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8 Successful and Aspiring Black Communities Destroyed by White Neighbors

atlanta race riot

Atlanta Race Riot (1906)

When the Civil War ended, African-Americans in Atlanta began entering the realm of politics, establishing businesses and gaining notoriety as a social class. Increasing tensions between Black wage-workers and the white elite began to grow and ill-feelings were further exacerbated when Blacks gained more civil rights, including the right to vote.

The tensions exploded during the gubernatorial election of 1906 in which M. Hoke Smith and Clark Howell competed for the Democratic nomination. Both candidates were looking for ways to disenfranchise African-American voters because they each felt that the Black vote could throw the election to the other candidate.

Hoke Smith was a former publisher of the Atlanta Journal and Clark Howell was the editor of the Atlanta Constitution. Both candidates used their influence to incite white voters and help spread the fear that whites may not be able to maintain the current social order.

The Atlanta Georgian and the Atlanta News began publishing stories about white women being molested and raped by Black men. These allegations were reported multiple times and were largely false.

On Sept. 22, 1906, Atlanta newspapers reported four alleged assaults on local white women. Soon, some 10,000 white men and boys began gathering, beating, and stabbing Blacks. It is estimated that there were between 25 and 40 African-American deaths; it was confirmed that there were only two white deaths.

black wall street burned to ground

Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma “Black Wall Street” (May 31 – June 1, 1921)

During the oil boom of the 1910s, the area of northeast Oklahoma around Tulsa flourished, including the Greenwood neighborhood, which came to be known as “the Black Wall Street.” The area was home to several lawyers, realtors, doctors, and prominent black Businessmen, many of them multimillionaires.

Greenwood boasted a variety of thriving businesses such as grocery stores, clothing stores, barbershops, banks, hotels, cafes, movie theaters, two newspapers, and many contemporary homes. Greenwood residents enjoyed many luxuries that their white neighbors did not, including indoor plumbing and a remarkable school system. The dollar circulated 36 to 100 times, sometimes taking a year for currency to leave the community.

The neighborhood was destroyed during a riot that broke out after a group of men from Greenwood attempted to protect a young Black man from a lynch mob. On the night of May 31, 1921, a  mob called for the lynching of Dick Rowland, a Black man who shined shoes, after reports spread that on the previous day he had assaulted Sarah Page, a white woman, in the elevator she operated in a downtown building.

In the early morning hours of June 1, 1921, Black Tulsa was looted, firebombed from the air and burned down by white rioters. The governor declared martial law, and National Guard troops arrived in Tulsa. Guardsmen assisted firemen in putting out fires, removed abducted African-Americans from the hands of white vigilantes, and imprisoned all Black Tulsans, not already confined, into a prison camp at the Convention Hall and the Fairgrounds, some for as long as eight days.

In the wake of the violence, 35 city blocks lay in charred ruins, over 800 people were treated for injuries and estimated 300 deaths occurred.

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215 thoughts on “8 Successful and Aspiring Black Communities Destroyed by White Neighbors

  1. With as much as we've been through as a people it's our endurance that makes me prouder than ever. In spite of it all we are still here, we are still strong and we will continue onward.

  2. Alvin Green says:

    if you read some of the reasons for the riots…a lot of those reasons are used today in the 21st century for subjugation…

  3. Peter Kamau says:

    First time I'm reading about the riots. OMG America has had a terrible history. Shocking

  4. There's a theme …negroes raping …give a negro something and they tear it down ….whites coming in to wrangle the unruly negro savages and all hell breaks loose ….sad. not surprising seeing the beasts are only a couple hundred years removed from running from lions with a bone through their nose and living in straw huts. Can take the negro out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the negro

  5. This is the reason white people fight like hell against gun control. They know some day they will have to answer for what they have done, not only to black Americans, but around the world as well. It is also a good reason black people should oppose gun control.

  6. Grady Nelson says:

    The excuse the majority of the time was "a white woman was assaulted"….What about the black women who were assaulted? Learn your HISTORY

  7. Yeah…and an awful lot of our women were assaulted during these white riots!

  8. Yeah…and an awful lot of our women were assaulted during these white riots!

  9. that goes to show. we can be minding our own business an they will find any and every reason to star a riot/war AND they will assume the position of victim even as they attack you.

