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‘Gold Rush: Alaska’ Season 5, Episode 11: ‘Hope Creek’

gold rush

Gold Rush: Alaska season 5, episode 11: “Hope Creek” airs tonight.

Episode synopsis:

Dave butts heads with Todd over their mining plan; Parker gets a second chance.

“Gold Rush” is a new documentary series for Discovery Channel about a group of unemployed men from Oregon who have set out for Alaska in search of gold. In a last ditch effort to provide for their families, they’ve sold everything they can and invested in a gold claim and the machinery to mine it. Living off the grid in one of the wildest and most unforgiving wildernesses on earth, they hope to rekindle the American Dream and start a 21st century Gold Rush. But in Alaska, everything is a struggle. Every day they have to contend with breakdowns, bug bites, extreme weather and grizzly bears. Can they tough it out long enough to find any gold?”

“Gold Rush: Alaska” season 5, episode 11: “Hope Creek” airs Jan. 3, at 9pm on Discovery Channel.

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