    there is a God and surely there is a devil.

  70. Rachel Baldwin says:

    God has provided the evidence when created the heavens and the earth. Science is only showing what God has created and done.

  71. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Maurice Thorbs Has everything to do with it. Christianity stresses community and humility. Many of those that claim such does not practice humility. Sans, our neighborhoods still looking bad, gun violence, homelessness and lets bring up the fact that in alot of churches, they're all fucking eachother.

  72. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Ray Lucilfer So provide the scripture that says about beating slaves I would like to refer to that. God is omnipresent because He is spirit. He doesn't have limits. He is only limited because you have made him limited. Remember you said he didnt' exist. You have free will.

  73. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin it does not nothing is designed evidence means something that is observable can be tested out and proven god is not observable it does not exist

  74. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Mohammed Shakur But that's the responsibility and accountability of people that's not God's fault. That's people who choose not to do right.

  75. Jack Salmon says:

    I learned of this article from Paulo Pascoal, who posted it on his wall. I made responses to him and also on my own wall where I have shared the article on my timeline. If you want to focus on the faults, flaws and failings of the Church (or any other body) you will find them. Those things are to me things on my "in spite of" list. I find reasons to continue in the Church on my "because of" list. I don't doubt any of the six reasons given. It is sad that these criticisms and judgments are true. But there is more to being a Christian and a Church member than that. As others have said, "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water." The church is full of role players (hypocrites), or as I call us, garden variety sinners. As someone has said, "Come on in, there's room for one more." All of us play roles, we approve of role models. I have found the Church to be a good place to be with potentially all of God's children. I don't doubt for a minute all the failings that are given as reasons why young people are leaving the church. If I could persuade them, and I am trying, I would ask them to stay and help other people of good will reform and make the changes needed so that what we become will be truly pleasing to God.

  76. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Rachel Baldwin Uh… who's blaming the higher power?

  77. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin I enjoy when people want to cherry pick bible quotes Timothy 2:11-12

    Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

    how do you feel about that?

  78. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Llende Odysseus Rivera Cherry picking! ….really…hardly.
    I see that you are using this scripture in err.

  79. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Exodus 21:20-21

    “When a man strikes his slave, male or female, with a rod and the slave dies under his hand, he shall be avenged. But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be avenged, for the slave is his money

    How the hell can this be misinterpreted? the only lies here are the bible thumpers who profess their ignorance. Atheist actually read the bible and understand it to a T A black christian is a person who does not understand history nor loves themselves. We are here due to evolution the universe is not designed its chaotic. People can't take the truth so they try to hide but you will never stop science from progressing.

  80. Bryon Laram says:

    Black folks worried about they beliefs that were beaten into them during slavery all the while we behind in everything in the world we live in. I'm glad myself and others are waking up to the sham Christianity is!

  81. Rights Champ says:

    While I agree, I think this article is very narrow. There are some things that cannot be accomplished alone. Many young Christians have turned toward this "Me" mentality, making themselves God (seek the power within–not Christ or the holy spirit), in light of recent New Age teaching of "spirituality" and life coaches. I believe that it does take a village to raise a child, and to complete a person. You cannot do it all alone. A church empowers the community in ways that cannot be done individually. When you find a great church, seek to fulfill your godly purpose. You have to realize that everything will not go your way. You have no control over the people of church, but you do have a calling to fulfill, and other people have nothing to do with that. Your covenant with God, pursuit of discipleship and calling is more important than people.

  82. Ray Lucilfer says:

    Llende Odysseus Rivera thank you!

  83. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin You clearly don't understand evolution or what it states you can't simply deny something is NOT true just because you rather hear fairy tales. It has facts and observable evidence. The problem in our community is ignorance not enough scientist and way to many sheeps *see examples*

  84. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin You clearly don't understand evolution or what it states you can't simply deny something is NOT true just because you rather hear fairy tales. It has facts and observable evidence. The problem in our community is ignorance not enough scientist and way to many sheeps *see examples*

  85. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin You clearly don't understand evolution or what it states you can't simply deny something is NOT true just because you rather hear fairy tales. It has facts and observable evidence. The problem in our community is ignorance not enough scientist and way to many sheeps *see examples*

  86. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin how? its in your book you are christian then you as a women must agree that women are sub servant to men you can't have your cake and eat it too.

  87. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Ray Lucilfer There is proof. So provide the proof that its zero.

  88. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin you can't assert something with out proof

  89. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin you can't assert something with out proof

  90. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Llende Odysseus Rivera Evolution is a hoax was engineered and designed centuries ago. I do understand what it is. A lie. We didn't come from monkeys if you want to believe that buffoonery. Everything God created was of its like kind. Evolution is no doubt a fairy tale that's why they try very hard to suppress the truth of creation and the creator who was the one who creator. You right about that, the problem with the community is that…ignorance. Most scientist (80%) don't believe in God and that is wny the idea of Evolution was pushed in the first place. But pretty much what does the evolution have anything to do with this article in the first place?

  91. Christianity has to be judged by its PRINCIPLE'S.

    Love they Neighbor is the primary one that we hear. When I think of christianity I think of "THE BEST PART"…the part that tells us to do random acts of kindness,
    the part that tells us to be good men to our women and children.

    The part that inspired Martin King to jump off the Alabama Bus Boycott. The christianity
    that spoke to Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey and yes even Bob Marley.

    These are stories of archetypal people to learn from their mistakes but first to understand the PRINCIPLE'S that make up CHRISTIANITY…which is equivalent to the pillar's of a house.

    -Psalms 82
    -John 8:32
    -John 10:34
    -Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

    No it is not wrong for people to seek the SUBSTANCE of christianity
    over the CEREMONY that has spiritually strangled so many of us.


  92. Christianity has to be judged by its PRINCIPLE'S.

    Love they Neighbor is the primary one that we hear. When I think of christianity I think of "THE BEST PART"…the part that tells us to do random acts of kindness,
    the part that tells us to be good men to our women and children.

    The part that inspired Martin King to jump off the Alabama Bus Boycott. The christianity
    that spoke to Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey and yes even Bob Marley.

    These are stories of archetypal people to learn from their mistakes but first to understand the PRINCIPLE'S that make up CHRISTIANITY…which is equivalent to the pillar's of a house.

    -Psalms 82
    -John 8:32
    -John 10:34
    -Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

    No it is not wrong for people to seek the SUBSTANCE of christianity
    over the CEREMONY that has spiritually strangled so many of us.


  93. Doug Handy says:

    Rachel Baldwin, very succinctly…as Black people, we are living proof that if there is a God, he is just as racist as all others. And even the most devout and fervent practitioners of religion, no matter which religion, suffers all the same indignities and slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as the most fervent atheist. And please do not try to lay any "rewards in the hereafter" garbage on me.

  94. Christianity has to be judged by its PRINCIPLE'S.

    Love they Neighbor is the primary one that we hear. When I think of christianity I think of "THE BEST PART"…the part that tells us to do random acts of kindness,
    the part that tells us to be good men to our women and children.

    The part that inspired Martin King to jump off the Alabama Bus Boycott. The christianity
    that spoke to Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey and yes even Bob Marley.

    These are stories of archetypal people to learn from their mistakes but first to understand the PRINCIPLE'S that make up CHRISTIANITY…which is equivalent to the pillar's of a house.

    -Psalms 82
    -John 8:32
    -John 10:34
    -Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

    No it is not wrong for people to seek the SUBSTANCE of christianity
    over the CEREMONY that has spiritually strangled so many of us.


  95. Rachel Baldwin says:

    It surely does. God doesn't seem observable to you because He is spirit and a spirit is invisible to the natural/earth realm. So wind don't exist either. What about water evaporating, you don't see the water evaporating but over time you know that it did. Did I need to see it to know that it exist.

  96. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin You don't understand what evolution states at all evolution states that all organisms come from a single cell organism. Anthropology the study of man states that we all came from a common ancestor with ape like features, which we have found fossils of them all over the world. Are you going to tell me Dinosaurs are hoax too? c'mon. Evidence is fact period you can say I believe 20 times doesn't make it a fact. And it has everything to do with this article because black people are finally turning away from the church because they see BS for what it is and its about time.

  97. Ray Lucilfer says:

    Doug Handy nice post doug

  98. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Llende Odysseus Rivera Yes it is in my bible. But you are taking that scripture out of misquote.. This here has nothing to do with the article. But since you mentioned it women are servants just as well as the men in the bible(Timothy) was a servant to God. Are you familiar with Deborah in the OT?

  99. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin explain to me how Evolution was "designed" and "Engineered" again this goes back to the ignorance of science. The same people saying believe in god are the same people who believe in a DNA test. Science is right on DNA but some how wrong on evolution which uses DNA to prove its point when it comes ot the origin of man. LMAO WTF?

  100. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin so do unicorns exist?

    God doesn't seem observable to you because He is spirit and a spirit is invisible to the natural/earth realm

    where is your proof?

  101. And then there were none! As in if there are no young people joining our churches, they will soon be like the churches in Europe and Scandinavia, EMPTY. I consider this a very enlightening article that voices the thoughtful and honest opinions of our disgruntled youth about God and the church. We forget that the church is a business, a tax exempt business. Its has always been doing what it is doing today,we just didn't have 24/7 news cycles and the internet to spread the dirt so fast, Maybe because u have already left the organized church, u r somewhat bitter about a what u consider as the churches failures and loss of traditions. Because of your deep rooted faith and devotion, you want to blame this falling away on the people instead of the real culprit, the "Death of permanence." WE are the church according to the bible. It was supposed to house the God of our worship, but that is not what the church is. Far too many churches are becoming a place of greed and ego maniacal preachers, undergirded by inconsiderate musicians. They treat members, who are volunteers, like they are being paid a salary, NOT! I believe that there is a paradigm shift taking place not only in the church but in the world. The new Pope Francis is refreshing to the spirit of those who follow The Great Commission of Christ, you know those commandments that say "Love the lord your God with all of your heart, mind, body and soul. That is the 1st Great Commandment and the 2nd is like unto it; You should love your neighbor as you love yourselves. On these 2 Laws hang all the prophets." Jesus was right, Pope Francis is right, and those that follow these commandments are right. God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and truth. Just because you have placed restrictions on the way you want to live your life has little to do with others, so please don't feel that they are not pleasing God because they don't meet your standards and measurements. There is not, or ever has been a perfect people. If there were, there would be no need for God. And if god is not love, then there is no God. Let us follow peace with one another, wholeness without, none of us shall live peace, on earth as it is in heaven.

  102. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the air in motion it does exist and it is observable. God is not observable people made up god because they couldn't and didn't understand how the world works. Science answers our questions religon asserts claims in can't prove on blind faith.