  10. Not to mention the uprising and political coup in 1898 of whites attacking prominent blacks in Wilmington, NC. Can you believe they had a 100 year anniversary commemorating that in 1998?!

  11. Enqi Ptah says:

    Its amazing how the National Guard joined in with the white racist in killing the blacks. When is coma coming for these animals.

  12. Benjamin Belfield says:

    And then America turned the corner elected a black president and MOVED ON!!! The end

  13. Lucy Dennis says:

    aww, you would love for us to forget what your ancestors did…typical

  14. Lucy Dennis says:

    it is so funny how Whites wants us to forget what they have done. It is so sad that people like those whites in the past, you know the ones who were excited to see their faces next to a black person hanging from a tree, still live today. You think it's that simple that we should move on? That's typical of a person who do not want to remember their past…does looking at your ancestor's past make you feel somewhat squimmish for the things they did…remember, their blood runs thru your veins too….LOL

  15. Lucy Dennis says:

    it is so funny how Whites wants us to forget what they have done. It is so sad that people like those whites in the past, you know the ones who were excited to see their faces next to a black person hanging from a tree, still live today. You think it's that simple that we should move on? That's typical of a person who do not want to remember their past…does looking at your ancestor's past make you feel somewhat squimmish for the things they did…remember, their blood runs thru your veins too….LOL

  16. @ Lucy: read a book. Whites bought slaves from your ancestors . Don't be so quick to point the finger.

  17. My poor Italian farmer ancestors had no slaves. Didn't even live on this continent. And cause I am white you group me in with all whites. That's pathetic. Find another scapegoat

  18. Lucy Dennis says:

    hey why don't you read where the Kings of Africa wrote that they had no idea that these pale face people were evil. Read where they say they regretted because if they knew how evil these people were, they would have never done business with them. Blue eye devils? the term came from Africa, because of the evilness that swarmed their land, when your ancestors touched ground.

  19. Lucy Dennis says:

    Greg DiFederico Blacks who owned slaves? Did you research them? Well I did a long time ago and there were exactly 47 Blacks in America who owned slaves and guess what? they were not treated as those who were owned by Whites. They eventually got their freedom, before the Civil war…idiot…LOl

  20. Benjamin Belfield says:

    I didn't say FORGET. I said MOVE ON or move FORWARD

  21. Lucy Dennis says:

    Greg DiFederico I am only doing what the average White American does, group people together. So before you try to correct me, you have a multitude of corrections to do on the other side of this table…..go find someone else to try to make feel guilty,,,,you won't get it here. And do some research also why you're add it

  22. Damn you can't read. My ancestors didn't have anything to do with it. Yours did more than mine

  23. Lucy Dennis says:

    Greg DiFederico another history lesson for you, you are speaking about those Black slave owners? well the mass of them were children of the white master, so according to the United States vital statistics, if a father is white, the child is white, but according to racist America, if you have a drop of black blood, you are black, so go figure…LOL

  24. Your illogical and the reason there is still a divide between cultures

  25. Lucy Dennis says:

    Greg DiFederico well then, this is not your battle, so be careful where you put your nose in,,,because you too will feel the heat. So you have no idea how it feels either way, so your opinion should remain on the sideline

  26. Keone Rivers says:

    reading this story its clear nothing much has changed in america. same arguments being used against black and crown people today, same old tactics of racism and oppression, and the same denial that any of it is wrong.

  27. Nathan Goshen says:

    Wow, a lot of hate on here.

  28. Lennell Key says:

    This is crap, in the 60's Ronald Reagan (then governor of CA) instituted the toughest gun control laws ever written after the Panthers approached the state's capital.

  29. Lucy Dennis says:

    Greg DiFederico and your comments, bring us together I supposed?

  30. Keone Rivers says:

    neither the country nor its system of white supremacy have moved on child. you are living in a dream land.

  31. Keone Rivers says:

    its what they always do, ask a native.

  32. Lennell Key says:

    It amazes me how people who insist that African Americans forget about their past won't shut up about their own!

  33. Keone Rivers hard to ask who they killed off. soon, whites gonna say natives were trying to steal this land from them. just look how quick whites are to kick someone out of this country and/or tell them to leave and go where america has destroyed the land.

