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10 African Kings and Queens Whose Stories Must be Told on Film

Ta Seti First Monarch

Some years ago Nick Cannon expressed his disdain for movies such as “Django Unchained” and “12 Years a Slave,” saying he’s tired of seeing Black people portrayed as slaves on film. Recognizing that African people’s history started prior to being enslaved, the actor tweeted that he would like to see Blacks portray kings and queens in films instead.

“Why don’t they make movies about our African kings & queens? #OurHistory I would love to see a film about Akhenaton and his beautiful wife Queen Nefertiti! Or Cetewayo, a king who was a war hero. Im about to drive to my office right now and start the development! New Hollywood Trend, Black king and queen films! Starring Black people!!”

Below are 10 kings and queens whose extraordinary accomplishments would make great storylines for films.

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167 thoughts on “10 African Kings and Queens Whose Stories Must be Told on Film

  1. Myron Johnson says:

    Hannibals strategy and tactics are still studied and used by the U.S. Military.

  2. Jon Collier says:

    A Black Day Is Coming…A Black Day Is Here–Last Poets..

  3. Abraham Zte says:

    I like your view about Queen of Sheba….but in my opinion if you add Ethiopian queen TAitu who fought aganist Italian agression of Ethiopia that Victory declared by her war tactic, advise of her husband King Minelik….she is also a founder of the current capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

  4. Tammy Thompson-Walker says:

    In the words of the great warrior, Marcus Garvey…."A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." Let's return & get it. HOTEP!

  5. Instead of Mansa Musa, I will put Sundiata Keita the last non-Islamicised King of the Kingdom of Mali

  6. Floyd Webb says:

    Are y'all willing to help pay to get these multi-million dollar historical epics made? Anything can be done…it all comes down to whose is going to pay for it. Are there a 100,000 people who would pledge $50 each to getting one of these done?

  7. Akim Hamlet says:

    Hannibal was black? Didnt know that lol

  8. Devan Clark says:

    A filmmaker should ask and at least see if that's possible..I believe properly informed Blacks would give..

  9. Mary Woods says:

    High Five Nick!

  10. I think its a great initiative though we have to get the storyline and the core message carried upon, it shouldn't be some sort of "we want equality" type of a thing. Anyway I think its good.

  11. Mansa Musa says:

    they'll never be able to use them in a war today cause most countries use guerrilla warfare. and white people have never been able to fight that style. thats why america hasnt won a war since world war 2

  12. Mansa Musa says:

    i would pledge the money if it was a historian i trusted to make it. like anthony browder. some of these conscious guys like tariq nasheed are in it for the money. but i would definitely sign up to throw some money at the producers.

  13. Mansa Musa says:

    yea, white people use word games. they call it Carthage and never ever refer to it as northern africa, giving you the impression that its somewhere over there, but you just dont know where.
    then they name movie characters (like from the A-team) after our heroes to further steal our history.

  14. Reign Ellis says:

    I wonder will Oprah and Tyler help in these projects.POSITIVE depictions of black people. I love this. Let's see if Black Hollywood will support Nick. You can support Precious, Color Purple, and Brewster Place…come and support this!

  15. Baba Lufuno says:

    Mwenemutapa is another who deserves a film

  16. Tyleah McFadden says:

    Is it too late to get into knowing your Black history? I feel fake.

  17. Dawn Brooks says:

    There is already a movie on Shaka instead of making movie's open up a book do some research.

  18. yes – Carthaginians were seen as Black by the ancient Romans. There are coins and literary evidence to support this – I had to engage some this literature during my Thesis research in Classical Studies.

  19. I agree with that, but we should also have entertainment media's to encourage further engagement and provide exposure. I think engaging entertainment mediums is important because you access a wider audience. I think, in this way, we can get more people interested and, in turn, hitting the books.

  20. We need Black directors, actors, producers, and others in the cinematic industry to make an effort to engage Black antiquities (ancient and Medieval) as oppose to just slavery and civil rights. The Black experience is so much more – that's what the Eurocentric world doesn't want us to see.

  21. Shawn Brown says:

    No comment of emperor Hallie Selassie. Why?

  22. Jesse James says:

    But you're not upset bout film about men dressed like women
    12 years a slave is about how we over came the worse to rise up. I am proud that we survived and never gave up would like to see a film about Nat Turnner. Oh by the way some of the kings sold black men and women and made money from the slave trade

  23. Jesse James says:

    But you're not upset bout film about men dressed like women
    12 years a slave is about how we over came the worse to rise up. I am proud that we survived and never gave up would like to see a film about Nat Turnner. Oh by the way some of the kings sold black men and women and made money from the slave trade

  24. I not tired of slaves films. That is a part of history thst we need to remember, because it's a part of American history that's not taught in schools! And yes our history did not begin with slavery and that should be taught as well!

  25. Did Nick Cannon say that? Great. Nick if you read this, look, Toussaint L'Overture of Haiti, I believe he was greater than Hannibal, and all the rest, but they all were great.