  103. Debra McAllister Slaughter says:

    As a member of the youth ministry at my church, the writer of this article is pretty much on target. Marlynn Love, to say let them leave is not what is expected of a Christ-like person. We should ask these young people what they feel they need from the church, and then move forward from there. Proverbs 22:6 New King James Version (NKJV) " Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." All of us rebelled in some way against the teachings of the Bible once we were old enough to decide for ourselves what we wanted to do. God did not turn His back on us, and we should not turn our backs on our young people. These young people see hypocritical church members and wonder, "why are they judging me, when they are doing exactly what they tell me not to do." We need to listen to what they have to say! Most of them know God, and believe in God, but because of what they SEE, and not HEAR, they walk away Our scripture tells us to "Judge not, lest ye be judged," and we do just that on a daily basis. Although homosexuality is against God's word, it is NOT our job to judge or ostracize these people, they are all God's children. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!" We are mandated by God to live holy, yet God also knows that we will not, no matter how desperately we may try! I do not believe churches are trying to change to accommodate the congregations, I do believe more churches are beginning to realize that it is not the churches job to be judgemental of those it is trying to heal. Continued blessings to you all.

  104. Rachel Baldwin the young people don't need an excuse, the article tells us why they are leaving. Did u read the same article?

  105. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin How am I misquoting the scripture its very clear its in your bible it says WOMEN should be SUB SERVANT to men. How can any one misinterpret that? just admit it as a Christian women you agree with the fact that you should be below men. I'm a man and I don't agree with that view love yourself more sistah.

  106. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin How am I misquoting the scripture its very clear its in your bible it says WOMEN should be SUB SERVANT to men. How can any one misinterpret that? just admit it as a Christian women you agree with the fact that you should be below men. I'm a man and I don't agree with that view love yourself more sistah.

  107. Doug Handy says:

    Frankly, if there is a God, then we as Black people are living proof positive that he is just as racist as all others. And even the most fervent and dedicated practitioners of religion, any religion, suffer all the same indignities and slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as even the most fervent atheists. So, then, what is the point? And please do not try to lay that foolish "rewards in the hereafter" retort on me.

  108. Malik Thomas says:

    Rachel Baldwin wake up, there is no god nor devil. why are our people so lost?

  109. Ray Lucilfer says:

    Doug Handy someone defending"god" told me that blacks were cursed by god because of a distant ancestors actions. one of those hebrew isrealites i think.

  110. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Malik Thomas Our people are lost due to centuries of ignorance and fear mongering this is not going to change over night maybe some day.

  111. Ray Lucilfer says:

    Malik Thomas yes it holds everyone back with that bs religion crap. especially black americans.

  112. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    how the hell did this get 27 likes smh

  113. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Patrick Henderson I sure did read it.

  114. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Llende Odysseus Rivera Okay and ask you are familiar with Deborah since you mentioned women.

  115. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Llende Odysseus Rivera God didn't create women to be below man or anyone. No a woman shouldn't act like a man or try to be a man but she was created in the image of God just as well as the man. Joel 2:29 "….and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit…." who are the handmaids? who are the servants? Judges 4:4(Deborah-Prophetess/Judges-Israel). Prophetess Anna spoken in Luke who fasted and prayed Day and night. The women who saw Jesus later after he had already been resurrected and reported to the disciples that he had risen.

  116. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Ray Lucilfer Being good alone is not enough Ray. You may be a good person but just being good anda life without God will not go but so far.

  117. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin okay you said god didn't create women to be below man or any one else yet the god you "believe" in and the bible you "believe" in said this if you think the bible is the word of GOD then your so called god said this.

    Timothy 2:11-15

    Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.

    1 Corinthians 14:34-35

    The women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.

    So what is it? you can't pick the parts you think sound good and ignore the other parts either you believe in the bible or believe none of it.

  118. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Ray Lucilfer Blacks are not cursed. It was NOI who stated that blacks were cursed.

  119. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Malik Thomas People are lost because of sin.

  120. Don't know where or how they assesed these 6 reasons but while they may be accurate in some areas….it is not the reason why young blacks are leaving the may be the assumptions oconcerning what the Christian faith is about that is preventing the young blacks from entering the church. Christianity is about having a relationship with God and living according to His instructions. Hypocrisy and such is preventing young blacks from committing to church.

  121. Gail Newton says:

    I don't understand why Christians act as if their all-powerful, all-knowing god had no choice but to go along with slavery because that is just how things were back then. If you have the authority to command men not to covet each others' wives, shouldn't you also have the authority to command people to stop enslaving each other? But instead of doing that, the Bible tells people HOW to enslave each other. Do you really think a god would do that?

  122. Malik Thomas says:

    Rachel Baldwin Are you serious? wow!!!!!!! sin???? naw it's called Ignorance. please wake up this is sad…

  123. Malik Thomas says:

    Llende Odysseus Rivera You've never lied bro, one sheep at a time though…

  124. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Malik Thomas Real talk

  125. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Doug Handy what rewards in the hereafter garbage? and you say that God is racist. Okay and so explain how is that: "The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life>" 2 Peter 3:8-9 " But beloved be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to usward not willing that ANY(didn't say any race in particular) should perish, but that ALL(not some, not just blacks, not just whites but ALL) shouldcome to repentance."

  126. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin its sad to see a fellow black try to justify slavery when it is clear that the god you believe in sponsors slavery. Its even more clear as humans we were able to figure out that slavery was wrong therefore our morality surpass your so called god proving you don't need the invention of god to be a moral person. furthermore the person who wrote that article clearly did not understand the bible as there are GOVERNING rules for owning a slave see examples below.

    In Exodus xxi, 20, 21, we find this law: And if a man smite his servant, or his maid, with a rod, and he die under his hand, he shall be surely punished. Notwithstanding, if he continue a day or two, he shall not be punished: for he is his money.

    Now, had the holding of slaves been a crime, Paul’s duty to Philemon would have required him to instruct Philemon, that he had no rights over Onesimus, but that the attempt to hold him in servitude was criminal; and his duty to Onesimus would have been, in such case, to send him to some foreign free country, whereby he might have escaped from oppression. But Paul sent him back. Our northern friends think that they manage these matters better than Paul did.

    slavery wasn't a crime according to your god it was allowed and you as a black person should be ashamed of endorsing things with out evidence. Science and education is everywhere now no excuse to remain ignorant sista.

  127. Moe Peezy says:

    Wish people would wake up and see that but guess what they would be uncomfortable and black people don't like to be uncomfortable. So we will remain the same until it dies out and we can improve as a culture~

  128. Craig An'em says:

    Rachel Baldwin that's not a misinterpretation. that as straight forward as you can get. the buybull says that you need to shut up!

  129. Rachel Baldwin says:

    I believe Dinosaurs exist and they were animals, yes. But created by being evolved by evolution No. DNA is proof that God did create man.. Most of this evolutionist idea comes from the "iluminated" elite. The same ones who believe that our earth is over populated. Many schools/colleges were all originated by them (Rothschilds and the Rockefellers) to turn away from the fact and gradually dumb us down.

  130. Craig An'em says:

    Rachel Baldwin and how can you say that you aren't religious and then in the next sentence quote a buybull passage? your whole reply is an oxymoron.

  131. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin I hope you understand what fallacy is because you are committing intellectual homicide. Are you saying just because of a story all of a sudden all the other verses are null in void? The description of the story of Deborah the military commander as she was known for has lead you to another problem so did god first decide women are inferior creatures then change his mind then change it back again. It appears your "god" changes his mind so much you can't take him seriously.

    you got your work cut out for you

    "But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." (I Corinthians 11:3)

    "For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man." (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

    Mind you Deborah was the only female in the bible with an appealing part but that's an issue because all it shows is the bible's endless contradictions when it comes to where you female stand. Which leads to another point as to why believe a book with endless contradictions. Your god can't seem to make up his mind so why believe again in a thing invented by man to subjugate and confuse man to demean women as yourself and holds no evidence.

  132. Brandon Donnell Harris says:

    great 4 minutes I will never get back. Some of the dumbest crap I ever read. Why are you focusing on the "church"? why single out young blacks. I'm pretty sure plenty of young people of all races who dont know GOD feel this same way. If you let the world influence your relationship with God then thats on you. No research needed

  133. Craig An'em says:

    Rachel Baldwin what about the endorsement of slavery, endorsement of rape and the endorsement of killing babies/children in the buybull? I guess that's misinterpretation too?

  134. Rachel Baldwin says:

    Science and education is very much everywhere you are right but Science and education has just as much misinformation and was set up to keep you just as ignorant as well.

  135. Brandon Donnell Harris says:

    Patrick Henderson i read it too i'm young ,black and it sounds like a bunch of excuses on why we SHOULD leave the church.

  136. Doug Handy says:

    Craig An'em, LOVE the "buybull" perspective.

  137. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin WOW just WOW I don't even know how I'm going to address this because you just so much idiocy I don't know where to begin

    1.So you said Dinosaurs existed and were created by a creator and then evolved by evolution

    which makes no sense when you just said evolution was hoax altogether? and it was some how planned by the ruling elite to turn people away from "god"

    2. How is DNA proof that God created man? DNA is proof of evolution sweetheart since we share 99% of it with Chimps and great apes.

    3. Why did your god wipe out the dinosaurs? did god decide they were an expired product? and no longer worth having around like cottage milk?

  138. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin Just to let you know creationist and creationism is NOT Science it has no evidence and it is as baseless as religious doctrine. There is no evidence for intelligent design every evidence thus far shows against it.

  139. Llende Odysseus Rivera says:

    Rachel Baldwin What has Science gotten wrong that religon has gotten right?

  140. D Frederick Sparks says:

    Thank you. I see the typical "but it was indentured servitude" bullshit from the same Christians who haven't actually READ what is there. And would any of these people like to be "indentured servants" since it wasn't bad? They just recite the same lame excuses to excuse the immoral things in their so called holy book

  141. Ray Lucilfer says:

    Rachel Baldwin it's really sad to see you try to defend this crap. like doug said your god would be racist if he existed, i mean look at all the suffering of man( blacks, native americans etc,,,) you think a kind god would allow that? and please tell me what is the point of humanities existence if your god is real? we are of zero use to an omni like being. and why didn't native americans(oceanians too i'm sure of it)not know of that bullshit until contact with europeans?

  142. Ray Lucilfer says:

    Llende Odysseus Rivera lol she can never answer that.

  143. Good article. There are finally some black people who are waking up to reality and being true to themselves. Vive le difference!!!

  144. Llende Odysseus Rivera OMG! You guys are having "church" up in here! Love to see black people thinking for themselves!

  145. Marlynn, you told the truth!

  146. Ray Lucilfer says:

    Rachel Baldwin XD

  147. Justin Stucey says:

    Why do you think this is Rights Champ? I would say that they turn inward because of all the reasons mentioned in this article

  148. Craig An'em says:

    Rachel Baldwin if you really believe in that then you believe in myths. you have bought into all the bull that was fed to you. you have so much magical thinking when you know deep down that the world doesn't work like that. If a buybull passage said god is love, you would take literally but when you see something that you you don't agree with in your own buybull then it's a "misinterpretation or it's out of context". that's cheating!

