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5 Acts of Retribution by Black People in Response to European Oppression


The Haitian Massacre of 1804
Desalines haitian massacreAfter the enslaved Africans defeated the French in 1804 and established Haiti as the first Black country in the Western hemisphere, a mass killing occurred. The Haitian Massacre was an organized ethnic cleansing that was carried out against the remaining white population of French Creoles by the order of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the first ruler of the independent nation. Throughout the entire territory of Haiti, from early February 1804 until April 22, 1804, 3,000 to 5,000 people of all ages and gender were put to death.

Squads of soldiers moved from house to house, killing white families. White women and children were killed last; Dessalines did not specifically mention that the women should be killed, and the soldiers were reportedly somewhat hesitant to do so. In the end, however, they were also put to death at a later stage of the massacre than the adult men. The argument for killing the women was that whites would not truly be eradicated if the white women were spared to give birth to new Frenchmen.

Dessalines told his army that he ordered the mass killing because of past atrocities committed by the Europeans, especially by the former white French authorities Donatien-Marie-Joseph Rochambeau and Charles Leclerc.

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9 thoughts on “5 Acts of Retribution by Black People in Response to European Oppression

  1. The last Carib war- 1793- Read 'The Rise and Fall of the Black Carib'

  2. Paul Adey says:

    I am touched!!…really touched. How could the Europeans [colonial masters] messed our people up?…I am so touched.

  3. Bono Ada Adangbe says:

    Love it love it love it. That's coming to Amerikkka soon so prepare black people

  4. Anonymous says:

    That is so untrue. The British Government's agenda was never slavery: they abolished it in fact by the British navy. Like anyone else, they have their prejudice in that country; but by far most British people are not biased. Let us not make it worse.

  5. Pharell Ose says:

    Marlon Stevenson that post means we black people have to come back to God. We are the Israelites we black. God gave power to white people so they can enslave us,but if we come back to God He will forgive us our sins.

  6. only sin was being disguting slave owners who soled the children of black people as propabitlies , not being white you fuck .

  7. Aziza A Moussa What about the non slave owners? They killed every WHITE person. It's whiteness not whether they were slave owners or pedophiles.

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