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‘Treme’ Season 4, Episode 2: ‘This City’

'Treme' Season 4, Episode 2:'This City'Treme season 4, episode 2: “This City,” comes on Sunday night on HBO.

Coming up on the next episode, Lambreaux learns his cancer has spread; Delmond plays with Terence Blanchard in New York; Annie wins song of the year for “This City”; violence strikes one of Batiste’s students.

HBO describes the show as follows:

“This musician-themed HBO TV series is set in a New Orleans neighborhood. From the creator who brought you ‘The Wire; (David Simon),  ‘Treme’ follows the lives of struggling artists and musicians in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. ‘Treme‘refers to one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans where the African-American and Creole culture come together.”

Treme season 4, episode 2: “This City,” airs Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CST on HBO.

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