  149. Shatoris Changed Jackson says:

    TThe Bible has many inturptations, but what this article is doing is using fact to mislead its readers. I believe in God, but I know my spirituality plays a big part in my life. I believe young people are not as active because of the people in church stress Christianity,and they are not setting up good examples…

  150. Rights Champ says:

    I think it's because the black church is playing catchup, just like with finances, education, etc. It was founded because of oppression with Richard Allen and the AME church, founding it because they couldn't even preach or have communion without white approval, so they made their own oppressive rules because they felt like it was the thing to do. I just think people outgrow a church, but unknowingly turn against Christianity, instead of understanding that their frustration is with the church, not Jesus.

  151. Truth be told "the fake money hungry so-called pastors" thought they heard a "calling to preach the gospel." Their ears were playing tricks on them. Unless the hypocrites, the molesters and the liars clean up their act, salvation will elude them.

  152. Ray Lucilfer says:

    Rachel Baldwin oh and how do i have free will if i can be punished for using it? that's like asking a yes or no question but yes is the only acceptable answer, that's not free will.

  153. Kaydiene Rutherford says:

    Can you recommend a few books to read up on this?

  154. Ger LerkHert says:

    My problem with all the responses here is that they all lack love. Healthy debate is cool but how do we advance by scrutinizing each line of each post only to form a more clever response. If either side (atheist or Christian) truly intended to educate the other, these posts would offer a lot more compassion than they do. Just sayin…

  155. Marlynn Love says:

    Patrick Henderson forgive me if I offend you. It is not my intention because I agree with a lot of what you said BUT Perhaps you should read the bible again and again and as many times as you need to read it to be reminded of who's {standards} I was referring to. The standards I EXPECT of Christians are the same Standards GOD expects of Christians based on the Christian doctrine that were indicated as (His) requirements, not mine. [THE STANDARDS THE CHURCH BUSINESS WAS SUPPOSEDLY BUILT ON] And when you grow more to UNDERSTAND the Love commandment of which Christ was so gracious enough to clarify himself, to love means to not sin against your brother, sister, yourself or above all against GOD. There's a whole lot of sinning against every person mentioned going on in the church right now and like I said, it is no longer a safe haven. It is just a place for Gospel Entertainment. As far as the Love commandment you mentioned. Be reminded that God said, " IF you LOVE me you will Keep my commands." I recognize the churches' failure to keep anything: tradition, integrity, accountability, abstinence ,fidelity, gender placement and more by way of it's lust for compromise and their relentless attempt to be relevant to a society that breeds opposition to any concrete form of righteousness. Its a society who although they need for the church to be different and to be a beacon of light to lead the way out of darkness, prefers for it to only be a spiritual cameleon performing dim light shows in the darkness instead of leading people out of it. There are a lot of people claiming to love GOD but according to this article, obviously they don't love him enough to stay in the ' church building ' that's representing His basic principles of life and/or holy and congregational requirements but rather instead demand the church conform to their lust rather than they conform to the standards therefor it has left me to feel as disgusted as I believe GOD feels. If he were not disgusted, He would not have also said, " IF my people (Who are called by my name) would only repent and turn from their wicked ways, I would heal their land." As it stands not only does the land need healing but so does the so called church hospital and the people in it are no-longer even treating the symptoms of sin less more leading anyone to the real cure. Like quack Drs. we have quack preachers teaching compromised lies, comforting people in their sins, giving them placebo doctrines and causing the church to become less and less attractive to people truly interested in deliverance and more attractive to the wolves who want to continue to be the priest and pharisees of the building and of course who also want to still be the beasts feeding off the ignorance of the blind sheep. Now ultimately it is my opinion that this article was written in such a way to deceive people into thinking that the church needs to change in order to hold on to their members but if we are talking about a Church of integrity and one that is fulfilling it's requirements as a church body, then by no means should that particular church change or conform to Christians who don't want to be judged (corrected for sinful behavior) and who don't want to be held accountable to biblical standards. Let them leave and stop making a mockery of the church. The church is suppose to be for people who really want deliverance. Not for people who just like putting on a show about deliverance and then returning back to their debased lives and prison sells of sin once service is over and loving their prisons.

  156. Danielle Dean says:

    First of all, I think this argument all depends upon where young black people choose to worship. Some congregations preach "blind" faith where they use no scientific or intellectual evidence to support their beliefs, so that in itself can be a turn off to those who have questions they wish to be answered and are constantly told to "just believe"..unfortunately that may not be enough for some. But that's ok, because there's plenty of scientific evidence that can support their faith! Secondly, does that congregation stress religion or relationship? If you're just a mere "church goer" than it's not hard to see why you would want "out" of the church as an institution…because all you're using it as is a place you can go to help advise you on how to live a better life. But this isn't the message of true Christianity or Christ!
    And that whole bit about the slaves is pure rubbish! Those select slave masters took what they wanted from the scriptures and misconstrued it to support an inhumane institution! But it was also from that same book, the Bible, that most, if not all abolitionists were persuaded to help end the evil that was human slavery. Lets not forget that!
    The church is neither outdated nor out of touch. Its not the church's job to conform to the world, it's our job to change it! And though we live in an ever changing world, God remains the same and His standards for righteousness are unchanged.
    I laugh at articles like this because some of us are so convinced that we are being "progressive" by alienating ourselves from God.. there is NOTHING new under the sun… we've been doing that since the beginning of time! But black people especially should not forget that it was our faith that held us together in those difficult times…it was our faith that told us to encourage and lift one another up; to help one another! And if believing those values are still relevant sounds archaic and outdated, then I'll own that!

  157. Read Colossians 3:23-25 in addition to 22. Christianity MAY have been forced onto us but that does not mean it supports slavery. Anything can be used for evil in the wrong hands.

  158. Read Colossians 3:23-25 in addition to 22. Christianity MAY have been forced onto us but that does not mean it supports slavery. Anything can be used for evil in the wrong hands.

  159. Hasseem Abdul-Jalil says:

    This article points out some interesting facts about Christianity and retention, but not things that are new or only visible in this decade. Since the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Malcom X and ROOTS these contradictions as to the viability of Christianity to the African American family has been in question. Slavery has always been a part of the human tradition but the trans-Atlantic slave trade stands in stark contrast to all others and that must be acknowledged. Yet even in light of it African Americans remained adherent or professors of Christianity. Even along with the accommodating nature of it. If one studies the history of Christianity you will find that when the Roman Empire adopted it as the state religion it fussed many pagan holidays with it like Easter and Christmas. If you study the councils that took place where these things and Christianity’s formation was discussed and debated, one of the most prominent discussions was one relating to the nature of Jesus. Christianity has always been inconsistent with science and has always lacked the necessary tools to address the decadence in our society. Look at the African American family and trace its progress / regression from emancipation to present day. The allegation that it is too judgmental is probably one of the weakest arguments because for a people who fear God and take the scripture to be Gods guidance for man then what HE says goes. Further, that argument points to other problems, among them, is one concerning what can be called “source material”. If there is discrepancy as to what the word of god is then there is room to debate and argue. If there is ambiguity then there is ensuing arguments. Since the onslaught of the digital age, global communication, cultural immersion and the access to other faiths, culture and belief systems, the inadequacies, contradictions and irrelevance of Christianity lies in stark contrast to other options. I do not advocate questioning authority for the sake of the question, for that is outright rebellion. I do advocate questions and challenges that are inimical to a conscious and healthy mind and intellect. Although well fought arguments posit that our schools are failing our youth, in that, they fail to teach critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, questions that foster the use of these skills for the purpose of improving our conditions, in all areas of life is essential for the successful matriculation and socialization of any individual, if we expect them to be productive, and capable leaders and citizens. So when we consider the fact that we have almost an entire generation of youth who have little sense of purpose in life outside of keeping up with the latest music, fads and consumed by consumerism then it is fair to question such a people’s belief system. It is fair to question that systems efficacy. In truth one has to admit that Christianity is one of the most commercially viable religions in the world. Christianity has always been compatible with capitalism and the whimsical nature of man. There is a commercial application every holiday in Christianity and regardless of its origin or validity it is adhered to by those who profess the faith. Maybe it is this sort of attitude where reason has no place and rationality is a thing to be abhorred or emotionalized away. Maybe it is the fact that young people are choosing to be slaves to their own whims and desires since the church has sought to impose its own, on the people. Maybe it is because the youth are beginning to find / acquire the answers to those long sought after questions that have now begun to be answered. You see I do not believe the Christianity that we see today is in accordance with the message that Jesus brought and since Christians are taught the idea of the trinity, it is very likely that they are abandoning the church because the church has proven to be as irrelevant at best and as destructive at its worse, to the BLACK family as Capitalism, Democracy, humanism, women’s liberation and all the other “freedoms” we think and feel we are free to enjoy, without consequence.

  160. Danielle Dean says:

    Please don't judge a religion based on it's followers but on it's figurehead. Also, there are those same people outside of the church and in more numbers! But that doesn't make Christians hypocrites, that makes them human and those that do those things I would be so bold as to say do NOT have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Instances like this should reveal our great need for a savior seeing as we can't get it right. True Christianity is not in doing but in trusting in the finished work of Christ.

  161. Danielle Dean says:

    Hmm… you're claiming that Christians are not intellectuals? There are many that do believe without having asked any questions, hence the word "faith", to believe without seeing. Personally, I've been a Christian for many years and have dealt with my own issues of doubt, but after TRULY researching and speaking with "intellectuals" in and outside of the church, I've come to the realization that what I have is not about an organized institution but about a relationship I have with a very real person that lived and was witnessed by multiple people and not only died but showed himself to be God through his own resurrection and He did all of this to show his infinite love for me. I follow Jesus not because I am ignorant but because I dont know of any religion where its God would choose to reveal himself to human beings as one…he could have chosen to surround him selves with kings and intellectuals of the time but instead he chose to relate to ordinary people like you and me. He chose to ignore race, creed and socio economic backgrounds; he taught us to care more for others than ourselves and to choose love when everyone else chooses to hate. So, anyone like that has my vote. It's nice to be "spiritual" as you call it, but I promise you, that when you stand before Almighty God, your spirituality will not be enough to save you from eternal separation from Him. Having said that, sorry, I'm not sorry I believe what I do.


  163. Craig An'em says:

    Thokozani TheHonorable the article was all about that

  164. The Bible like any other book is left too the interpreters demonstration too which it will be judged. The article Carries some weight as a generalization. However, most of the comments reference Christianity no following Jesus too which there is a difference! More, importantly they quote post Constantine Christianity instead of pre Constantine Christianity!!! The greatest truth of the Bible is our creators willingness to embrace us despite our misrepresentation of him/her…IJS for the record Africans were apart of Christianity

  165. Before the slave trade so kill the white mans religion piece!

  166. Many blacks (and all people for that matter) who claim to be christian have not read the entire bible.

  167. Many blacks (and all people for that matter) who claim to be christian have not read the entire bible.

  168. Dale Miller says:

    As 2 y people young included r leaving church as 1 person stated molesters, hypocrisy, money hungry etc, also people love sin and choose to close there eyes to the light please John 3:19-21… As 2 the attack on the bible God's word am upset it's a guide 4 us wicked sinful humans far be for the true God to be like us!!!!