  26. Devan Clark says:

    You cant Blame the film makers..The reason so much Bullcrap gets made has more to do with the Black audience..What Black people will pay to see is what you will get in theaters.Best man Holliday far outpaced 12 years a Slave .12 years a slave did okay but still fell short compared to most at only 34,187,000. The truth is especially for Black women.They want to see light hearted feel good stuff ,that is unrealistic .Black woman doing what they want at will with long Blond weave down their backs is very appealing to Black women.That is the reason Best man did so had it had all the elements most Black females lust for.Fake,gorgeous wealthy men,hair weaves,sex and the biggest one of all,the stupid belief in "POSSIBLY" getting a white man some day.The movies are for entertainment,but we black folks take the cake in stupidity in what we enjoy watching preety much ALL THE TIME..

  27. Reign Ellis says:

    Devan Clark the film makers do have their part as well sir. You have stated a LOT of stereotypes of black women but the same can be said of black men. Black men are also stereotyped lately as gay down low brothers. Are most black men desiring a gay lover behind closed doors. Certainly not! I guess that is why "we" are going for the "white man". This is ridiculous. We must first have the financial gain to make movies because a lot of producers and directors who are black will not back these types of films. I am sure if we (consumers) were given something different we would back it. We must stand together as a people as the KINGS and QUEENS and not play into these ridiculous notions against each other.

  28. Evelyn King says:

    This is a good read Jon.

  29. Devan Clark says:

    Reign Ellis I agree with you and I cannot in anyway make that argument..But the truth hurts.Most Black folks are not interested in movies of substance.Bill cosby talked about how 90% of the criticism he got about the Cosby show was from Black folk.They told him that they "ACTED WHITE" and the show was unrealistic. Blacks overall still have a slave mentality and crab in the barrel type of thinking from slavery. We as a whole don't support positive images of ourselves at all. Also,We are still in the same economic boat we were in 55 years ago.African Americans are the second largest consumers behind whites,but we spend less than 2% of that money with our own people.Blacks spend 13% of every dollar on entertainment purposes.Sneakers ,Movies,Video games and cars.This is the truth, untill we control our own Black dollars,we will always have to beg the white man to give us money to make the kinds of movies you want to see.

  30. Reign Ellis says:

    Devan Clark I totally agree with you on that sir. It is true. We are the driving force on every marketing venue and we do not invest in our own product or community. I agree with what Bill Cosby said also. We must get informed about how we can invest our own dollars. It is true about the slave mentality. Yes, I believe we must first work together collectively before anything can be achieved. It all begins with the mindset. Very good points.

  31. Keeli Shey says:

    I stopped reading at Mansa Mussa…. We africans all know that Mansa Mussa was the one who discovered America. He first sent 400 ships there but the ships drifted and one ship came back to him so he prepared 1000 ships ( Mens and food) for a new expedition that he conducted himself and let his kingdom to his successor ( Mansa Abu Bakri). First af all he lived earlier. second they all were muslim ( as their names can tell) third their Empire was the "Mandigo Empire". when Christopher Columbus arrived in America he describes The people he saw there in his diary and he told about the kind of people he saw and knew only in west africa as being Mandingos. You can make your own investigation and dig into this to find out if this is real. For an African American information Web Site in think it's sad to by pass such a rich history of our people ( we black people). So i stop reading what my brother wrote because it sounded very light to me. I invite anyone to chanllage what i'm saying here about Mansa Mussa so the truth can come out for all of us.

  32. Ernell Hill says:

    I was thinking the same thing my brother, It will never be told unless we do it. keep my name on your list, I don't have much but I am a willing worker and I want this .

  33. Kiione Davis says:

    Here lies the greatest problem. While these stories are known they are known by mostly white historians. They would not dare, usually, to disagree with the standard idea that these major historical occurrences happened in mixed race or white nations. The stories of Rameses II or Hannibal have been done and portrayed by white actors and actresses. Chaka Zulu was done by African actors (too far in the South to get away with white ones) but they portrayed him as an absolute monster and tyrant. His brilliance as one of the greatest warrior kings to every live was subdued and down played.

  34. Esse Yena says:

    can you please name me the kings wo sold their landsmen? and please do not forget to mention which currencies were used to make the transactions as well as the marketplaces where these exchanges were made. thank you in advance

  35. Jesse James says:

    Missed the point Esse

  36. Ronald Green Jr. says:

    Also Septimus Severus, one of the 5 black Roman emperors.

  37. Ronald Green Jr. says:

    So many more….Au Bar II, Sunni Ali just to name a few.

