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Top 9 Jamaican Movies of All Times


#9 ‘Better Mus’ Come’“Better Mus’ Come” is a love story set in the political turmoil and gang warfare in 1970s Jamaica. The film follows warring political factions People’s National Party and the Jamaica Labor Party in 1970s Jamaica as they enlist the support of gangs to enforce their policies, and advance their political agenda. It is a fictionalized dramatization of real historical events, specifically, the Green Bay Massacre, where the government finally tracked down these gangs and had them systematically wiped out.


marley documentary

#8 ‘Marley’“Marley” is a 2012 documentary-biographical film directed by Kevin MacDonald documenting the life of Bob Marley.

The content spans over the life and musical career of Marley, mainly as seen through the eyes of those who knew him and contributed to the documentary, including Bunny Wailer, Rita Marley, Lee “Scratch” Perry and many others.

Although Marley was enthusiastic about music from a young age, he had disappointing record sales as a solo artist. He then decided to collaborate with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer to create “The Wailers.” This group later became known as “Bob Marley and the Wailers” and achieved international fame. The group made Bob Marley a household name and brought worldwide attention to Jamaican culture, Reggae music and the Rastafari movement.

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6 thoughts on “Top 9 Jamaican Movies of All Times

  1. Ryan Douglas says:

    How did Shottas make it over Smile Orange??? smile Orange was a classic..

  2. Anya Isabel says:

    Where is "The Lunatic?" That surely was a better film then shottas

  3. Moziah Bonneau says:

    at least they didn't put shottas 2 which was worse, like a combination of watching Belly 2 and State Property 2

  4. SistahTari Reuben says:

    Smile Orange should be on the list

  5. Qmillion Riddim says:

    Out the Gate!

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