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‘Girl Code’ Season 2, Episode 9: ‘New Year’s Code’

Girl Code Season 2, Episode 9: New Year’s Code

“Girl Code” season 2, episode 9: “New Year’s Code” airs Dec. 31 on MTV.

Coming up on the next episode: Your New Year’s Eve outfit should reflect how you want to feel that night, and the girls breakout the latest girl-code rules.

A summary of the show from MTV:

“MTV’s new series “Girl Code” is a strong and smart female-driven comedy series bringing millennial viewers a new, hilarious how-to manual full of over-the-top tips to push the envelope and open the dialogue about the wonders and woes of womanhood. In the same style of irreverent commentary that fans have come to love on MTV2’s top rated series “Guy Code,” the new MTV series calls on female stand-up comics, actresses and musicians — and even a few guys — to weigh in on the sisterhood that all girls share.”

“Girl Code” season 2, episode 9 airs Dec. 31 10 p.m. EST, 9 p.m. CST on MTV.

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