  38. Ronald Green Jr. says:

    *Abu Bakr II

  39. Jan Lui Gomis says:

    There are hundreds of African heroes, not just kings and queen, but men and women who are real references of African values. Kings and queens were resistant, conquerors and warriors. Men like El Hadj Omar, which is a reference. His kingdom was as big as West Africa. His war tactics taught in its largest military schools. Samori Toure as kings, who were a living legends, Gbéhanzin, Etc … films and movies can inspire "Hollywhitewood". But we do not have funding for films as big and beautiful as Titanic. And we do not have this network of cinema, to compete with Hollywood. 54 countries and 1.1 billion African, 3x the U.S. population. And we have tons of stories to tell and no one to show them how it must be showned.
    I make dreams give my small contribution to these great men telling their works.

  40. Jan Lui Gomis says:

    Hannibal is from Tunisia (Carthage), he is one of the best military strategist ever.

  41. Derek Collins says:

    I would pay the $50 in a heartbeat!

  42. Derek Collins says:

    Yes I would love to se a film on Nat turner starring Samuel Jackson

  43. Floyd Webb says:

    I will pay $100.00. Well alright!! Now, all we need is 99,997 more of us. I am serious!!!

  44. So what history books do you read? Why you are at it, read about Toussaint L'Overture of Haiti, he was probably better than Hannibal. Hannibal was a mullato, but still black. Toussaint one percent African.

  45. Nzingha Shabaka I am familiar with Toussaint, his feats were magnificent. However, based on his circumstances Hannibal is arguably the best general of all time. Toussaint is definitely overrated though – that is true. The reason why I bring up Hannibal is because my main research focus is on Black antiquities.

  46. Jesse James Jesse James Hi I read your comment on 12 years a slave and how you feel about "being proud that we survived and never gave up" The problem isn't the fact that we survived those hardships of black life. The question is why are we being fed only that one sided aspect of our history? I'm sure you either have seen, read or heard about the great Kings (David, Solomon, Saul etc..) of Jewish history, the great stories of Rome and its Ceasars, Generals, etc.. The great Japonese Samurai, and Chinese Emperors. However, all that you've seen on film about a group of people with the most ancient history of mankind started with slavery in the 1800s or so. Don't you at least want to see a story about the Kings, Queens, Rulers, Generals, Architects who helped built some of the most amazing monuments known to mankind? It seems that the people that are against seeing a film about black history before slavery are black, I'm lost and confused here. If I missed your point what was it?

  47. Yes reading is essential to gain that information. However, the books are not reaching that vast number of people that movies have able to reach. How come Hollywood understands the power they have in film/television which is why they use to show how barbaric we are as a people, gang members, drug dealers, pimps, hoes, strippers, etc.. how many career oriented women or men do you see on these popular reality shows with a college degree with professional career like a doctor, nurse, architect, engineer, lawyer, teacher, maybe 1 but somehow most of us are completely blind that we are constantly being fed those images then you add at least 2 slave movies every year and rewarding them as the best movies. How come we don't see anything wrong with that. Denzel won an oscar for being a crooked cop screwing up his own ppl while Will Smith didn't win for playing a smart and responsible black man, Halle berry won for being a whore, Monique won for being an abusive mother same year Sandra Bullock won for saving a black boy, then the ladies in THE HELP won. Now is it me or there's something extremely wrong with that list.

  48. Jennifer Hutson says:

    I saw this movie as a young person and was so moved by Queen Nandi that I named my daughter after her. This article states that Nandi was his wife but most books and this movie say that Nandi was his mother. Maybe he married a woman named Nandi as well?

  49. Derek Collins says:

    I am serious as well. I will pay $100 no problem. I'm tired of seeing us as slaves. We were more than that. What are those films doing to the psyche of our children? Are these films conditioning us to think that we are weak and should accept abuse. They are not promoting strong black leaders who don't take anything less than the best. Even though Django fought back, he was freed by a white man and worked for him. Sigh !!!! I wish Hidden Colors was released in the movie theaters.

  50. Freddie Benz says:

    You hardly see any movies made in africa showing slavery. After many years i dont see hollywood bowing down to change their perception about black people. I rather channel my energy and efforts into something tangible and effective.

  51. I think black history should be mandatory in schools.

  52. Joy Holmes says:

    Jennifer Hutson Actually, the article does state that Queen Nandi is his mother. "The son of Zulu Chief Senzangakhona and his wife Nandi".

  53. April R. Murphy says:

    Jesse James With respect, I think Esse point is that excuse is often used when some people talk about africans being sold into slavery. However the number of those leaders who sold their own pale in comparison to the astronomical number of native people who were taken. There are plenty of captain logs that support this.

  54. April R. Murphy says:

    Thanks for the corrections! I love reading the comments on things like this so I can research on my own. Your input is greatly appreciated!

  55. Jennifer Hutson what's the name of this movie?

  56. Ced Wynez says:

    Our people never were SLAVES…….we were ENSLAVED held in Bondage. It's a difference.

