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‘The Real World’ Season 29, Episode 1: ‘Excess Baggage’

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The Real World” season 29, episode 1: “Excess Baggage” premieres tonight on MTV, where former flames are forced to live with their exes.

This week, exes show up unexpectedly and things get explosive. Ariel finds herself in the middle of Ashley’s wrath, while Jenny expresses her opinion on Cory and Ashley hooking up.

Here’s MTV’s synopsis of the show:

“Expect the unexpected in this new season of “The Real World”!

This season starts with seven strangers who all have complicated relationships with their exes and are ready to be free and enjoy single life in the Real World house. But just when they get comfortable and new relationships start to brew…. Surprise! Their exes move in.

This season returns to the beautiful backdrop of San Francisco, but viewers will quickly learn this is a fresh take on The Real World. The season kicks off with the cast finding out they made the show and only have a couple hours to pack and head to the house. When the excited singles arrive at their loft, the hookups begin almost immediately. One couple even hooks up in the confessional the second night. Being in close quarters with brand-new roommates puts the roommates to the test, and one wild roommate ostracizes herself from the group and soon decides to move out.

With relationships building and tempers flaring, the roommates are completely caught off guard when they find out their exes have moved in — and are there to stay! The new living arrangement throws a major wrench in the roommates’ love lives. Love triangles, jealousy, scandal, fights, hookups, breakups and makeups take over the house as the roommates learn to either live with their exes, or push them out one by one.

It’s a passionate new living situation – the first time to ever be explored on the Real World.”

“The Real World” season 29, episode 1: “Excess Baggage” airs Wed. Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. EST, on MTV. Check out the season 29 trailer and a couple of sneak peek videos of the coming episode.




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