‘Raising Hope’ Season 4, Episode 11: ‘Hey There, Delilah’


“Raising Hope” season 4, episode 11: “Hey There, Delilah” airs Friday on Fox.

Coming up on the next episode, Maw Maw accidentally calls a wrong number in her contact book, bringing Virginia’s cousin, Delilah, back to town. When the two rivals fight nonstop, Maw Maw threatens to give everything in her will to the granddaughter who can act the most civil. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sabrina have trouble finding a babysitter for Hope.

Fox describes the show as follows:

“Jimmy Chance, a 25 year old slacker, has a one night stand that results in a pregnancy. When the mother is arrested and gives birth in prison, Jimmy vows to do something meaningful with his life by raising their daughter, Hope. Jimmy’s quirky family members are less than enthusiastic about the little one. His parents, who had him when they were 15, never knew anything about raising a child and have little interest in trying again. With very few useful skills but their hearts in the right place, will the Chances be successful in the unpredictable and immensely challenging world of parenting?”

“Raising Hope” season 4, episode 11 airs Jan. 10 at 9 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. CST on Fox.

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