  169. Oduwa Khumalo-Amen says:

    Marlynn Love, you have missed the point. The church is not relevant for a lot of people. I for one consider myself a atheist, if you want to understand what is going on check out the black atheist pages on Facebook.

  170. Oduwa Khumalo-Amen says:

    Absolutely in agreement with you sir.

  171. All you spirituality bashers need to quit rationalizing ( using education as a buffer ), MS Love is right on point!!! We only compound the problem when we go against religion , it sets the guidelines of what we need to adhere to to reach inner peace. Then you take it from there!!!

  172. All you spirituality bashers need to quit rationalizing ( using education as a buffer ), MS Love is right on point!!! We only compound the problem when we go against religion , it sets the guidelines of what we need to adhere to to reach inner peace. Then you take it from there!!!

  173. Danielle Dean my sister I commend you for you FAITH and I take nothing away from it, all I'm saying is let me chose my path, don't beat me down with yours. I respect your religion, I've even apply some teaching principle to my life, but I reserve the right to follow my path, and you are correct I will be judge some day " I alone will be judge" and I want to be judge by What my spirit tells me is right, I am made in his image so I mimic my father and I follow my heart and inner wisdom, because sister no church can make me closer to my God than when I am still and silent, allow him to move in me. My spirituality is what leads my steps, allowing me to be still and enjoy every moment and thank everything that it takes for me to be here. And I will stay fast in my convictions I do. It BELIEVE in organised religion, no book can tell me how to love my God and how to worship his glory, but I thank you for your opinion. Peace

  174. That's DO not believe in organized religion.

  175. Brandon Donnell Harris says:

    Oduwa Khumalo-Amen yes Atheists have all the answers….why have a church when science explains everything and have core evidence on every detail of life…….oh wait….

  176. Marlynn Love says:

    Let me say this. If an Atheist were to take the time out to Read the bible entirely, just in the book of Job alone, they would find how God answered the questions centuries upon centuries ago that scientist are still trying to figure out today. Even when C. Columbus thought the world was square, God had already mentioned to Job that it was a sphere (circle.) That's just one revelation right there but I won't feed into this any more than that. All science has done is confirm the bible, meanwhile using religion as a camouflage to study ways in how to manipulate, medicate, save and sadly in many case destroy the human life itself.

    Now back to the article: I support true church and believe it should stand it's ground. Now We have many phenomenons happening in regards to the Church and I agree that People are leaving certain types of churches. The one's that are uncompromising. They are leaving the so called bible thumping churches to run and flock to the compromised mega church that entertains well, uses diversity as one of it's lures and that allows for people to be comfortable in their sins and perverted lifestyles but the article is written in such a way to make people feel as though the uncompromising church that's being left behind needs to evaluate it's integrity and conform to the needs of the young people on the bases of relevance in order to keep it's members. That's where the article looses me. Any Church standing on the Word needs to continue to stand and not pre-occupy itself with relevance.

    I also agree that many of the youth are awakening to the fact that religion was used to oppress and control people but True Christianity does not endorse the false doctrines and ideologies that were used to do what was done to us. One must understand ancient language, terms and historical times to realize that. True Christianity was merely tampered with, falsely resubmitted through a color/cultural change, deliberately misinterpreted and deliberately taught maliciously to do what was done to African peoples and other minorities. Now unfortunately a lot of things within the new falsified versions of the bible are too audacious and troubling to blindly ignore anymore thus is leading to a falling away from the church But it's a falling away from organized religion to discovering the Truth that is written in the very same bible they tried to manipulate us with and use against us. It's the truth that is not only found in the bible but in history as well. True Christianity will lead you to Read the bible for yourself and to not accept name changes and interpretations of it by compromised spirits and leaders. For example, Some people say they've left Christianity because they can't find historical evidence or grave sites of Christ or the disciples but think about it. How can you trace back a European disciple/name to an African tomb or grave site of an African or of a Hebrew, Benjamite, Reubanite and so on? You can't. OR better yet, how can you find evidence that's been destroyed or that you are looking for in the wrong places. You can't. You can't even begin to find a grave site until you figure out what Timothy's African name was before it was translated into the Latin then to European form of it.

    I believe in the existence of the True church spoken of In Revelation and I believe that church exist in the hearts of many people. You see many of us were once deceived by the counterfeit church that exist that has a different image of the Messiah and a different doctrine from the original. It's a church that looks somewhat like the savior's house, full of a people who act somewhat like the savior's people but who are not and that church is not authentic. It's a false church, with a replaced savior/idol and a tainted version of the truth that was created by people. That deception is being revealed to the world today prompting an exodus happening from the world church back into the True church of GOD that has nothing to do with the list of excuses the article talks about but rather has everything to do with worshiping GOD in spirit and in truth and to do with an awakening of God's True people. People are leaving the false doctrines, watered down messages, mega church entertainment centers and sinful congregations of toxic members and leaders to get back to the Word and it's true origins but at the same time a number of people who don't want accountability, who love and want compromise, in a number 3 times the size of the people leaving and seeking the Truth are filling the pews or seats of and over populating the mega world churches we have been offered today. The path to destruction is wide to accommodate it's many travelers. The way to life is narrow where fewer people care to tread.

  177. Xmus Jaxon Flaxon Waxon says:

    Cognitive Dissonance – sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence can not be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortablem called Cognitive Dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesnt fit in with the core belief.

    Why is it that those who allegedly follow the alleged principles of the bible are so judgemental of others and or those who don't view those principles the same. As a black person in amerikkka, knowing that my ancestors were bought over here and had a language and religion forced upon them, and to see the descendants, embrace a religion that isnt there's or wasn't for them.

    Here's a question for you religious fanatics… All those in the Bible stories that came before and died before Jesus came into existence, are they in heaven or hell? they would have to be in Hell since they did not and could not accept jesus as their savior, right, since no one who accepts jesus as their savior can walk in heaven.
    What about Sampson, Adam and Eve, Abel, (Cain should be in Hell), but is he, since he sinned before the 10 commandments were created.

    I mean really, some of you black women are so retarded when it comes to the church, there's a reason why 70% of you keep the church full and at the same time, the same number of you remain single and unmarried. Good luck with your house visits from the pastor!

  178. Xmus Jaxon Flaxon Waxon says:

    Cognitive Dissonance – sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence can not be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortablem called Cognitive Dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesnt fit in with the core belief.

    Why is it that those who allegedly follow the alleged principles of the bible are so judgemental of others and or those who don't view those principles the same. As a black person in amerikkka, knowing that my ancestors were bought over here and had a language and religion forced upon them, and to see the descendants, embrace a religion that isnt there's or wasn't for them.

    Here's a question for you religious fanatics… All those in the Bible stories that came before and died before Jesus came into existence, are they in heaven or hell? they would have to be in Hell since they did not and could not accept jesus as their savior, right, since no one who accepts jesus as their savior can walk in heaven.
    What about Sampson, Adam and Eve, Abel, (Cain should be in Hell), but is he, since he sinned before the 10 commandments were created.

    I mean really, some of you black women are so retarded when it comes to the church, there's a reason why 70% of you keep the church full and at the same time, the same number of you remain single and unmarried. Good luck with your house visits from the pastor!

  179. Danielle Dean says:

    Maila, I completely respect your beliefs and convictions and you are entitled to believe as you choose. My persuasion as a Christian is not to get you to see as I do, we each worship God in our own way and as we are compelled, yet God has clearly stated how he is to be worshiped: in spirit and truth. And not truth as we see it, but truth as HE sees it. My prayer for you is not that your spirituality would lead you to the ultimate peace and security of having a personal relationship with Christ. Be blessed~

  180. Danielle Dean I again thank you I appreciate all pray and just understand I believe what I am compelled to believe not just because I was told what I feel it is embedded in my DNA even Jesus worshipped were he felt his father presence, I will do the same, love for all things in creation, and all works of faiths are applied in my life for my God rest a hungry child with a hunger that is only sustained my, to love all that worship anyway the so choose. Believe in something or you will fall for anything.

  181. Zama Ndefru says:

    Patrick Henderson: If anyone takes any one of the 6 excuses as reasons for not attending Church such must definitely have very serious problems. Is this the only generation to face modernity. To even use any of the present technological advances as excuses to not go to church is sure proof those making such excuses are even lost on the alter of modernity. We have one cell phone come out as "god's gift" to technology and in 3 months it is already obsolete. The 6 excuses here are the hallmarks of fools presenting lame excuses for their indifference to what concerns God and only run back when all else fails and start presenting conditions to be in Church. What sort of stupidity are we talking of!

  182. Zama Ndefru says:

    If anyone takes any of the 6 excuses as reasons for not attending Church such must definitely have very serious problems that has NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD OR THE CHURCH. Is this the only generation to face modernity? Did modernity and technological advancement start with this generation?
    To even use any of the present technological advances as excuses to not go to church is sure proof those making such excuses are even lost on the alter of modernity. We have one cell phone come out as "god's gift" to technology and in 3 months it is already obsolete. The 6 excuses here are the hallmarks of fools presenting lame excuses for their indifference to what concerns God and only run back when all else fails and start presenting conditions to be in Church. What sort of stupidity are we talking of!

  183. Huey Freeman says:

    Sounds like christianity (lower-case "c") has got one foot in the coffin and another joining it. Good riddance and not a moment too soon.

  184. Marlynn Love says:

    Peace and love to you and I say the following in love:

    Christ told the disciples that anyone who does not accept this gospel, leave their homes, dust of your feet and return not there again. Is that not expected to be something Christ would say? Doesn't sound very patient or loving does it? When I said let them go, I was saying the same thing in a different way. If they do not want the truth, let them be. It's their decision. The light is set up upon a hill for people to see and people who want out of darkness will go towards the light not walk away from it so we don't have to twist any body's arm to want deliverance. It's a personal walk and decision to be made regardless of what is going on with anybody else around them. All we are called to do is make it available. Now the youth in most cases have already been trained up in the way they should go and if they are still walking away, it is because they want to and have decided accountability is not what they want according to what the article is describing. Yes they see hypocrites in the church because we keep telling them that we don't have a right to judge hypocrites so we welcome them to come and pollute the church but the bible says that we are called to Judge one another (righteously). That means we are called to judge one another according to the Word of GOD and not according to our feelings and emotions.
    The scripture you used that says judge not lest you be judged, everyone uses and is almost always taken out of context and used incorrectly to justify sin or to brainwash us into believing we are not suppose to confront sin. That is not true. Correct, confront and cleanse through the washing of the Word.

    Yes Christ said let he who is without sin cast the first stone but read the rest of that very same scripture. He also turned to the woman and said " now go and {SIN NO MORE.}" where is the sin no more part happening after redemption in our churches nowadays? Gone with the wind carried away on false doctrine that only quote the first part of that scripture and blown away by the misuse of scripture?
    Yes it is.

