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’48 Hours Mystery’ Season 27, Episode 12: ‘Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation’

'48 Hours Mystery' Season 27, Episode 12: 'Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation'“48 Hours Mystery” season 27, episode 12: “Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation” premieres tonight on CBS.

In tonight’s episode it’s a “48 Hours” special from the journalists of CBS News, exploring the social, cultural and political impact of Mandela’s life on the world.

The show is describes as follows:

“48 Hours Mystery’ is television’s most popular true-crime series, investigating shocking cases and compelling real-life dramas with journalistic integrity and cutting-edge style. This news magazine program began as a half-hour show, evolving into the one-hour investigative report that it remains today. The name has changed from “48 Hours” to “48 Hours Investigates” and the current, “48 Hours Mystery.” Having won numerous awards in broadcast, it also now features a stellar ‘cast’ of individual award-winning reporters and has been known to not just report on stories, but make real differences.”

“48 Hours Mystery” season 27, episode 12 airs tonight Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. EST, * p.m. CST on CBS.

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One thought on “’48 Hours Mystery’ Season 27, Episode 12: ‘Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation’

  1. Jane Clarke says:

    This was the worst and most inappropriate episode of "48 Hours" of all time. If I had wanted to watch something about Mandela, I could have tuned in to one of the many other channels. People who watch "48 Hours" do so because they're interested in murder mysteries, not some pseudo-leader who turned an entire country into a lawless sewer! Mandela was nothing more than a terrorist and had he been white, he would be condemned, not praised!

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