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Leaky Business: Samsung Galaxy S5 Homescreen


After tweeting purported screenshots of Samsung’s next-generation phone user interface, Evleaks has released images giving a closer look at one of the UI’s elements. The shots show a detailed view of a lock screen and home screen widget that featured in the original images, hinting that it may be used by Samsung to deliver notifications and contextual information to your phone. Although Google Now is currently included in Samsung devices, the company doesn’t make it easy to access with a swipe up like other Android phones, instead requiring you to hold down the menu button for a couple of seconds.

Like those in Google Now, the notifications cover a variety of subjects. Pictured in the screenshots are social media shares, live flight info, sports scores, weather updates, payment receipts, concert information, upcoming appointments, delivery notifications, and health data. To deliver a wide variety of information to you via Now, Google scans your web history, Gmail account, and location data; it’s not clear if Samsung would somehow tap into Google’s data, or if it has designed its own method to gather the vast amount of information required to power such a service.

Should the leaks, which are described as something Samsung is testing rather than a finished interface, turn out to be accurate, you can expect to see them debut with the company’s upcoming Galaxy S5 flagship at some point before May.


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