    Lastly It is indeed our job to ostracize ourselves from the unholy and perverted people of this perverted society because the bible you are quoting says to do so. GOD said separate ye yourselves from them or ye shall become like them. GOD said don't let the accursed into your house or your house shall also be cursed. And in the New testament in Romans it says that even those who encourage sin and perversion will be judged the same as those who commit the sin itself. Finally when we look back on how GOD responded to our sin historically, there were seasons when His way of loving us was by ostracizing us from Him so that we'd come to realize how badly we needed Him and would repent. Maybe if people were to love that way these days, it would allow people to see the error of their ways rather than making them feel accepted and understood and comfortable in their lustful fleshy desires and perversions.

  185. Huey Freeman says:

    Stephanie C. Stephanie Saved from capitalism, racism, imperialism (western), sexism, classism, western religion, militarism, western culture… yea which? Hopefully all. BTW, most of what is considered to be "education" in western countries is merely indoctrination, but that another article.

  186. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Maurice Thorbs This isn't about me. This is about majority of my people who insist on believing in lies and not seeking the truth. My people need to stop believing in religions that was used to enslaved my people.

  187. Huey Freeman says:

    Rachel Baldwin OMG, the bible is the last place I would look for spiritual guidance. Be honest… you've never really read it have you. You wouldn't be the exception. Most people (99%) to which I have spoke who profess to be christians have never read it and by reading it I mean in its entirety. The bible is a TERRIBLE books to reference for spiritual guidance and cultivation. One would be better following the simple "Golden Rule"… "do unto others…"

  188. Huey Freeman says:

    Thokozani TheHonorable Sure it is. Who are you to determine the relevance of this article for another reader. One can extrapolate whatever meaning one is moved it.

  189. Huey Freeman says:

    Maurice Thorbs Good night. You obviously are "sleeping" (i.e. un/undereducated). On what do you based your assumption that Africans were worse off till they encountered Europeans???

  190. Carey Foster says:

    i agree with the article many young people are leaving the church because historically Christianity in the Western Civilzation taught us how to hate, distrust and judge each other many Black Fundmentalist Churches teach us to separate our selves as Christians from the world a Heavenly bound but earthly any good attiude, they real judgement about human sexually we as human being are sexually being person but the Christian churches lies to young people to control their sexually to tell the congregation that GOD HATES SIN AND HATE SEX SO YOU GOING TO HELL FOR PRACTICING FORNICATION( SEX WITH OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE,we hate the hell out of the so called the LGBT Community( Lesbians, Gays,Bisexual and Transgender) because they can't procreate so we preach a lie to control them to say they are going to Hell, many young people who struggle with their sexually offer try to commit sucide, we lie about tithing in the bible, I true biblical tithing this about money it so many lies and misconception toward Christianity, when young people find out all about lies they leave the Church some does not return to the church because those" Church Hurts" so I believe the church need to be honest, they need postive programs in the church that non- judgement and let's bring back young again they are the leaders into our future

  191. Huey Freeman says:

    Anitra Majors Be honest and admit to yourself that your "God" is dead is he was ever alive to begin with. He allows all kinds of ungodly things be done in his name and does nothing to stop it or even protect his name. This couldn't be the same god as spoken of in the Old Testament who interceded on his own behalf quite regularly. I feel sorry for you to not realize the obvious which is that without christianity, you feel worthless.

  192. Caypa Bull says:

    I left the church because god isn't real and I was tired of acting like the bible wasn't the very thing they used to justify slavery.

  193. Caypa Bull says:

    I left the church because god isn't real and I was tired of acting like the bible wasn't the very thing they used to justify slavery.

  194. Huey Freeman says:

    And you to have never read the book in its entirety as well. I can always tells professed "christians" who haven't read it because they speak so lofty of it as though it's some great book on spiritual guidance.

  195. Maurice Thorbs says:

    Excuse me, Huey???

  196. Huey Freeman says:

    What you've said was the most ridiculous shit I've ever heard. You try to justify the slavery spoken of in the bible as though it was a convention of capitalism which didn't exist until approximately 300 years ago. Wage slavery, chattel slavery, indentured servitude all the same difference in that it is an attack on self-determination. Cut it out with you pseudo-intellectualism.
    Apart from that nonsense, why does most everyone who doesn't believe in a european god have to be atheist? I in fact am a deist. I certainly believe in a god… just not that nonsensical europeanized version of god in which you believe.

  197. That not the only reason though. That just one of them of the six.

  198. Huey Freeman says:

    THANK YOU for drawing attention to something I've noticed years ago which is that most (99%) of the people professing to be christian try to convert me have never even read the damn book. I ask if a person's eternal salvation is determine by the teachings of the content contained in a single book that they haven't even bothered to read, then they're full of shit, are delusional, or both. Just keeping it real. How can you profess that something be so important while at the same time never committing yourself to ever reading it. Those two realities are totally in-congruent.

  199. Huey Freeman says:

    Y'all christian better back up off Malik cause he definitely ain't bullshittin'!!! He comin' at you with your own word. And I can see not a single one has bother to challenge you. LMAO!!!

    Great website BTW (

  200. Craig Oglesby says:

    It is very interesting that Christianity gets slammed on its beliefs and the Issue of Slavery, but no one talks about Islam and how Allah told the Prophet Muhammad that it was okay to have slaves. Makes you say hmmmm!

  201. Sharon Gross says:

    Doug you "bout to get tarred and feathered!"

  202. Darcy Jackson says:

    This is great! Hopefully more of us can move away from the imaginary crutch of the church and lawd.

  203. Darcy Jackson says:

    Danielle DeanThe Christ story never happened. There is not one mention of him by any of the contemporary historians and there is no back chatter mentioning him. There are many other stories that archeology does not support. You should do your research as though Christianity is a new religion to you.

    If the origins of a religion are false then what it teaches is a lie and nothing more.

  204. Antwan Lamar says:

    D Frederick Sparks, yes it WAS indentured servitude–actually very similar to the type practiced in Africa before the trans-Atlantic slave trade among the various tribes and ethnic groups. At some point, Black folks will have to come to grips with the fact that the various practices that we deem as oppressive with respect to Whites/Europeans were also practiced among Africans (as well as other groups; Europeans enslaved Europeans, indigenous Americans exploited other indigenous Americans, etc.). Of course I abhor slavery, particularly the type that was practiced in the Americas, but to not take the Bible as a human book that is just as much descriptive as it is prescriptive is intellectually irresponsible.

  205. Darcy Jackson says:

    Olyvia Yvonne – Thats not truth. Its the worst thing to ever happen to our people.

  206. Darcy Jackson says:

    Olyvia Yvonne – Thats not truth. Its the worst thing to ever happen to our people.

  207. Beverly Dixon says:

    I am a Christian. I am highly skeptic of ALL things until I can see logic. I am a Christian. I am highly educated. I am a Christian. Therefore, I conclude by saying that you are able to come to your conclusions because you, my dear friend, are asking the right questions but is either getting the wrong answers or you have developed a mental block that does not allow you to accept truth. You should study some more.

  208. Rashawnda Atkinson says:

    I agree but as a millennial I would say that this doesn't apply to everyone. The major part that people are forgetting is that when the previous generations fail to teach the future generations the truth of God and how their struggles gave them these broadened opportunities, they go the way we are all naturally designed to go–sin. It is our job as parents and as a community to reinforce the true spiritual heritage that God has given us. Finally, to your search for a church home, you might have to go to a church with a multi-ethnic population or move out of the area because there is a lot of junk out there. As long as you are fellowshipping regularly with other like-minded believers, you can meet at someone's house or Starbucks to worship Jesus. Another problem that contributes to this is the fact that church is seen as something we do rather than who we are.

  209. Rashawnda Atkinson says:

    Who are Tertullian and Origen then?

  210. I left the church because I've done my research, it's not hard to find the information, not difficult to verify it but according to the Bible the only unforgivable sin is to say you have doubt and don't believe in the holy spirit. Well, I've done that so there's nothing I can do to get into heaven now. *fake teardrop* It IS our slave masters' religion and I am tired of our people tip-toeing around that as if it's a hidden truth. Fact of the matter is if it weren't for slavery, colonization, war, genocide and social indoctrination "we" wouldn't be Christian. No one wants to hear that though, they go out of their way to avoid learning the truths behind the religion. They don't know where the Bible came from, don't know who started the church, don't know the history of the religion but they have "faith"; a belief in things without proof at all outside of their imaginations.

  211. I understand your stances about spirituality however people always miss one thing, when you look around can you honestly say that people are on the right path, they they do not need teaching? When we are born we are exposed to a lot of things, it is our families that teach us that out of all the things that exist this is the one that we have chosen. The problem I have is with people who are raised in good families and are surrounded by excellent example about how life is to be lived and I am not even talking about religion. What about the kids who grew up without parents, what about the people who the only life they know is violence and abuse, the kids who know hell to be a place called home? There are a lot of ways you can hear about God, some through missionaries(regretfully), sometimes through friends, well I was told by mother, who herself is an immigrant of our now home country. She says and I quote "sometimes life becomes so terrible, so unbearable, everyone you know turns away from you, at that time you even wanna end your own life, the only thing that keeps you going is that thing you were told when you were small, that even when everyone turns against you, people break their promises, take all you have away from, There is a man in the sky who will always love you, that you should put your trust in him and not the world for he never changes, he is the same yesterday, today and forever. It will not make sense now as they tell you but one day it will all come to light. My point is that not everyone copes with life but do we just discard them and say well man up, that's the Darwinist thinking that only the fit should survive. What about the unfit, the unparented, the unfunded, the unworthy in the eyes of the world? Its always advisable to look at things with an open mind, do not narrow things down to yourself, living for yourself. Isn't this what you people pride yourselves with? having an open mind and questioning everything, well unless you have asked every question and have gotten an answer you cannot conclude by just answering one question.

  212. Huey Freeman and you have never read the book with an open view but only to scrutinize, you refuse to be judged yet you have already judged. You look for what you want to believe said one great man.

  213. Kim Johnson says:

    How many of you slave master christians have researched your religious history along with Afrikan history? Not just egyptian history which is where most people start. The spiritual practicrs of the areas of Afrika where we were KIDNAPPED?!! It's safe to say no "christian" has otherwise you still would not be sleeping/worshiping a religion that was not created/developed for us by us!!! I know the truth can be scary but sooner than later you'll have to wake up to the truth so as to help pull yourselves as well as our youth up to a position of power within our communities, this nation and globally! Wake up, Wake up, the real world is calling you!!!

  214. Kim Johnson says:

    Rashawnda not familiar with those names would you mind sharing their importance with us?

  215. Danielle Dean says:

    D Frederick Sparks, Huey Freeman and for all others claiming this religion was created by the white man to suppress our ancestors, I implore you to take your research a step further.