  34. Most Caucasians (wherever they say they're from) don't empathize with the Black Holocaust. It's a waste of space & time to educate these mutant neanderthals on matters like this. Let's educate them on the burgeoning reality of genetic annihilation. We HUEmans already outnumber them 11 to 1; within 200 years the ratio will be nearly 11.75 to .25. And after we emancipated them out of the caves in the Caucasus Mountains 4,000 years, they still disrespect their Parents. Well, we gave birth to them via a genetic birth control process and we are removing them via a genetc birth process – but in reverse. Alleluia!

  35. Lucy Dennis says:

    Lennell Key and what amazes me Lennell is that they think they are so scholar on our History and don't even know their own history…LOL

  36. Benjamin Belfield says:

    You will NEVER move FORWARD because you're STUCK in the PAST.

  37. Lennell Key says:

    Benjamin Belfield I was always taught learn from the past and never forget it unless it repeats itself; Work in the present to secure your future. This is the mantra of every race and civilization but when we practice it it's a problem! Try telling a Jew to get over and move forward from the Holocaust; well our holocaust lasted for nearly 500 years.

  38. Lucy Dennis says:

    Benjamin Belfield ….LOL and you will remain with your xenophobia behavior because it is in your blood and you will pass it own to your children and they to theirs and it will continue. Therefore, because of your mindset, racism will never go away

  39. Imhotep Nefermaat says:

    Ben Belfield, you're wrong about that being the end, Hobama doesn't mean any good to anyone in the U.S so no it's not the end.

  40. Lucy Dennis says:

    so we are stuck in the past? I know I do not go around with my head lowered whenever I see a white person…I don't answer with a Yes Sir Boss…I am educated, I stand up for what I believe and is not afraid that someone will come thru the night and hang me to a tree. I own my home, car, and I am in my own business. I pay taxes and I vote…I say I am moving forward every passing day. You are stuck in your xenophobia behavior because you feel that you can correct us and we should listen and you grow angry when we stand up against you, so who's stuck?…LOL

  41. Lucy Dennis says:

    Imhotep Nefermaat he got Bin Laden, the biggest threat to the USA,,,,he got healthcare for the poor, something this country has been trying to get for over 200 years. He's stopped the insurance premiums from going higher than what it used to….the deficit is cut into half……he's working on immigration……he's got a lot of people house mortgages lowered and even created a policy where those who were in foreclosure could buy new homes…do you need more….I guess he means no good to those people/….you are too funny

  42. Lucy Dennis says:

    Imhotep Nefermaat who was talking about the President anyway…you are obsessed with him I see, is it because you are not him? because no one was talking about the President…LOL

  43. It really is amazing that many of these atrocities against our people revolved around the accusation of violating some white woman, this happened in Rosewood, Florida as well in 1923. The hatred toward our people from our oppressors remains quite strong and I believe that it is a deep seeded complex in them as explained by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing in her book the "Isis Papers". It's so ingrained in them that in every effort made by us to "pick ourselves up by our bootstraps" (to use their words but that phrase pisses me off so bad coming from people who used slave labor to build their nation) building up our communities they still came at us with their animosity and to add insult to injury they had the audacity to call us lazy!

  44. Benjamin Belfield says:

    I noticed that some are as ignorant as to say that hate is in my blood as if they know who my ancestors are. I have 4 confirmed descendants who fought for 54th of Pennsylvania in the civil war! Meaning they died fighting for the freedom of your ancestors!! You see this is exactly the kind of ignorance that holds our country back. MOVE FORWARD

  45. Benjamin Belfield are you racist or insensitive? how else could ppl of color "move on" if they dont know where they came from. why do whites have such a difficulty listening about other whites aka europeans…but when u have to listen about black and/or muslims, yall holler "get over it, move on" that case…move on…we talking bout you right now, so move on like you tell us. dont take up for yourself and your race, move on and get over it….see how that feels?

