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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Kerry Washington


She Graduated Top of Her Class

Washington earned a Presidential Arts Scholarship to attend George Washington University and graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the school in 1998 with a degree in Performance Studies. After she gave the commencement address earlier this year at her alma mater, she was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts.

kerry-washington-commonShe Has Director Skills

Washington directed the video for Common’s single “I Want You” from his 2007 acclaimed album “Finding Forever”. She also makes an appearance as his obsessed/psychotic ex-girlfriend. The same video boasts an ensemble cast with Alicia Keys, Serena Williams, and Kanye West. Of the experience, Washington said she “looooved directing,” and was so engulfed in it that she didn’t look at any acting scripts for three weeks because she was locked in the editing room putting the video together.

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25 thoughts on “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Kerry Washington

  1. you better work girl and well done

  2. That doesn't mean she's half Jamaican. It means that she is of Jamaican descendant.

  3. Simone Rattigan says:

    The article states her mother is Jamaican. Many Jamaicans by nature are "mixed race", giving rise to the national motto "out of many one people". So therefore, she is from Jamaica….a Jamaican with mixed race background. @angeleyes Kerry

  4. Ms. Kerry, do the math. If her mother is Jamaican that accounts to at least half of her biological genes. Her father might not be a Jamaican but that does not matter. Her mother is, making her, at least HALF JAMAICAN! So, what are you saying?
    NUFF Said!!!

  5. Ms. Kerry, do the math. If her mother is Jamaican that accounts to half of her biological makeup. Her father might not be a Jamaican but that does not matter. Her mother is, making her, at least HALF JAMAICAN! So, what are you saying? NUFF Said!!!

  6. Angelo Frazier says:

    @Simone Rattan … the Large Majority of Jamaican people in Jamaica are Unmixed Black of Afrikan dissent.. Don't believe the hype of deadly integration.

  7. Let keep things simple people. She is African period. Being from Jamaica is not a designation of race. In the song by Peter Tosh, "If you come from Kingston, you are an African, if you come from Canada, you are an African". In the song he goes on to mention many European countries, bottomline, if you are black, you are an African. Most puzzling, what reason her parents give for identifying with Ireland, what connection do they have with Ireland. Don't tell me they have Irish in them, like FLOTUS, but do not recognize her African race. How can she recognize Irish in her, and to not recognize herself as an African, black folks are screwed up. FLOTUS, does not look Irish, neither does Kerry Washington, they look like they are from the African race. We want to be anything, but African, why?

  8. Is she too good to be jamaican

  9. Is she too good to be jamaican

  10. Byron Keys says:

    Horatio M. Bennett, Jamaican is a nationality not a race. If you have been to Jamaica you know it is a very diverse country. There are plenty of white, black, Asian, east Indian and Latino people. These people are all Jamaicans. Just to reiterate, Jamaican is not a race, it is a nationality. Your nationality contributes nothing at all to your biological makeup.

  11. I guess some people don't understand the difference between nationality and race…. If u were not born in Jamaica ur not Jamaican. It doesn't matter if ur parents are from there. I am a big fan of Kerry Washington but she's not half jamaican.

  12. The article did not state that her mother is Jamaican it said that she is from a mixed up race in Jamaica. It means her family is from Jamaica so do the math nationality vs race

  13. Marcus J. Wilson Sr. says:

    Just seeing her and now knowing of her accomplishments makes me smile and proud of her as an example of black woman doing great things.

  14. Phoenix Evelynne says:

    Ya'll arguing about if she's half Jamaican… Idk. Her momma look black to me.

  15. If her mom is Jamaican by birth and hasn't relinquished her citizenship, then that makes Kerry a Jamaican, actually

  16. Omg! Her mother family is from Jamaica not her…. People need to get educated about the difference between race and nationality

  17. The-Perfect Flo says:

    Under the Jamaican Constitution if you are born in Jamaica or born outside of, to a Jamaican parent you automatically have a right to Jamaican Citizenship. When someone says that you are half-Jamaican they are speaking about Nationality and ofcourse, your Nationality has nothing to do with race or genes. Lastly, Jamaica is made up of persons from all races, so it is impossible to look on someone and tell whether or not they are Jamaican.

  18. What
    you are saying is tripe,I was born in Jamaica also my 3 kids, I've 4 grand kids born in Germany, the first 3 grand kids mother is from Tanzania and all of them has Jamaican citizenship the fourth one mother is a German and he has Jamaican citizenship 9 out of ten Jamaican living in Germany make sure that our kids has both citizenship, go and wash your mouth!!

  19. Juliette a yu fi guh wash out yu mouth and get some education… Damn dumb ass…

  20. Simone Rattigan says:

    This whole debate is a matter of semantics which I find quite ridiculous lol. "Half" can be ascribed to anything…whether race or nationality hence when referring to mixed race "mulatto" is the correct term….otherwise mixed-nationality is also popularly used references e.g. British Jamaican and even Jamaican American (jamerican) as actress Sheryl Lee Ralph #spell# proudly asserts herself. Bottom line when u say she is of Jamaican descent lol ur nt sayin anything different….in other words Kerry is of "Jamaican descent"…with 50% (HALF!) of that descent attributable to her 100% Jamaican mother (who is a mixed race Jamaican). Using terms to describe mixed nationalities has been around so long ago! Dnt knw y it's news to this Kerry person. I gues the historians who themselves have referred to persons in the Jamaican diaspora as half Jamaican for example wud face Kerry's wrath. Ur need to insult ppl is disappointing since I thought grown ppl cud maintain decorum in a healthy debate. The hurling of insults is truly childish smh. Forget the semantics. We Kerry half Jamaican n argument done….tomaaayto vs tomaahto

  21. Simone Rattigan says:

    Nobody disagreed re having African in her. I think ya'll misunderstanding folks. Plz remem u cn speak abt sum1 in terms of nationality e.g. Jamaican Canadian (citizenship) as well as proudly in terms of race. What we r talking about in this case is u rightly sed being Jamaican is not a conclusive indicator of race therefore no one was ascribing a race cz dat was not the focus of the convo or article. Just like British American is nt a race….cz surely u cn have a Black British American. Sigh this semantics is rather interesting tho….if I hv my child with a whitw canadian he/she is definitely half black n definitely half Jamaican…Jamaican Canadian…50% Jamaican. All semantics and misunderstanding what other Jamaicans in this convo r expressing

  22. Angelo Frazier That is a blessing. I will say it again, it dosen't matter where you are born, (nationality) you are an AFRICAN. Who wish to be mixed? Only black people. It is very simple, so why all the debate.

  23. Charles Rattigan says:

    She is a beautiful woman and I think the highest paid female television actress

  24. Ty Anderson says:

    She wasn't born in Jamaica, she is a NYC Bronx girl

  25. Ty Anderson says:

    Washington was born in the Bronx, New York City, the daughter of Valerie, a professor and educational consultant, and Earl Washington, a real estate broker.[5][6][7] Her father's family is of African American origin, having migrated from South Carolina to Brooklyn. Her mother's family is from Manhattan, and Washington has said that her mother is from a "mixed-race background but from Jamaica, so she is partly English and Scottish and Native American, but also descended from African slaves in the Caribbean."[8][9][10] Through her mother, she is a cousin of the former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell

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