    Firstly, Christianity was not begun by St. Augustine, despite popular belief. It was formed shortly after the resurrection of Jesus Christ in 1 A.D. when followers and disciples of Jesus (those who knew Him) came to call refer to themselves as Christians. These people suffered rejection, persecution and even death from their Greek and roman counterparts because of their newfound convictions to spread the news about the miraculous story of Jesus Christ. Christianity was the FIRST religion to extend it's reach to ALL races (not such a bad thing to me) and because its first followers suffered persecution at the hands of their own people, it can hardly be deemed racist. The Ethiopian eunuch is a prime example of the inclusiveness of true Christianity. Paul, the apostle, witnessed to this scholarly man and did not force this religion on him, but rather told to him the incredible story of it's figurehead, Jesus, and the man was converted on the spot. This man was neither ignorant nor a slave and most assuredly traveled back to his native land to spread this news. So Christianity did NOT come to Africa at the time of slave traders but MANY centuries prior. It is NOT a white religion, it's a religion for ALL; the first of it's kind.

    Secondly, if you're so against the "white mans religion", as you call it, why are you not also against his money? It seems to me that we spout such noble ideas but would forsake many ( if not all) such convictions for the sake of the "almighty dollar" whom we have come to worship as God. If the slave masters did anything, it was not to use The Bible to keep us oppressed, but it was use of their great wealth and influence which enabled them to keep such an inhuman institution running "successfully" for some odd 200 years! Furthermore, it was because of MONEY, not religion, that we were kept enslaved. We were lucrative to them! And some of you claim the Bible was used as a device for slave masters to justify slavery. Let me enlighten you. "Slaves obey your masters" and verses like this one do NOT describe the ideals or virtues of Christianity or even that Christ supported the institution of slavery! It merely bore witness to the the evils of the time and how followers of Christ were to behave so that even in such low birth and situation they would glorify God in their work and in their servitude; to live a life beyond reproach, so that others (their masters included) would see the very face of God in their countenance that allowed them to bear such suffering and they'd want to know more of him. How anyone could find joy in such grave circumstances is the mystery that bears witness to a being much greater than ourselves. Christianity is about so much more than rules and regulations and what we deem fairness and what feels right to us. It's about the very God of the Universe who displayed His ultimate love for us by choosing a life much like the ones we experienced and some are still experiencing. He could have chosen to come to earth as the wealthiest king, owning hundreds of slaves as was typical custom for that time, but instead he chose a life of poverty. Christ did not come to break physical but spiritual chains…he came to set us free to the slavery of sin we seem to think is freedom. Jesus knew at what time in history he was placed, so it was not his job to upset the institutions that were already in place, He gave us free will to decide how to run governments and rule nations, he was not going to interfere with the institutions in place because He let human beings choose this way of life, but in no way was this his original intention. He had to be all things to all people in order to relate to them all. To the Jew he was of their heritage, to the working class, he was a carpenter, to the Pharisees and learned people he was called master and to the invalids and scourges he was called Redeemer. It was necessary for Jesus Christ to obey the practices that were in place because it was teach us ultimate obedience. Nothing God does is comprehensible to us, if we understood His reasons for doing everything, He would cease to be God. Isn't his infinite wisdom why we have cause to worship him?Thank him? Even blame him at times? Unfortunately, those who judge Christianity (and sometimes those that claim to be Christians) have not read the Bible in its entirety. So it's no wonder where all the confusion is coming! If I read only the gory parts of a book and put down the rest, I could come to think that is all the book really is…when in truth, it isn't even about gore; It may use gore to describe certain events, but maybe the book is something as simple as a cookbook that requires the reader to go slaughter the chicken that is needed in a pot pie. The reader, having read only the gory bit, puts the book down without realizing that there is a delicious recipe waiting to be tasted if only he/she will continue. I like to think of the abolitionists as those that read the entire "cookbook", so to speak.
    Having studied the Bible and reading it in it's entirety, they learned that God was not only preaching about obedience in any situation to his followers, but there were more passages that supported standing up for the cause of the defenseless, the weak, the cast offs of society, etc. How many times did Jesus himself associate with lepers, the blind, prostitutes, tax collectors and others scourges of society? More than a few! And it was by THIS example that abolitionists justified their taking up the defense of the helpless slave. Read a history book, people, not Wikipedia. And don't just read the ones that support your argument, read the ones against it as well in order to gain a wholistic view. The information I am relaying are not things that were taught to me in one class, but MANY. I'm not only gaining my sources from scripture but from scholarly letters, historic records and the like. The resources are out there, and though the Internet can be a useful tool and gateway to such information, it is neither the only nor the most credible resource. Do your research, properly!

  216. Mel Wells says:

    Of all the ignorant replies, yours is the most. Wow.

  217. John Russell Gordon says:

    They don't mention the endless parade of scandals around oftentimes sexually-hypocritical pastors & their champagne & gold-card lifestyles…

  218. John Russell Gordon no, those things are forgiven. "No one is perfect but Jesus." "We all fall short of the glory of god." "The pastor is a man, not god." And other cliche responses.

  219. Marlynn Love A Brainwashed group. just listen to yourselves. all aniquated. boxed in, desperate for saving. just be good people? and GOD TOLD YOU TO GIVE 10 PERCENT?what does god need money for, see ur confused..MAAAAN TOLD YOU THAT GOD TOLD HIM TO TELL YOU to give 10 percent.AND YOU BELIEVED IT AND PASSED IT ON while each of your generations got poorer and genrated less wealth than the wealthiest of them all THE CHURCH. stay blind, becuz the BLIND HAVE LED THE BLIND FOR SOO LONG you actually think you can SEE THE LIGHT. lol

  220. Marlynn Love A Brainwashed group. just listen to yourselves. all aniquated. boxed in, desperate for saving. just be good people? and GOD TOLD YOU TO GIVE 10 PERCENT?what does god need money for, see ur confused..MAAAAN TOLD YOU THAT GOD TOLD HIM TO TELL YOU to give 10 percent.AND YOU BELIEVED IT AND PASSED IT ON while each of your generations got poorer and genrated less wealth than the wealthiest of them all THE CHURCH. stay blind, becuz the BLIND HAVE LED THE BLIND FOR SOO LONG you actually think you can SEE THE LIGHT. lol

  221. Linda Seatts says:

    Thanks Marlynn for such a thought-provoking response. I disagree with the majority of this article. What I do believe the church needs to do a better job of is discipleship. We get them in the door, but the disciple piece is missing. We need to teach people how to live day to day. Dealing with the real issues of life and how as Christian believers we are to deal with those issues. We cannot ignore the fact that after the Sunday benediction, we have to go into the world. Now teach me how to deal with the various situations of life. That's the piece some churches can work harder to do However, there are many churches who are teaching practical lessons based on the Gospel. We must go back to the basics of teaching the Word of God The Gospels and Epistles gives us the practical steps on how to deal–it's up to the church to teach this. One major piece missing is that we all need to understand that no man or woman is perfect. We are all a work in progress–that's why we gave our lives to Christ to be our Lord and King and Master. Without Jesus Christ I would be absolutely nothing. I am so thankful for His sacrifice. Because He live I live–I could not have made it in this crazy world without Him. Finally, let's remember that the greatest of all His command is Love. Let me remind the religious folks, "He that have no sin throw the first stone." There's no big or little sin, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There's no curve, or scale for sin, sin is sin. How about we focus on the Word because the more of God in you the less we sin. God Bless. Rev Linda Seatts

  222. Rashawnda Atkinson says:

    Kim Johnson, these two men who were of African descent were fundamental to establishing the doctrines now present in Christianity. People often concentrate on being completely spiritual or completely physical. We were created as both and should be concerned with both. I know everyone has their own opinions and journey to go on. I'm simply adding more to the conversations about how Christianity or Christian faith so people can know the difference between fabrications and truth. I understand your perspective, as one of my former mentees from college shares some similar views (honors program).

  223. Amy Zucker Morgenstern says:

    I'm a Unitarian Universalist minister, so I serve a church that does not take the Bible literally and includes the Bible as just one of many sources of human wisdom; far from viewing sex negatively, has a wonderful sex ed curriculum for all ages that celebrates human sexuality as a source of joy and love; emphatically does NOT ask people to leave their intellect at the door; is home to people of a wide variety of theologies, from atheism to Christianity to paganism; and has been a leader for racial justice since its inception. A new wave of UUs of all colors and ethnicities is coming in and it's great to see.

  224. This is not my reality. I feel less than for having read this article.

  225. Rose Horsey says:

    Ase!!! Well said, We must go back to or African Spirituality. We are the original and the first teachers of the world. The Bible is a watered down version of the original teachings, the writings were manipulated, as the article stated, as a tool to control the masses, that includes All people.

  226. Desmond Winton-Finklea says:

    This is why I'm Catholic…

  227. Desmond Winton-Finklea says:

    This is why I'm Catholic…

  228. Roy Coleman says:

    I think we have some things that are traditional and not biblical that we're imposing on young people are driving them away. Then we have denominational doctrine that they feel condemns them because of their youth.

  229. Craig Lowery says:

    Rachel Baldwin the reverence that you people have for your slave master's religion blinds you.

  230. Tell me, how did any man part the red sea?

  231. Craig An'em Uhhh, what magic????

  232. Craig Lowery says:

    Rachel Baldwin talking snake, a man walking on water, a sky daddy that watches you masturbate

  233. Andy Racine says:

    What is sin really, according to the bible?

  234. Moses wasn't white. He was Hebrew

  235. Maurice Thorbs if you believe that, you're out of your mind….

  236. Roy you make a good point. Its really about having a personal relationship with God. The young should not be intimidated nor let anyone else imposed their beliefs on them, however with age comes wisdom. Some of the old ways are the best ways. the young Blacks simply don't know enough… the havent live enough…they haven't had enough pain …yet . Yes we all need to go to church. It says in the book," God loves the church". Sure there is a lot wrong with the church, but that's whats its all about. Church is for the sinners. When I get so self-righteous that I no longer need church, then maybe I need to go to church to teach them "church folks" how to do it. – J.

  237. Rachel Baldwin the Ancient Egyptian society was mostly Black and as a Hebrew, Moses was not Sub Saharan African…. is my point.

  238. Adaora Ezike says:

    Unfortunately, humanism steers people away from Christianity and demonizes the purpose/action of living differently than the world. Notice how the article blames Christ (perfection) for everything people do (imperfection) to harm one another and conversely denies God and thanks themselves for their success/joy. Instead of faith being freeing it's "restrictive," blessings aren't from God but by "chance" or "what WE did," and the misinterpretation and misappropriation of scripture to do evil things has given people reason to equate human misbehavior with the Word of God. The 10 Commandments are still the same and can be anyone's measure of whether we/people are truly striving to model our conviction to the Faith or whether people rep their religion as arbitrarily as their political party. I think #7 on this list is the endorsement of egocentrism, vaingloriousness, and physicism/materialism. Ultimately, we know what comes first in our lives–so will look for an excuse to live without self-restraint/accountability or are we developing the character to seek truth and guidance from God in our lives?