  46. Lucy Dennis says:

    Benjamin Belfield so what your ancestors fought for my ancestors, they should have and they should have died for my ancestors, you know that, but I bet you did not research to see how many of your ancestors hung my ancestors, just because you have that one person in your family line, doesn't immune you from being a racist and passing it on to your people. if you want to not sound like a racist? pay attention, listen and stop making the kind of comment you made that started this

  47. Lucy Dennis says:

    Benjamin Belfield and another White person who does not know their history. The Civil war was not fought to freed the slaves,,,it was fought to stop the south from leaving the union. Lincoln realized that the south was powerful because they had cotton and it produced more than enough money to fund the war,,,so he had to find a way to cripple the south…go read a book

  48. Benjamin Belfield says:

    You can go on and be as frustrated and hateful as you want, but my group (people of ALL colors and religion) are moving FORWARD. I can tell you this…you're life's gonna suck asking as you're hanging on to all that anger about something you can't change. I wish you luck ma'am. You're gonna need it

  49. Roy Bo Wells says:

    Greg DiFederico – does that excuse Whites for what they did with those that they bought? Blame everyone but your wicked hearts for buying a person. Whites didn't have to buy. Always trying to turn us against ourselves to protect yourself from the Light. That is not acceptable. What happened in these states without repaying and repenting leaves Whites with a debt to be paid and it will be. Yall blame the Blacks for selling Blacks then yall blame Blacks for our present situations…….somehow Whites who are the foundation of all this evil did no evil at all…….blinded by their prideful deceiving hearts. Selling us was not the great evil, what Whites did there after showed who the monsters where. That's like blaming the airports for letting Osama blow up buildings with their planes…..yall know where to target blame when yall are not directly involved but go blind when your the CULPRIT. The repayment for what was sown is here now. Sowing & reaping is a must on this earth.

  50. now of a sudden white ppl know what hate IS when the hate is reflected back to them, but this isnt hate, its informing. unless only white influence is whats right. dont cop out, cause im guessing ur a christian. yall dont accept jews or muslims as believers, but muslims accept you all as believers, u just have to know something, not just claim it. schools are stuck in the past if they keep talking about warped history. i think u r just mad you are getting taught different from what you are used to…the native americans were not "Godless savages"…try moving on yourself. take it and move on, dont respond, just move on….see how being told that feels? dont answer, just move on. move forward.

  51. Benjamin Belfield says:

    With all due respect, I already have moved on. The only problem is that our country is holding itself back because they won't move on. I can't control the past, and I personally had nothing to do with it. I'm going to worry about those around me TODAY. Black white purple or orange WE CAN MOVE FORWARD

  52. Lucy Dennis says:

    so Benjamin, if I am correct you are saying that our life sucks because we refuse to not let go of our past? Is that a demand from another white person who think they know everything about us?…LOL

  53. Lucy Dennis says:

    see you all hate,,,,we grow angry,,,learn the difference

  54. Lucy Dennis says:

    Lennell Key you are so right and the NRA co signed with him

  55. Lucy Dennis says:

    Lennell Key you are so right and the NRA co signed with him

  56. Linda Reynolds says:

    Greg DiFederico Some did. Some did not. So that absolves the atrocities that followed?

  57. Linda Reynolds says:

    So are you saying history is irrelevant?

  58. Benjamin Belfield thats just your way of saying drop it…NO…you WILL learn OUR history just as we had to learn YOURS…black history month is an american holiday, yet white schools dont observe it, at least the ones i went to, and if they do, they talk about mlk and act as if malcolm x never existed. thats not called moving on, thats call avoiding the issue. WE does not exist, stop acting like the KKK isnt still in business yet yall disbanded the black panther party…learing your TRUE history must be semi hard for you. not sorry

  59. Lucy Dennis says:

    Benjamin Belfield but Benjamin, you do have something with the past, you as a white person has benefited from the struggles of my ancestor, so you have to own that, even if you don't, it's your any way. And since you are worry about those around me, that can mean a lot of things, you can only worry about your loved ones, or you going to only worry about those who look like you. You claim to be a Christian, I will not argue with that, but my question, do you know how to be a Christian, saying one thing is one thing, doing it is different. You see a Christian, they don't have a boundary, so to say that you are only going to worry about those that you are surrounded with, puts a limit on you, making you less of a Christian than what you proclaim.