  57. Esse Yena says:

    my question was actually clear and simple. he claimed that " some of the kings sold black men and women and made money from the slave trade" and would just like to know which kings he is talking about. I guess there are some proofs

  58. Jennifer Hutson says:

    You have to make sure it's the version with gorgeous ass Henry Cele playing Shaka. 🙂

  59. Jesse James says:

    Before I'm asked anymore Jeopardy questions or givin any more " Dr Ben " lessons let me say this with all due respect to my brothers and sisters. 12 Years a Slave was to me a well done film and a great story. The story of the African that was kidnaped and sold and
    forced into the cruelest slavery known to man kind must never be forgotten . The fact that our language and culture was beatin out of us. The fact that we made it from that to this is the Greatest Story ever told. That is my point

  60. Stay Ready says:

    seeing this has given me streanth

  61. Devan Clark the black men are equally guilty. you said that black women especially "They want to see light hearted feel good stuff ,that is unrealistic." the majority of young black people I saw in the movie theater when I went to see 12 years a slave were young women. I saw several older black men, but I only saw about 4 young men who looked about my age and each of them was there with their girlfriend. One of the couples was sitting behind me and the boyfriend told his girlfriend said he really didn't to sit through "some sad movie". I saw quite a few young black girls there with their friends, but not young black men. I even asked a guy friend of mine to come see the movie with me and he said that he didn't want to sit through some sad, serious slave movie. even with the bloggers I watch on youtube, almost all of the females whose channels I'm subscribed to have seen and spoken about 12 years a slave. Only one male blogger I follow has seen it. there is no "especially for black women." Both sexes are equally guilty and a lot of young black people in general are way too immature to take the initiative and see these movies.

  62. Sharon Strudwick says:

    Devan Clark, you are so right, I wish black women would VALUE themselves better than a blond weave and calling themselves the "B" word, it insults all Black women. It's time Black men and women demand better movies from Hollywood and stop paying to see trash that degrades us and stereotypes us into roles of being loose, drug dealers, gang bangers, calling each other the "N" word and the "B" word, we are much better people than this and our ancestors in African and in America fought for us to better people than what we have displayed and allowed white America to show us as. We need to work together and NOT against each other, it's okay to disagree but we need to STOP hating on each other, calling names and back stabbing each other. Come together my people, raise UP and be the Black men and women we were meant to be, then can younger people look up to you and see a positive out come and know they come from good stock.

  63. Sharon Strudwick says:

    Devan Clark, you are so right, I wish black women would VALUE themselves better than a blond weave and calling themselves the "B" word, it insults all Black women. It's time Black men and women demand better movies from Hollywood and stop paying to see trash that degrades us and stereotypes us into roles of being loose, drug dealers, gang bangers, calling each other the "N" word and the "B" word, we are much better people than this and our ancestors in African and in America fought for us to better people than what we have displayed and allowed white America to show us as. We need to work together and NOT against each other, it's okay to disagree but we need to STOP hating on each other, calling names and back stabbing each other. Come together my people, raise UP and be the Black men and women we were meant to be, then can younger people look up to you and see a positive out come and know they come from good stock.

  64. Cassandra M. Fields says:

    I would. I was just saying I'm sick of slave movies when they were talking about 12 years a Slave on the Golden Globes on GMA. If a fund gets started I would be willing to add some money towards the creation of movies like these.

  65. Leonard Guy says:

    Esse Yena Musa had many slaves just like any other great leader in those days. But it was quite common for Kings and rulers to sell there enemies to European, simply supply and demand.

  66. Leonard Guy says:

    Africans from my perception don't even consider the fact that slavery could not have happened without there need for guns and European manufactured goods.So i don't think the will even want to make films about something the caused great pain to those who were captured and sold for mere materials goods. This comment refers the West and Central African nations

  67. Abiy AB K says:

    I pledge $200 and do my part by doing fund raising in my own surroundings and community…

  68. Keeli Shey says:

    April R. Murphy Sorry. the one who reached america was Mansa Abu Bakri. His story was told by his successor (Mansa Moussa) during his trip to mecca. Mansa Moussa was followed by mansa Souleyman. please be kind to verify.

  69. Keeli Shey says:

    All you guy know came from slave masters… do you really thing they spent a dime on buying slaves ? tell them to open archives in europ ( Nantes, Bordeaux, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, etc…) and bring the receipts of payments they made to africans….. We Africans are very frustrated about that story because it's wrong. it never happened

  70. I enjoyed every word of this article! Must dig up some more.

  71. Who said the movies would be about black people held as slaves in Africa?

  72. Who said the movies would be about black people held as slaves in Africa?

  73. Right, I never say that, I always say, we were held as slaves.

  74. Right, I never say that, I always say, we were held as slaves.

  75. Tristan Samuels Just read your response today. Look, when you look at the forces our father Toussaint were up against, you have to think he was better. My reason, there were France, Spain, and Britian, when the the Haitian revolution started, he had no weapons first starting out, he and the people were so determined, no weapons, but they were able to create tatics that were unbelievable, they set alll the plantations on fire all at the same tme, we are talking maybe hundreds, I really don't know how many exactly, but I read, that you could not tell night from day, they went on to acquire weapons somehow, and won. The reason Haiti has not been able to progress is because of the sanctions against them by the west including the US, headed by Thomas Jefferson. And they had to pay France reparations, that is crazy. I recently found our Haiti is trying to get their money back, in todays dollars, we are talking about billions, they finally paid off in 1946. They fooled Toussaint to France after the war, talking about treaties, when he got there they arrested him locked him up in some building on a hill, and starved him to death. Unbelievable.

