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‘Black Ink Crew’ Season 2, Episode 12: ‘S**t Happens’

Black Ink Crew Season 2, Episode 12:  S**t Happens

“Black Ink Crew” season 2, episode 12: “S**t Happens” premieres tonight on VH1.

This week on “Black Ink Crew,” O’S**t is still missing. The crew is worried about their friend and the shop is losing customers. Meanwhile, the Jamaica crew goes cliff diving and Puma (who neglects to tell anyone that he can’t swim) nearly drowns…just days before his wedding. When O’S**t reappears, Walt tears into him about friendship and responsibility. Ceaser and Dutchess finally arrive in Jamaica together…and fighting. Dutchess runs from the resort and, unbeknownst to Ceaser, ends up collapsing in the parking lot.

VH1′s description of the show:

“Enter the world of the ‘Black Ink Crew’ and meet the girls and guys who run the only Black-owned and operated tattoo parlor in the heart of Harlem at 113th St. and Lenox Ave. The employees are a tight, but totally dysfunctional ‘family.’ For many of them, this shop is the key to turning their lives around, and for some of them, it’s their first legitimate job off the streets. To the people who work there, Black Ink is more than just one of the most famous—and infamous—tattoo shops in the country… it’s home.

“The shop is also a magnet for hip-hop stars and athletes, but the real flavor comes from the colorful characters who walk into the shop on a daily basis. Inside the doors of Black Ink, you never know what you are going to get. From the sexy new girl on the block, Dutchess, to the party animal of the group, Puma, the characters are crazy, sexy, funny and, most of all, lovable. This hourlong docu-series follows the lives of Ceaser, Dutchess, Alex, Sassy, Puma and O’ S**t, as they work, live, party, and hang out in Harlem. ‘Black Ink Crew’ explores the friendships, crushes, rivalries and craziness that comes when a group of friends become family.”

“Black Ink Crew” season 2, episode 12: “S**t Happens”  airs Dec. 16 at 9:30 p.m. EST on VH1. Check out the spoiler video below:


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  1. I just heard duchess tell cease that she had a heart murmur in the car and I want to know how did she heard it, I think she is using the heart thing to push everyone way and keep cease to herself.

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