  60. Lucy Dennis says:

    Benjamin Belfield but Benjamin, you do have something with the past, you as a white person has benefited from the struggles of my ancestor, so you have to own that, even if you don't, it's your any way. And since you are worry about those around me, that can mean a lot of things, you can only worry about your loved ones, or you going to only worry about those who look like you. You claim to be a Christian, I will not argue with that, but my question, do you know how to be a Christian, saying one thing is one thing, doing it is different. You see a Christian, they don't have a boundary, so to say that you are only going to worry about those that you are surrounded with, puts a limit on you, making you less of a Christian than what you proclaim.

  61. Roy Bo Wells says:

    Lucy Dennis -Glad to see you know about what the civil war was really about. Lincoln said if freeing the slaves saves the union then so be it, if saving the union keeps slaves enslaved so be it. It wasn't about the slave it was about the union. But they don't teach that in our schools. They have made it where we have to find truth outside of their system.

  62. Benjamin Belfield says:

    What's interesting about that is that I understand as a spiritual person that I cannot worry about the entire world. Only God can do that! Are you God? I'm not. I will help those aroun me who love me no matter what anyone's ancestors did while we weren't even alive. Come on people listen to yourselves! Is it ok for you to hate because of the actions of others? It wasn't ok for others to hate but it is ok for you. This is not how we honor God people. This kind of division of races only comes from the evil one

  63. Benjamin Belfield its easy to "move on" when you are never a target. try "moving on" with a target on ur skin…insensitivity..God will show you what its like later on. enjoy ur white privilege..cause its so hard to listen to the truth for one damn post…see how petty you are. do you rally against women's rights calling them sexist? u r pathetic, if u werent, u wouldnt be here arguing FOR whites, like they have EVER been a victim to mass slaughter and slavery from another race because of their race…you are not the victim here, "MOVE ON" stop taking up for ppl who are guilty then "MOVE ON"

  64. Lucy Dennis says:

    Benjamin Belfield who said anything about hate? we are talking about the struggles of our ancestors. Do we grow angry? of course we do…but where do you see anyone demonstrating hate? we are discussing our history, a rich history on top of that. You throw in hate, hell, we don't even hate you,,,but before you can come here and try to lecture us about hate,,,don't you think there's a lot of cleaning up you need to do on your end of the table, with your people who are akin to you, meaning your skin tone? For your information, hate,,,it's related with racism, and who introduced this behavior to the world? and who has to deal with this kind of behavior? Blacks of course, so maybe you will understand why we are angry. Another thing….so you are going to help those only who loves you? That's not Christ like and that's not what Christ taught us. Are you hiding behind a faith that you know nothing of? Are do you just preach Christianity but not practice it?

  65. Lucy Dennis says:

    now you want to piss a Black person off? Come in here and try to clean up his/her back yard, when your own yard and those similar to you are not cleaned at all and as a matter of fact your yards have far more trash than anything…now that will piss a Black person off!

  66. Lucy Dennis says:

    someone should have taught you that you have no rights to tell black people what they should or should not do with their wounds, when you have inflicted those wounds. No not you per say, but your ancestors, Black people still carry those wounds from their ancestors, whereas, whites in present day, benefited from our ancestors wounds…now go clean up your yard and get back with me

  67. Lucy Dennis thats exactly the problem. they think their shit dont stink but they shitted everywhere and telling us to clean it up

  68. Lucy Dennis says:

    Jared Abdullah Garrisotn that's that superiority complex and whats sad and funny at the same time is, Benjamin, he doesn't comprehend what he is saying, displays it so perfectly. They are always trying to measure arms with us, they can't. The same sentiment that Palin spoke on about Salvery. She is going to give us a lesson on slavery…LOL yet when you bring it to her. what her ancestors did to ours, just like Ben, the first thing she is going to say, we didn't do it. yet they benefit from the harrowing surviving our ancestor experienced

  69. Linda Reynolds says:

    You know, neither you or I know what complicity our ancestors had in this but to crow "move on" is no class and unseemly. It is as if a member of my family hurt another. I would not be responsible, but I would offer my deepest regret and apologies for his transgressions. And I would feel deep shame on his behalf.

  70. J Howard Booth says:

    Nobody cares that this make you uncomfortable.

  71. J Howard Booth says:

    Most black people don't even know about this type of history, so you argument is invalid. Nobody cares that this make you uncomfortable. It is history and should be known.