  76. Nzingha Shabaka I think Rome, at the time Hannibal was facing them, had more advantages than France, Spain, and Britain. But what makes Touissants feat better is that he won.

  77. Bj Barrow says:

    The only people who can tell our story is African and African Americans otherwise it will be lies it will take men such as Tyler Perry, Spike Lee Malcolm Lee, Nick Cannon Gardner, and many historians to come together with deep pockets the Africans have deep pockets that are not controlled dollars African American their dollars are controlled with the black card by their handlers now Tyler and Oprah, Gardner that is a different story;

  78. Bj Barrow says:

    The only people who can tell our story is African and African Americans otherwise it will be lies it will take men such as Tyler Perry, Spike Lee Malcolm Lee, Nick Cannon Gardner, and many historians to come together with deep pockets the Africans have deep pockets that are not controlled dollars African American their dollars are controlled with the black card by their handlers now Tyler and Oprah, Gardner that is a different story;

  79. Richard Daniel says:

    I'll put fitty on it…

  80. Original people populated the globe, now inaccurately referred to as "African". It is obvious many of us are still mentally enslaved. Great so called African leaders should be celebrated, but to what end?

  81. I wish that brother luck getting the backing he needs, because white Hollywood certainly isn't going to do it. And, black millionaires do anything that isn't self serving??

  82. James McRae says:

    Let make it happen!

  83. Slavery is only a part of our recent history. I learned alot reading this article and we should share this knowledge with Everybody

  84. Shawnda Jennings says:

    I wish that we-African Americans- and Africans could engage in more conversation about our history because my people have been brainwashed to be at odds with our distant relatives. If we knew history before slavery, I think we would feel better about uniting and taking trips to "go back home". I like that you Keeli Shey are at least saying that history before slavery is being taught and passed on in Africa, that is the link that we need to be able to raise our American children with. How can we get more information. I know that during slavery things were broken up and different groups of Africans were mixed up, so as to stay under the control of the slaveholders in a strange land. I feel though that if we knew more about the history before our people were put on the ship maybe it will be easier to link back to our original cultures. I would like to know if my people were from a particular tribe or a kingdom. There may be no way to truly trace it, but i think it would help with the broken culture that we are dealing with today, especially with the word being out that Africans were in America before slavery.

  85. Esse Yena , THANK YOU for that Question. Europeans injected that Train of thought into the Black Psyche and like the Storm troopers we are, we espouse that foolishness with no investigation. I really wish black people would stop lying to themselves and others with no evidence.

  86. Esse Yena , THANK YOU for that Question. Europeans injected that Train of thought into the Black Psyche and like the Storm troopers we are, we espouse that foolishness with no investigation. I really wish black people would stop lying to themselves and others with no evidence.

  87. Howard Ray says:

    I love all the comments about Nicks' ideal. To make it happen, controls should be developed as to how and what the funds will be spent on. This is a very workable ideal with some good logical sound planning. If a good sound plan is put together, I'm willing to contribute a $100.00.

  88. Judy Lyles says:

    I agree with your comments. 12 Years a Slave had a great psychological impact on me and a tremendous appreciation for the life that I am living today. Because my forefathers and mothers sacrificed their lives and never gave up the battle to attain freedom for future generations, this history gives me courage to continue making progress for equality for all people–even at age 72. The history of racial equality should continue to be told—from the beginning–so that it never ends.

  89. Judy Lyles says:

    Great comments. After visiting Africa and getting acquainted with several of the village people, I acquired a deep appreciation of my family and history. For me it was like finding a part of me that was missing–brothers and sisters, who lived with love, joy and peace in a country that was often at war with their neighboring village. I left wishing that I could stay there. I also experienced, as a Professor, every student that came to my class from Africa, adopted me as their " Mother" rather than teacher; it felt wonderful to be loved without judgment "whether I knew what I was teaching or not". I must give credit to the predominately white university, that provided this experience; they also benefitted from the information that was acquired from my travels. I also learned from African students that loving racists individuals can change their values and beliefs from hate to love,

  90. Keeli Shey says:

    You all know where the money is…. Go take it in Africa… Recently Mariah Carrey went to perform in Angola for 2 hours she received a 1 million USD cheque from the government of Angola… Fund the movie with afican money !!! Many have been told africa is poor… but that is false travel there and let me knp is african is poor as NGOs want you to believe …

  91. Floyd Webb says:

    Keeli Shey Why don'e we fund it with African American money first. Show we are committed and invested in such a project. Then sell it to them and pursue partnership. 🙂

  92. Keeli Shey says:

    Shawnda Jennings how do you think Spike Lee knew he was coming from Cameroon… DNA test

  93. Love Lee says:

    I'm proud he took the initiative. I will support this forum. I hope this will come true.

