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16 African-American Firsts Besides Barack Obama

Bessie Coleman
Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman was an American civil aviator. On June 15, 1921 she became the first African-American female pilot and the first African-American to hold an international pilot license.

Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose

Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose
The first free African-American community in America was Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose (now usually referred to as Fort Mose). As early as 1687, Spain, the owners of the territory, intended to destabilize the plantation economy of the British territories by creating a free Black community that would serve as a destination for slaves seeking escape and refuge.

In effect, Spain created a Maroon colony as a frontline defense against English attacks from the north of the country.

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8 thoughts on “16 African-American Firsts Besides Barack Obama

  1. I love, LOVE this post!

  2. Betty Koikai says:

    There's a street named after Ralph Bunche in Kenya. Didn't know it was named after a African American. Good to know!

  3. Excellent article. However, there is a discrepancy in the "Freedom's Journal" piece which noted that it began on September 14, 1827, however, the article pictured is dated March 16, 1827. ?????

  4. Dee Bailey says:

    The Lincoln University in Pennsylvania was founded in 1854, this making The Lincoln University the oldest degree granting institution of higher education. Excellent information of historic firsts!

  5. Japheth A. Hutchinson says:

    Outstanding information!

  6. Don Mulligan says:

    Too many achievements in the black culture. I also happen to know that a black man invented blood transfusions, also a black man invented stop lights. Oh yes lets not forget about the cotton gin mill and peanut butter.

  7. surprised there was no mention of Eli Whitney n there. holder of mutliple patents

  8. Kimberly Bradley says:

    Thank you for pointing that out.

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