  239. Craig An'em a sky daddy that watches you masturbate??????? ……SMH.

  240. Right. Whatever you say.

  241. Kaydiene Rutherford Please read 'in defence of atheism: a case against Christianity, Judaism and Islam' by Michel Onfray. Read also Islamic Slave. I cant remember the author but its an American publication..

  242. But Moses wasn't white at all. If you examine all of the places in the bible you will see that majority of all historical events that took place was in the Middle East(Egypt which is in Africa, Israel, Iraq(Persia),Turkey)/Mediterrean/Asia/Greek/Roman. Moses (Hebrews 2:1-6)

  243. Rachel Baldwin in actuality he was a Midianite from the region of Sinai… but who's asking?

  244. Julia So Fine Carter Its not that anybody asked it was your comment that you first stated in there that Moses was a white man.

  245. Maybe they should find a better church community to fellowship with?

  246. Tonya Dumas says:

    Thank you Mr. Jim Clingman!

  247. Rachel Baldwin Regarding the women are subservant to men quote in the bible…A lot of Christians claim that the bible is literal and therefore its word not to be interpreted, not to be added or taken away under any circumstances, so as a bible believer do you believe that? If so, why are you trying to interpret what that quote means when its written in plain sight that you should not speak over and teach over men? You are therefore sinning and bare false witnessing to the word…Like he said, you cant change it up when you feel like it…

  248. Marlynn Love says:

    Debra McAllister Peace and Love to you dearheart:

    My answer to that is that I don't challenge God's methods and I certainly don't try to rationalize them through emotion. He knows best and if He says separate from them, my job is to obey. If he says don't let them in your house, don't let them in your house. If He says administer tough love in some areas to bring about the healing needed, then administer the tough love no matter how hard it is. Sometimes you have to reject people to get them to hunger for acceptance and hunger produces sacrifice and repentance. If He says don't endorse perversion, I don't care how nice and kind a perverted person is or how heart felt and moving their personal love story is, if it's perversion, I will not endorse their behaviors nor pat them on the back and say it's ok God understands. I will still love them and treat them respectfully but not embrace their decision and to me that is not giving up on them. That is doing what I'm supposed to do. Sure we ourselves struggle in doing it all right according to his Word and Will but we are commissioned to keep trying to do it right not to settle in failing the system.

    Sure we are also supposed to keep investing into people but we are to do it under the submission and guidance of the Holy Spirit through temperance and wisdom, not through acceptance and compromise And if we were to be honest with ourselves, some people have made their decision. They have chosen their earthly lovers over what is right in the sight of GOD so based on what the Word says, once that decision is made, we are to turn away from them. Your investment at that point is to just continue to be upright yourself as an example and give them truth when they come asking for it.

    Christ didn't have to go out begging people to get healed. He just showed up and who wanted him came and those who didn't want him resorted to heckling him, trying to discredit him, accusing him, trying to shame him, some even patronized him, pretending to be on his side when spiritually they were against him and trying to trip him up in his words. That kind of behavior still goes on today. Some of the very people who you try to minister to will trip you up and have you out dancing in a club with them and their lovers if you let them so that they can run and call you a hypocrite behind your back or at least make you look like one that represents church.

    To love is to correct that's why Christ came to correct us. He loves us. The youth nowadays reject correction and they rebell indignantly in most cases. We are told not to endorse such behavior. Perversion is rebellion and I will not endorse perversion by giving the support of fellowship, which is a form of acceptance unless that fellowship is for the purpose of ministering to them not at them, which was the purpose of Christ fellowship by the way. He came to heal, not to endorse and just hang out with sinners. That's another thing people fail to focus on when it comes to Christ's travels. His travels left people changed and He only healed those who came to him for the healing. It wouldn't have mattered who Christ chose to use or who he chose to approach or who he chose to eat with because as the word says, (ALL) the world was condemned. There were none righteous so any and everyone he used, ate with, sat with, or chose as his followers were sinners but here's the (KEY POINT). They didn't stay sinners. They were changed. The evidence of His power working in you is the (CHANGE). Sure he went to the so called unworthy But he Healed and Changed them. Where is the change in the churches now? Where is the evidence of the healing? why are we acting like we're ministering so powerfully to souls for so long and those same souls are still leaving service, going home to shacking up, or to homosexual relationships, or to night clubs, cursing and sexual immorality, debased music and so on? It's because we haven't put our confidence in the power of the spirit or nor have we stuck to the methods God gave us. We put our confidence instead into ourselves and we operate through emotionalism ,logic, compromised doctirne and we trust in our own efforts that we've labeled as acts of love when in most cases it just acts of weakness.

    Now to the contrary of your statement about me being too earthly minded to be any heavenly good, the verse actually says to not be so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good which means to not only be concerned about your personal deliverance and spiritual journey or relationship with God but to also be concerned enough about others that you are willing to share truth and knowledge with them to help them with their journey. I have extended my life to the cause of sharing truth with people so I don't fit your description of me.

  249. Marlynn Love Im definitely in agreement to what you are saying here.

  250. Vonny D MoneyMonsta I am sinning and false witnessing when in fact I gave other scriptures along with that scripture which was overlooked then so be it.

  251. Rachel Baldwin Deborah you say God didn't condone rape but here are some verses in plain sight that doesn't need your interpretation (bare false witnessing) maybe this will open your eyes a bit. Interpret this for me…

    (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)
    If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.

    2 Samuel 12:11-14 NAB)
    Thus says the Lord: 'I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives [plural] while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight. You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.'

    Then David said to Nathan, "I have sinned against the Lord." Nathan answered David: "The Lord on his part has forgiven your sin: you shall not die. But since you have utterly spurned the Lord by this deed, the child born to you must surely die." [The child dies seven days later.]

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…

  252. Read a lot of the comments and could only smh. We will all have to stand before God one day and so help us then. This article was not very well written at all. The church isn't going to compromise even more than it has to satisfy what isn't right. To each their own but one day soon we will all have to answer to Him and Him alone.

  253. Vonny D MoneyMonsta. Hmmm, been reading and studying the bible for a very long time. you are doing the same thing what the others are doing? I am pulling pieces out of the bible?

  254. Rachel Baldwin LOL I love when you guys avoid the question that I asked them…Shows you cant really interpret it and you know what im saying is true…You ignored this question in its entirety and really explains that you don't know what you are talking about because your mistinterpretations are really just run ons and psycho babbo and the truth is you have no real answer because you avoided them. The real question was if the bible is in fact literal why are you interpreting it causing confusion and bare false witnessing to the word? I said nothing about you bare false witnessing and sinning everyday of course youre the only sinning everyday sweetness, that's not what ive mentioned…Pay attention…You learn to do so in third grade…its not that hard…

  255. Craig Lowery says:

    Rachel Baldwin you do the same thing. oh and there is no evidence for a soul, heaven nor hell. just like there is no evidence for a god or some zombie named jesus. that's why I call that book the buybull.

  256. Carey Foster says:

    You are right this is not only reason why young Black People are leaving the church there many different reason they are leaving the Churches. The Traditional Black Church needs to be more Open and Inclusive to the 21st Century Christians more young people will stay inside of Church

  257. Like Emeril, "BAM!!!!"

  258. Rachel Baldwin The bible also says the woman should be stoned to death if she divorces…There are also a number of references from the chapters you are pointing out about it…

    1 Corinthians 7:12-13
    To the rest I say this (I, not the Lord): If any brother has a wife who is not a believer and she is willing to live with him, he must not divorce her. And if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him. (Hope you guys really love each other and really know who your husband is before you marry him) This verse doesn't need any interpretation either…

    1 Peter 3:1-2 Still don't think women arent inferior? This is what your beloved Peter whom you've mentioned once or twice thinks about marriage…
    Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. I also hope you stay true to your husband…

    This is coming from the new Testament silly…Matthew no less…Matthew 5:32
    But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, causes her to become an adulteress, and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery. I hope you guys don't remarry…Youll be in hell before you know it…right along with them gays you hate on so much…

    Matthew 19:9 Still think im trippin?
    I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery hes visits this again at a later date.

  259. I stepped away from the church a year ago because I'm tired of leaving Sunday service with an empty feeling and, based on observation, so many contradictions, especialy when it comes to tithing. I even had relatives telling me to tithe so I can receive a blessing when I give 10% of my income (The Book never said that, nor did it even confirm it). I had done that and more, yet nothing changed. Struggled to pay rent, bill and medication, since I'm a diabetic. I'm tired of people telling me that I should pay tithes to God, as if the Most High is poor, homeless and fallen on hard times. I still can't believe people over the age of 12 still believe in these conjured up "fairy tales" that has nothing to do with God. It only has to do with helping a lot of these pulpit pimps live a lavish lifestyle while most of the congregation is pushing skateboards, let alone riding the bus. I get no spiritual fulfillment from this frame of thought whatsoever. Nowadays, church has become nothing more than a minstrel show….

  260. I left the church 🙁 but I know God does exist and I believe in the Holy Spirit. I can't explain anything tho I'm jus avery spiritual being

  261. Craig Lowery says:

    Vonny D MoneyMonsta she only likes the good parts of the buybull talking about love

  262. Adrian Lamb says:

    Hmm. Young Black people are leaving the church mainly because passive Christianity/Religion and Atheism are on the rise. That's the simple answer. With the spread of ideas and the access of knowledge the young generation has, they've replaced religion with other things.

  263. Danielle Dean Amen Sister. Like I tell all my friends. You ain't gotta believe what I believe. That's your choice and decision and God's precious gift to you of Free Will. But one day we will all have to give an account and you have to make a decision for yourself what you want to believe. . .

  264. Grant Davis says:

    About 2 years ago I visited a church. As the pastor read his scripture, he said afterwards, 'I WANT EVERYONE TO CUT OFF YOUR CELL PHONES AND I PADS." Some people might be tempted to go on Facebook I was so turned off by this..

  265. Rachel Baldwin Lastly not least before I leave out of here and not listen to any more of your misinterpretations The bible also says SPEAK IN TRUTH AND LOVE it says speak in truth…not speak in interpretations…it also says lean not to your own understanding…So how can you sit by and not see these quotes for what it really means? My mom always said, if you say something, mean it…and the bible says alot of things and it means it…With these interpretations you are presenting and saying God changed it when in fact the bible said do not add nor take away from the word you are committing these acts of sin….Hope you don't divorce or remarry that's about 5 sins you gotta repent for before you wage yourself to death…the wages of sin is death….Hope you didn't sin too much as you stated you do every day…Because by then even if you are a believer he says you aren't going to get the keys to enter the gates of heaven and that would really suck if you tried and tried and still didn't get in…all for what you say…What about the Christian believer who believed and lived the bible everyday, repented everyday and one day just snapped on his wife and kids decides to shoot them and then shoot himself…does he enter the gates of heaven? See what I mean? This happens more and more everyday. Just turn on the news….Something you should pay attention to…Oh today is the Sabbath by the way…Hope you aren't working…

  266. Craig An'em Yea I know….She hasn't came back since…probably looking up bible verses to interpret and more meaningless junk to come up with…Have you know that I was raised in the church and know every god damn verse there is thanks to my mother that I can now use as a plan of attack to show where they fall short of knowledge and education regarding the bible whenever they decide to throw crappy verses at me I can pinpoint where they fall into being hypocrites just as well…Christians aren't the only ones that know the bible…Im not really attacking them im just speaking the truth…

  267. Doug Handy says:

    Sharon Gross, I feel we've been tarred and feathered all our lives, especially our elders who have gone on long before us.