  94. The time has come for true history to be reviled, and yes this can be done. We've done what we choose to do. Every thing starts with a thought. It's time.

  95. Pasha Golliday says:

    No, this is one of the earliest known images of Sheba. This image was found in an old book.

  96. Absolutely. Show me the prospectus

  97. Keeli Shey says:

    Make some research on the Olmecs and you will easily understand that africans were in america more than 200 years before colombus….

  98. Yes.
    and I would love to be the accountant on the movie ..always wanted to do that.

  99. Glester Thorpe says:

    Jan Lui Gomis yea but the same people in Tunisia today aren't the same as who was ruled Carthage.

  100. Michael Hammett says:

    What?! Increase Black Pride? Have us become the powerful people that we descend from? It is a shameful display of hiding the trurh and DESTROYING it too.

  101. Yes sir!!! The answer to your question is 100,000,000 times YES!!! Yes in the footsteps of Oscar Micheaux…YES!!!

  102. Mansa Jally says:

    It is believed that some of Mansa Musa's Army did made it to the coast of Mexico 150yrs before Columbus. There is an evidence for that, there is a small town on the East cost of Mexico call MANDINGA; The people are of African origins. They believed their ancestor were not enslaved,

  103. Deborah A Maisonet says:

    I would also like to see some biblical films portraying black characters- Jesus, Deborah, Barak, Solomon's lover, Sheba, many others…

  104. Make sure the correct depiction of these people are presented. And be ready to band together as a people for all involved. When you are behind uplifting black folks you end up dead, discredited and broke. Its a real reason why it hasn't been done before. The powers that be; come for you if you do any real historical uplifting work. Be prepared to defend black at all costs.

  105. Ask yourselves, what benefits for whites would result from the movie portrayal of Africans as kings and queens?

  106. You can't dismantle the Masters house using the Masters tools.

  107. Afritorial says:

    Hi Tammy, totally in agreement. There's a great book recently launched – the 'Children of Saba' – that tells the story of the Queen of Sheba and the ancient Kingdom of Meroe. It's had great reviews and been featured as one of the 'Best Fiction Books about Africa' by the Guardian Newspaper UK. Have a look – It really bring to life our magificent and glorious past! Only when we know where we've come from, shall we know where we're going!'

  108. Afritorial, why is it 'Best Fiction' if it talks about rear African history?

  109. Sounds good…ghana one will be good movie, interesting story

  110. Iman Latif says:

    It is important that we as African people tell our own stories , it is no longer the responsibility of any one else to tell great stories of our history. So Nick Cannon if you want it do it's up to you make it come to light!

  111. And that is the question! Why don't we do it? Why must we continue to wait for others to tell our stories? Also, we must continue to tell our slave stories to remind us that we are here as a result of the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors. And to also speak boldly to us to get off our "Blessed Assurance" and lift up our COMMUNITY!

  112. I agree with you, there are many filmmakers who have great ideas the reality is we don't support them. If we are really serious about seeing positive images of ourselves on screen waiting for Hollywood is not the way. We should be supporting independent black filmmakers, there are often great concepts promoted on Indiegogo & Kickstarter and many of them struggle to even raise $5000 this is the reality and I speak from experience.

  113. Its never too late, start learning it will change your perspective of reality.

  114. Pat Roth says:

    I love this: we didn't have to march to nowhere, Queens were included in the commencement, the responses to the stimulus, "The Real People" are finally waking
    up, and the ANCESTORS say it MUST be done, NOW. I can write scripts, review and verify info, travel if necessary, whatever!!! where do I send my $50.00.

  115. look every body is making a lot of noise,how about some of us recommen some books kids can read today while they are home from school.start with hidden colors,in fact its on dvd right there on 125 th street.i will come back soon and see how many of you good people go check that out peace family

  116. here is a thought,how about childern of salves and african people that came here in the 70s have a family cookout in harlem and lets get to know each other.then we could network on how we would like to see ourselves in this movies,as well the kids will be able to get too know each other.just a thought lets try this frist

  117. African people are at war with themselves. We have to come to.terms with our history and accept it. Christianity will not allow it, because Christianity only works, if we don't love ourselves.

  118. Floyd Webb says:

    The cost of actual film production is not the $100,000,00 they tell you it is. That figure fuels their machine. Great films can be make for far less money. As long as we believe we have to everything the way Hollywood does nothing will ever get done. Fortunately many is us are already on the case.

  119. If we have our OWN schools, our history, world history from our perspective and facts would be the order of the day.

