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Ohio Teacher: ‘We Do Not Need Another Black President’

Ohio teacher suspended for racist remarks “We do not need another Black president.”

Those are the racially insensitive words that were allegedly uttered by Fairfield Freshman School science teacher Gil Voigt, in response to a young African-American male student who told Voigt that he wanted to be president someday.

After complaints from students and parents, Voigt, who is white, was suspended without pay on Monday while officials at the school and the Fairfield School Board further investigate the Dec. 3 incident.

Voigt is also facing permanent termination depending on the outcome of the school’s investigation and he has been granted 10 days to request a hearing before the school board.

Board president Dan Murray  said he was disappointed when he heard of the allegations and said Fairfield schools take pride in their diversity and tolerance.

“He was talking to some students and said some things that were racially insensitive,” Murray said. “We take diversity in our school district very seriously with tolerance of people who are different. We just felt this teacher had crossed the line.”

Assistant Superintendent Roger Martin said he was more surprised because these incidents of that type usually don’t happen at the Fairfield school.

“This is a rare occurrence,” Martin said. “This is the first time I’ve faced it since being named superintendent [in 2011].”

In his own report, Martin confirmed that all four of the students who were interviewed had stories that corroborated with the allegations that Voigt told one of his students that the U.S. didn’t need another Black president.

While the allegations were surprising to Martin, it is not the first time Voigt has been in trouble with the school board.

He received a verbal warning in 2008 for making another racially insensitive comment, and received another warning the same year for improper use of school technology although there is no record to specify what exactly he used the school’s technology for.

Last year he received another verbal warning for belittling a student and calling him “stupid.”

Ohio teacher says We Do Not Need Another Black President A written warning was issued last month after he failed to use the school’s adopted curriculum that some students and parents fear could have a long-term impact on students’ academic progress moving forward.

The African-American teen who Voigt was talking to has been removed from his class, but only time will tell if Voigt will be able to return to his teaching position at the school.

“We intend to uphold board policies and to hold teachers accountable for the essential functions of the teacher job description,” Martin said.

Several other accusations have been made against Voigt throughout the last academic school year, including violations of staff ethics, staff-student relations and harassment.

According to Voigt, he has merely been misquoted by the student who he claimed was not a good student and was very troublesome in his class.

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9 thoughts on “Ohio Teacher: ‘We Do Not Need Another Black President’

  1. The board president said, "We are tolerant of people who are different in our schools, the school is the boy's school too, he act like the boy is not suppose to be there. What the heck that mean, a black boy who is different … Wait minute, why is he different? Because he has black skin, that dosen't make him different, you cannot put a label on my child, no he is not different, the people who see him as different, are the ones who are different, and different from what? I have a problem with that statement, white folks say that all the time.

  2. David Charles says:

    "white folks say that all the time." Generalizations are fallacies. . I appreciate what you're saying but please be careful not to make generalizations while trying to fight the same thing. 🙂

  3. David Charles I will rephrase, you are right, but most do feel that way.

  4. Jeff Bennett says:

    Right… you're an expert on white people like I'm an expert on Buddhist Monks…

  5. If there is anything I know, I know, it is racism. I know that a group of people committed the worse crimes against African people, ever in the history of the planet, and they were white people. Not only that, but the racism continues. Obviously, you are in denial of the crimes committed against African people, or flat out wish to lie and cover up these crimes, needless to say, you should stop making comments on issues you do not know what you are talking about. Everything I say about racism, and how most people of the white race discriminates against African people, and other people of color, I can prove it, it happens all over the world, where ever you find European people. This will be my last comment to you, because, you are nothing but a bull shitter, and you have no information to share with me, that is creditible. Then your statement was stupid. No one has to be an expert to know when they are discriminated against, we have been subjected to this madness every since they set foot in Africa. Coming in stealing all our stuff, all our resources, including the people.

  6. Jeff Bennett says:

    Nzingha Shabaka – Yes I believe you do know racism, or at least blind hate. You cherry pick your facts, rather than admit the whole picture. You forget that there there are plenty of races and ethnic groups that have been victims of various crimes. You only talk about your people because thats all you care about, which ironically makes you the exact thing you rail against. Food for thought: There are so many descendants of slaves in America that have gone on to healthy prosperous lives and continue their family name. How many black families have seen the struggles and efforts of their ancestors come to a quick end because of senseless violence at the hands of a young black man? Seems like this should at least be somewhere on your list of crimes committed against African people, or do you only count the ones committed by non-Africans? I know you won't respond but at least you will read this.

  7. Katannah Day says:

    Jeff Bennett, I cant speak for David Charles but I know that I have spent much more time around White people than i have around Buddist Monks, you do the math . . .

  8. Jeff Bennett says:

    Katannah Day – My comment was not not directed towards David Charles, but I will still "do the math". I=1, You=1, He=1, She=1. My point is that I am an individual- I speak for myself and no one else. I do not identify with someone just because they look like me and will not try and defend the most ridiculous actions of persons of my race, ethnicity, religion, etc.. To generalize "white folks" as was done in the above post is as ignorant as to generalize "black folks". BTW, there are other races but this is "The Grio", so there is only black and white (and sometimes brown).

  9. Jeff Bennett says:

    Melvin, I followed up that short, sarcastic post with two longer and more intellectual posts. No response to them? And I haven't personally suffered 400 years at the hands of anyone, but then again, neither have you.

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