  72. Atarah Israel says:

    Greg DiFederico actually no they didnt. All because someone is the same color does not make them all one nation. if whites all not all european then why do all blacks have to be africans. our people were sold by their enemies (all races that were involved in slavery).

  73. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis, you need to go to The Slave Museum at Fort Victoria, Accra, Ghana. There you will see for yourself the history of the slave trade carried out by the Ashanti monarchy (among others). All the staff are black so your bigoted views of white peoples honesty can be ignored.

  74. Notice…these were people in power that started this, not the average American. AFTER the MEDIA (still happening now) LIED about what was happening, people got upset. Who wouldn't get upset if the trusted media was telling you people were hurting people? Would you not want to do something? You are getting mad at the white citizens who thought they were protecting women from reportedly harmful black men. Based on information they were given. The people at the top are the problem, not the citizens. The media and the powerful people are still pitting all of us against each other! When are you going to realize this? The ones in power need us to stay enemies because we are easier to control that way! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  75. Andy Sherwell says:

    Roy Bo Wells Pointing out that slaves were sold by blacks does not imply that it's all the fault of blacks. It simply points out that ALL ethnic groups/cultures have history that we should be ashamed of. Of course, those people were sold to some white people, which only goes to show that there were ignorant people on both sides.

    Oh, and by the way, for the first hundred years of slavery in America, ALL the slaves were white. But I guess you don't want to believe me because I'm white, therefore I can't be believed, right?

  76. Andy Sherwell says:

    Wow, you can read the mind of "most Caucasians".

    The fact that you used the phrases "mutant Neanderthals" & "We HUEmans" (sic)is proof that idiocy is not limited to white racists. Thank you.

  77. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lennell Key There is a problem with learning from the past. People tend to be selective in what they want to believe. There are many white people who will go on about 'blacks selling blacks' as a way of getting rid of guilt (guilt that they shouldn't have as there is not one living slave/slave owner left alive, they clearly aren't responsible), equally there are many black people who ignore all the evidence of the slave trade from Africa financially benefitting black people because, well, you'll have to ask them why they won't believe it.

  78. J Howard Booth says:

    Andy Sherwell , but only in american were all slaves black. Don't start talking about the europeans that choose to be indentured servants either lol.

  79. J Howard Booth says:

    Greg DiFederico Who mentioned slavery? All the things that happened in this article happen after slavery.

  80. Linda Reynolds says:

    Greg DiFederico Italian and southern. Perfect.

  81. Linda Reynolds says:

    Andy Sherwell That is not true. They made whites indentured servants who earned their freedom after 7 years. Only Africans were forced into lifetime slavery.

  82. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis You wrote "you will remain with your xenophobia behavior because it is in your blood and you will pass it own to your children and they to theirs and it will continue. Therefore, because of your mindset, racism will never go away"

    Do you have any idea how ironic that statement is?

  83. Lucy Dennis says:

    another person who does not know the history, bigoted behavior I have because I am putting it in your face…own it, it's yours, due to your ancestors

  84. Lucy Dennis says:

    Andy Sherwell I know how true it is, that's for sure. and ironic you say, ironic I ask in what sense?

  85. Lucy Dennis says:

    Andy Sherwell there were not slaves Andy, they were servants, you need to check your history…LOL

  86. Lucy Dennis says:

    Andy Sherwell another white person trying to spew her warp sided rhetoric, because that is what she was taught. Bet she believes Christopher Columbus discovered America too….LOL

  87. Andy Sherwell says:

    J Howard Booth Sorry, you're wrong, and here's why..

    I never said anything about indentured servants. I said slaves. My country used to have a law stating what kind of Christian you could be. The penalty was life slavery. Until the discovery of the wealth of Australia they were all sent to America. This fact might not suit your "we're the only victim here" mentality, but it's a fact none the less.

    After the ending of white slaves being sent to the Americas there were plenty of other ethnic groups that were enslaved too. Most were 'black Africans', but many were not. Do those people count? Or do you only consider the plight of black people? DNA tests of African Americans prove this beyond doubt.

  88. Lucy Dennis says:

    Andy Sherwell there is no problem with learning from the past. Now people chooses to believe what they want to believe is the problem. But learning from the past is a very smart thing to do. One thing, it will keep us from going back to slavery. Learning from the past will prevent wrong decisions, so you need be careful how you try to lecture.