  120. Emorej Gnahc says:

    funny thing i was thinking the same thing i never forget that michael jackson video with Eddie Murphy acting the role as King with his Queen and Michael was dancing for them what's the songs name again?…i cherished that moment you dont see that very often..

  121. Mamita Fox says:

    Count me in my brother , keep me posted

  122. Naima Naima says:

    I feel honoured to read about my history! Queen Sheba is one of the greatest.

    N.B. She is not mentioned in the Qura'an. Please correct that.

  123. Naima Naima says:

    Instead of having a 'black history month' * dedicated to an entire nation, Black history should be part of the curriculum, at least in the UK.

    *(which I don't approve of , as there is no such thing as 'white history month')

  124. I am a Celebrity Booking agent i am Down for the support of Making this movie come to life ! but like brotha Floyd webb stated it all comes down to money! so lets make it happen !

  125. This was a great conversation Floyd Webb. Hopefully you'll be able to serve as a guest on my show tonight so we can discuss this very topic and get you the support and others the support they need to fund these must tell stories. The show airs on Sundays, 6pm-8pm, EST, Call in 347-308-8074 or visit:

  126. Luchi Fahey says:

    I'm all for the celebration of visible, African leaders in entertainment, but part of the problem lies in the expectation argued in this article! Look, you have an anatomically incorrect depiction of Hannibal portrayed as a Sub Saharan African man, not representative of what the people of the Sahel looked like in Roman times complete with their Asian and Euro influences. See? You're perpetuating in a way, the same problem that Eurocentric storytelling does. Distortion for the sake of pride…

  127. Venture smith also

  128. Fear is why these films are not produced ! The same fear that cause our people to be tricked into slavery ! Emancipate your self from mental slavery non but ourselves can free our mind ! Now we have the power ! We cannot depend on others to make the first move ! Our curriculum is one place we can start ! I am a teacher and I cannot see through why these facts about us aren't in the curriculum . However we must teach about Christopher Columbus . Where do we start with our future , education , books it's the only way out ! That's why certain book weren't allowed in South Africa ! Keep them in the dark and have control !

  129. Allin Fasho says:

    Sad they dont teach this in schools…. they only teach about the white man accomplishments but not the blacks they are trying to demolish our great history

  130. Paul Ronna says:

    The Bantu Name for Ramesess I,II, King RUMEZA or Rumezamiryango.Bantu name for MOSES is Mhz or MUHOZA,MUHUMUZA.MUSA,MUZA.Kingdom of Monomhotapa in southern Africa was started by one of AMENHOTEP pharoahs because that area was a major source of Gold.Pre th century Bantus in Zimbabwe revered Amenhotep and saw him as king of the whole continent of Africa.The great Zimbabwe walls were a legacy of Kemetic and kushitic influence in southern Africa his during 1000 BC.European scholars played around with vowels to confuse a lot of Bantu legacy and history using mispronounciations and border lines originally Greeks found the name of AMenmhotep as MNMTP…,mn is indication of being half god or part of God.Bantus and Tutisis in Rwanda and Burundi have MN at the end or beginnings of their names ie Habyarimn.MN or Amen,Amun ,Iman,Imana was Egyptian name for GOD.Its on papyrus hieroglyphs

  131. We shall arise out of the dust we shall arise! We shall not treat our oppressors as they have treated us! We shall ariase! Yes I have been praying for this day to come about where our History/Story is told in a true light! Wake up out of sleep my people, you are more than just man/woman you are made in the image of God, realizing that true fact start begain to see yourself in a different light? The brust you where once paint with was not what God intended, a man from foreign painted us and paint they use spelt lies, deceits and division! We have the capability to turn this around we must unite!

  132. i would love to see a movie like that

  133. Wow it is impressive to hear the collective discussion on a film depicting our black heritage and our historical contributions, but impressive as it is I must say this though that this idea will die within the confines of these comments. What is an undisputed facts is that the wealthy blacks that have " made it " are not concerned about their historical origin, for them wealth have placed in that privileged category that put them rubbing shoulders with the elite of society so they are not going to destroy that by showing a concern for things of that nature, HELL NO. so it left to us poor blacks with this knowledge and to decide what we can do with it, for me the answer is simple, white Hollywood is not going to do a movie depicting our true history so what we need to do is use these social mediums and tell our stories and also to inform our young people about who and what they ancestors were. and in due time the truth will be revealed.

  134. Why it always gotta be they. Why not you.


  136. That would be a dream come true. Our children deserve it!!!

  137. Barry Pierce says:

    I definitely am one of those that want to see our great past represented on film. On the other hand, there is a 400 year period that still needs representation on film. People in this country, no matter race, seem to forget or not know at all what happened to us and to the Native Americans. Similar to the Jewish holocaust, these stories should be told and retold so that no one ever forgets these ancestors which endured so much to advance us to where we are today.

