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‘The Mentalist’ Season 6, Episode 11: ‘White Lines’

'The Mentalist' Season 6

“The Mentalist” season 6, episode 11: “White Lines” airs Sunday on CBS.

Coming up on the next episode, the FBI is tasked with finding the killer of several DEA agents, and Jane goes on a date with a beautiful woman associated with the case.

A summary of the show reads:

“A team of the Californian Bureau of Investigation (CBI) may officially be lead by haughty agent Lisbon. However, her mediocre intelligence and methods by the book are no match for ‘mentalist’ Patrick Jane. Formally, the ex-medium-hustler is just a police consultant. In fact the detectives soon learn to look to him for ever brilliant and surprising observations, deductions, ploys and traps. No criminal ever outsmarts Jane – except perhaps Red John, who unwillingly motivated Patrick to start fighting crime.”

“The Mentalist” season 6, episode 11 airs Jan 5 10 p.m. EST, 9 p.m. CST on CBS.

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