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Russian Editor Sits on Nearly Naked Black Woman For the Sake of Art

Buro 24/7, the website founded by street style maven Miroslava Duma, is feeling the wrath of Instagram after publishing an interview with Garage magazine editor-in-chief Dasha Zhukova.

The interview is in Russian, but you don’t need Google Translate to see what everyone’s so offended by. It’s the accompanying photograph of Zhukova sitting atop a Black woman chair by provocative 1960s pop artist Allen Jones. Jones’ forniphilic chairs were a source of controversy during the height of their popularity in the ’60s, though it’s Buro who has amped up the cringe factor by selecting one of the few pieces that uses a woman of color.

Duma posted that photo to her personal Instagram account shortly after the interview went live, though it has since been removed following criticism from her followers. Buro 24/7′s Facebook page is also being slammed for posting the same photo.

It’s disturbing that anyone thought this was a good idea, and fairly awkward that the interview was uploaded on the day we’re supposed to be celebrating civil rights and women’s rights advocate Martin Luther King Jr. MLK might be an American holiday, but that hardly gives Buro a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Do you think the chair constitutes “art”?

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