  268. I absolutely love the scholar in you! Awesome teacher!

  269. Good words for food Jim .
    Say hello to family for me .

  270. Craig Lowery says:

    That reply was great!

  271. Who says that atheists are "good people"? Where is your proof? The only thing I ever hear from atheists is their criticism of Christians and other religions. Where is the atheist food pantry? The atheist prison ministry? The atheist home for teen mothers? The atheist drug treatment center? Being a negative critic is the easy job in the world, which it seems that atheists want to do, and have no accountability for anything.

  272. If you've only read Leviticus, you missed a lot of scripture related to slavery. That's the problem with selective scripture reading. Here are many others in the New Testament:

    I Corinthians 7:21 – Are you a slave? Don't let that worry you — but if you get a chance to be free, take it.

    Ephesians 6:9 – In the same way, you masters must treat your slaves right. Don't threaten them.

    Colossians 4:1 – You slave owners must be just and fair to your slaves.

    Slavery was an institution of the times, but the New Testament (the Good News that Christians follow) does not advocate slavery. It simply acknowledges that the institution existed and how slaves should respond for their own protection.

    The world's institutions have little to no proof that their methods work. In fact, their methods product calamitous results for the world's people. Yet, people follow the world's system without question, without nitpicking, without trying to find a wrong word here or there. The world's system has no accountability and its followers don't require it.

  273. I am in agreement to some of the literature. It is really a eye opener. I am from the old school and views are still in that "Era".

  274. Craig Lowery says:

    Gwen Richardson you are correct that slavery was and still is an institution in some places. if you tell me that a all-knowing god inspired a book that couldn't say that slavery is wrong then that god isn't all knowing. people insult my intelligence by claiming that the buybull is inspired by some gawd. gtfohwtbs!

  275. Rafael Lewis says:

    Gwen Richardson well I know atheist. atheist are still in the minority to religious people worldwide and in some places are still being discriminated against. atheism is not a religion or cult so if there are organizations to help people i'm sure it wouldn't be named llike that, one more thing athiests are more for knowledge & equality for all people not like how the many different religions seperates us and keeps us in ignorance. Again athiest don't pretend to be good people because they believe a magical sky fairy will reward them for being good.

  276. Randy Husayn says:

    If the African American people would return to Islam, they would not have all of these problems they are dealing with today

  277. All I know is this..the further removed we are from the Bible and God…the worst things are getting

  278. Craig Lowery says:

    God sent himself down to earth to sacrifice himself to himself because bleeding on the cross was the only way that he could convince himself to forgive us for the fact that an ancestor of ours that was made from a rib ate a magic fruit that she wasn’t supposed to eat after being tricked by a talking snake. Anyone that doesn’t believe this story will be tortured forever by the very god that loves us.

  279. Mohammed Shakur Our neighborhoods look like shit because WE do that to them. WE don't put a value on education. WE think it's ok for me to run around with "wifeys" and "baby mamas" on this block and the next. WE put emphasis on having the flyest gear, Jordans, etc. WE refuse to look in the mirror and face that WE are the product of our own downfalls because WE keep blaming the white man for the state of our depression that WE help create and continue for ourselves. It's not religion that's bad, it's the people who abuse it and make it their own for their own selfish purposes. God has been good to me honey, and I will never be ashamed to say it. #BLESSEDANDHIGHLYFAVOREDINTHEEYESOFTHELORD

  280. Huey Freeman You're emulating a far left political cartoon on a social media website and you're questioning someone's education? 0_O Ok. . . .

  281. Craig Lowery says:

    there is now evidence that a jesus ever existed. we have more evidence for the people that built the pyramids thousands of years before that.

  282. Where in the bible does it say when to have sex with female slaves?

  283. Black people have a long way to go, lets start from here when Jesus finished what God planned to do in the earth 33yrs he said he leaves a comfortor, ITS CALLED THE HOLY SPIRIT THIS IS WHAT TRULY OPENS UP YOUR INNER SPIRIT BEING SO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORD TO ITS FULLEST. Some people say that was for the old church well if you wont satan to rob you then continue to think this and you will not mature in Christianity and Jesus the Christ. Lean not unto your own understanding ask the HOLY SPIRIT TO COME IN YOU AND UPON YOU. Young people and children of God Satan is the deceiver but Jesus died that you may have a abundant life in all things. I wont opologize for what iam about to say but so many christians are in the wrong church. Its your response ability

  284. Continued: as i was saying its our responseability to seek the truth and christians cant be on the milk the whole time you are growing in the Lord there should be times when you wont the steak its shows you are maturing in the body of Christ. Stop runing away from God and run to him. Jesus was tempted by satan but he never gave in to him and because stood his ground and did not give in you have to wont to do the same if you fail keep trying never give up. Remember Jesus has the keys to death hell and the grave. If Jesus had not died we could not be a OVERCOMMER. You must beleive you can do all things through Christ!


  286. Wow…how it will be relevant to this and emerging generations. SMH…this article is laughable..very sad

  287. We can only judge people by the quality of life they're experiencing. In this case religions are failing miserably. The poorest countries in the world are the most religious and least religious countries are the wealthiest, with a few exceptions. The same thing applies with the most violent and illiterate countries, even within countries these statistics bear true. The African Americans are the most religious group in America, with well over ninety percent consider themselves religious. For African American women the numbers are even higher. Is there any coincidence that we are experiencing the quality of life that we're experiencing.

  288. Not true. Although the bible does talk about slavery, it doesn't say anything about having sex with or how hard to beat a slave. You read some book, but it wasn't the bible.

  289. Ken Rupert says:

    As I read comments I am shocked by the volume of people chasing after the wind and believing in the power of themselves. When this life is over, you get to take nothing with to your death. So prepare to save yourselves from Death! Because it is coming just like it did to the many generations before you; But Before Death grab you it will grab many family member and friends. Intellectualize your death!!

  290. I read the article and feel that the list certainly has valid points. However, they are all illegitimate excuses! I even read the banter of commentary between other readers, of varying opinions. Some people, and their lack of biblical knowledge, cherry-pick scripture that further indicates their spiritual immaturity and ignorance. Logic and faith are a classic struggle that every Christian encounters in various stages of their walk with Christ. The very that you've arrived and are "making moves" (financially, socially, academically…) is a testament to the grace and mercy of God, even in your state of UNBELIEF. The unchanging and living Word of God declares that; "every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess… Christ is Lord." The views of the church being irrelevant, and unable to keep up with the digital age are certainly valid. I do believe some churches need to adapt and progress in ways that are more appealing to our generation. However, some of those traditions and many of those prayers, on your behalf, attributed to you present stste of success and achievement.

  291. Malik Thomas says:

    Damn, I hate to tell y'all there's no Santa claus,Easter bunny,or tooth fairy either. Wrestling Is also fake. Man didn't come from sand,women aren't menstruating because a woman who was created from a rib of a man was talked Into eating a forbidden fruit by a talking snake who was originally an angel. Y'all honestly believe the morals and ethics of your religion came from a man who climbed a mountain and talked to a burning bush who then wrote on stone tablets? Y'all believe a man took two of every animal and his family and him repopulated the earth?
    Y'all believe there's a guy with horns underground making and Influencing everyone to do evil?
    Wow, people call me weird.

  292. African Spirituality understood properly is ten times better that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam put together. What the Whites Arabs and Jews are trying to do is sell you something you already had. Every religion they bring forth is for a political agenda.

  293. Bryan Jones says:

    This is only something that we all know and have experienced and have witnessed the truth

  294. Bryan Jones says:

    We should also be aware of dwindling resources global chat climate change and the mountains inhabited by people who don't like you with a lot of guns and ammunition and their purposes are all stayed?

  295. Christianity was developed for a basically uneducated congregation. Without attacking the basic message (some of which I disagree with) the real issue is that the congregation has become educated and the church has failed to adapt.

  296. Sarai Juelz says:

    NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that God approves of slavery, however slavery did exist. The verses people are pointing out were put there to protect the slave. Today, there are millions of ways to make money, back then it wasn't so people would submit themselves or their family to richer people for a certain amount of time, it is totally different from the capturing of the Africans who were forced and brought to serve as slaves…..And in the infamous Colossians quote, Paul was talking to the Christians who were slaves…The idea that God or Christianity encourages or approves of slavery is not true. anybody who was caught selling another person into slavery was to be executed. However, since voluntary slavery was widely practiced during biblical times, the Bible proscribes laws to protect the lives and health of slaves.

  297. Can you demonstrate your god??
    Further, why didn't Jesus the son of an all knowing god say one word against slavery? Instead he actually encourages it.

  298. Ofp King says:

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was making people believe God doesn't exist, WRONG. The greatest trick ever pulled was men making people believe a God exists

  299. If you have to be threatened with eternal punishment and bribed with a reward to be a good person, YOU'RE NOT A GOOD PERSON, black, white or anything in between. More people as a whole are leaving the church for the same reason, it's an obsolete institution that is dying out as we progress and become more educated as a society. Religion will still see its peaks in popularity since the church is parasitic and predatory and thrives on human suffering and desperation, but as more time goes on, the more it will die out. Hopefully, it'll be sooner rather than later.

  300. The article is interesting but lacks detail. It needed comments from the young people who left the church. I'm glad that young people are questioning a book that was written over 2000 years ago. These young people are using their skills of reason and logic to question bible's false scriptures. As young people become more educated they will realize the contradictions of Christianity in general and the bible in particular. Education is the true liberator of the mind and soul and not Christianity.

  301. A lot of interesting comments. Some are shocking while others are funny. When I read debates for or against Christianity I always say its a relgion just like Budism, Muslim, Atheiest, whatever. Who/whatever u deem to be your creator, your Lord work out YOUR OWN SOUL SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING. Its more about relationship with the one u feel created u and all that's above, on, in, and underneath the earth. What I love about the God I serve he doesn't compare me to u, you, or yall over there. He loves me when I fall and make mistakes big or little. He loves me when I have "perfect" days. It rains on the just as well as the unjust. So trials happen to us all. At the end of days just pray that u believed in the right god, religion, diety etc.
    As for me and my house we will serve the Lord, Jesus, Yashewa Hamishea, Yahweh is my God. On that note al yall have a great week

  302. Eric Blanks says:

    "God dwells NOT in temples made by hands." Acts 7:48/Acts 17:24

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