    In addition, for me, there is a spiritual correction that the vivid representation of these horrors will advance. I am not a Christian or a Muslim, rather my spiritual needs are fulfilled through African Traditional religion, which to me, is far superior to those infantile religions forced upon us by our slave masters. Maybe, more images of the ungodly, inhuman horrors inflicted upon Africans by Europeans and Arabs, will start more and more people to re-evaluate the foreign religions they still practice. My study of that piece of history led me to the conclusion that these people know nothing of God and therefore whatever they taught me was a lie.

  138. let me know when an where to send, participate, encourage this to happen–I totally agree I hate seeing our history being betraded as slaves all the time–I know we were Kings and Queens. stay in touch

  139. Great people…and what magnificent scripts these would be!

  140. can't wait to watch these movies,very inspirational!!

  141. I agree more history on Africa's Kings and queens, I'll go see every one of these films if it's the Lord's will…


  143. Monise Davis says:

    Our history did not start here in the United States. Black people were around long before we were brought to this country. To say that our history started here would be crediting the white men with our very existence. We are the descendants of kings, queen's and warriors who ran our own country .

  144. It would definitely help the younger generation…They would have real life superheroes. Instead of make believe

  145. I also think you have to consider the audience. Do African Americans go to see epic movies like this? We also need to work on the scholarship behind these stories. Aurtoro Schomberg is gone and Henry Louis Gates and a few others can't do it all. WE need to be the keepers of our own history if we value it at all. Paper chasing seems to be what most important to our people these days….short sightedness to be sure. Greater society would quietly dismiss these truths as fable and truthfully how many of us saw 12 Years a Slave? That movie was did not get where it is on the backs of the black dollar. If where we spend our money and time speak to others about what is important to us…you tell me? And Nick…your wife has a whole room devoted to "Hello Kitty". I'm done.

  146. how about a movie about queen charlotte grandmother of all europe or the father of alexandre dumas the man who was the author's inspiation 4 the count of monte cristo and the three musketeers etc etc the list goes on and on .

  147. Martin Davis says:

    I'm in. Let me know how to support it and if it's legit, I'm with it.

  148. Find this really fascinating…but I'm sure there must be more than 10 kings/queens waiting to get discovered…
    Wanted to add a point here: King Musa's Timbuktu University was around 1300s A. D something. It isn't the oldest international univeristy in the world…. The Taxila and Nalanda Universities are the oldest dating back to years before 1000 B.C., remains of which still exist in India.
    But as a lover of history..I'm glad to read something refreshing about Africa. Cheers!

  149. Haile Selassie I

  150. The world has passed the era of racial segregation. Now is the time for one love. Lets think of making films that will create meaning in life. How people all over the world can get drinking water, good housing, good food, quality education. So we can all live happily in a human world.

  151. As with any investment I would invest 50.00 provided I get my fair share if the profits. I am sure that I would not be the only one. Mr. Gimme died last night.

  152. This would be a lesson to us black people,whether from Africa, America, Europe, etc. We need to be a united front in whatever we do. You'll never see a Jewish person letting another fellow jew starve samething with Indians, Muslims. Why don't we unite as a race and come together push our history forward with reverence, instead of the history that the white man pushes. I fear for my youth and the future generations to come are we going to allow them to grow up without knowing black history, our roots as global community of Africans. We need to support this!

  153. Awesome comments.. In addition to awaiting a movie. We should teach our own children about the kings queens and black heroes

  154. I am so glad to hear a young black man in movies and stage in the movies to stand up. We all know that white america doest not want blacks to know what our heritage is I do not go and see blacks in slave pictures I am not a slave and I will be in the slave mentality that thats who I am . I am a kings kid in all

  155. Mr. Nick Cannon I love the way that sounds if it ever happen case me as a extra

  156. @ Floyd webb.. count me in and if one or more was to be made i would be a strong support.. I will pay for my ticket just like everyone else that would come to see it

  157. Correction… Nandi was his mother not his wife, that's what I got raised to know as a Zulu blooded child born and bread in KwaZulu natal.

  158. Danny Malone says:

    This will bring truth to power and rearrange a lot of our peoples minds about themselves and our history!

  159. I am currently obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Filmmaking and as soon as I graduate.. hell even before then I am going to start a campaign to get one of these stories made into a short or even a feature length film. If it succeeds please believe I will make another and another.

  160. Mikey Gee says:

    I think it would be super dope if these African Kings, Queens, and generals made it into the movies. I also, however, wish that this site would cite it's sources more. We know these things to be true, but what about those who don't? There are a lot of folks who want the information they read to be cited (myself included) so they can verify the information. Without credible sources, it is hard to explain to (mostly white) people that these things are facts. And, it also makes sense to fully understand the information, regardless of heritage. Please, educational media outlets, start citing your sources.

  161. a Movie about Mansa Musa The Emperor would also be great Mansa Musa is actually translated as King Moses. or Emperor Moses

  162. I read about all ten kings and I noticed that the Nymrod was missing. He was the world's First king. He ruled during the babel period.

  163. I would pay to see real historic events

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