‘Almost Human’ Season 1, Episode 6: ‘Arrhythmia’

“Almost Human” season 1, episode 6: “Arrhythmia” airs tonight on Fox.

Coming up on the next episode, Detective John Kennex and Dorian respond to a suspicious death at a hospital where – before having a fatal cardiac arrest – a man claimed someone was trying to kill him, and inexplicably knew his exact time of death. As the investigation unfolds, a black market for vital organs is uncovered in which bio-mechanical hearts can be resold and remotely “shut off.” As the team fights to find the pulse of this 2048 tech-centric crime, Dorian reconnects with a decommissioned DRN.

Fox decribes the show as follows:

“From J.J. Abrams and creator J.H. Wyman, “Almost Human” is a high-tech, high-stakes action drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved humanlike androids. An unlikely partnership is forged when a part-machine cop (Karl Urban) is forced to pair with a part-human robot (Michael Ealy) as they fight crime and investigate a deeper coverup in a futuristic new world.”

“Almost Human” season 1, episode 6: “Arrhythmia” airs Dec. 16 at  8 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CST on Fox.

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