  89. Benjamin Belfield says:

    You go ahead and just angry then…see how far it gets you. Meanwhile I will be focused on the positives in life. Good luck and give love. It's so much better than anger. Anger is the emotion of evil. Peace

  90. Lucy Dennis says:

    there were white servants, no white slaves. And even those that were from Australia, after how many years, they were freed. So Andy you are wrong.

  91. Andy Sherwell says:

    Let's get a few facts straight here, none of us are black or white. We're a variety of shades of brown. I am a light brown with a hint of pink ( I borrowed that one from Steve Biko).

    I'm beginning to see why the phrase "divide and conquer" is used. You see, you guys, and your co-idiots (like the KKK etc) are all about shouting at the other poor people, meanwhile, the rich fuck us all in the arse. Wake up.

  92. Lucy Dennis says:

    so I guess all this is not true? I guess it was the people at the top who destroyed these towns? The only reason why we will remain divided is because people do not want to hear the side of the other person, meaning, whites have this habit of wanting to minimize the black man's struggles/from the past to now. So therefore, until they are willing to sit and listen, try to understand why Blacks feel the way they do, it will always be a gap. Whites are always saying that it was in the past…is it really? Look at all the racism going on now. Another thing, Whites wants us not to talk about our past, yet, it's alright for them to talk about theirs. So because the common White man destroyed these towns, we should not grow angry with them?

  93. Lucy Dennis says:

    no we can read their minds, but their actions, behavior and their talking points,,,,it says a lot.

  94. Lucy Dennis says:

    and evil delves into racism, remember that

  95. Lucy Dennis says:

    no ones' talking about the rich nor the KKK, we are speaking about our ancestors. Let's just stick to the topic, we are not going to turn the corner on this and throw something else to take us away from the subject. Until we can see eye to eye, learn to respect, appreciate and possibly come to understand one another as a people of concern, nothing's going to move. You're going to hear my voice and I will not keep quiet until you take a seat with an opened mind and a willingness to understand my stance. (speaking in general, not to one person) And Andy, you can denounce your race, dilute it if you want to. I am an African American, it flows thru my veins. My father taught me not to dilute myself, because it's the core that counts, not the blood in the veins, because that's diluted with other liquids as well

  96. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis It's not bigoted because it's "in my face" quite simply because it's not in my face. You are on the internet and not that significant a person to me. I used the word bigoted because your words fit the dictionary definition. that's all.

    Yes, there were white servants. but I was not talking about them. I was talking about people sentenced to life of slavery. You seem an intelligent person, you must know that we had the death penalty for just about everything, well we also had a slightly less unpleasant penalty called life slavery. For debts, to avoid debtors prisons, you could be indentured, but these are two very different things.

  97. Steve Webb says:

    Just remember, things of this nature, could not happen without the control of the eye over the pyramid. It takes power to move " HATE " !

  98. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis , yes, if you were sentenced to, say, 10 years transportation, you would be freed after 10 years. Try and guess how long you were kept if you were sentenced to life transportation. Go on, give it a go, it's not as hard as you think.

  99. Lucy Dennis says:

    yet these white slavery you mention, did not arrive to the United States as slaves, they came as servants and that's the fact. In Africa, African prisoners were slaves for life, unlike on the European side, they were killing their prisoners. The first 20 Black men were brought to America, they weren't brought as slaves, but to work….I can go with the history, but what's the sense, you have your side and I stand on mine. I've researched for many years and not just listened and read one side, I also read what was written by the Kings of Africa and their stories does not coincide with the other story on some important issues. And as for in your face…it merely means we are putting it out there, you do what you want to do with it. My words fit your definition of bigoted because you do not agree with what I have said. It's your story and you are sticking with it.

  100. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis Why did I say ironic?…
    I'm going to guess that, in line with many of your posts, you have a deep distrust of all 'white' people, and I guess you'll pass that on to your kids, and yet you claim to be sure that he's a racist and will clearly pass on his racist views. That's irony.

  101. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis Why did I say ironic?…
    I'm going to guess that, in line with many of your posts, you have a deep distrust of all 'white' people, and I guess you'll pass that on to your kids, and yet you claim to be sure that he's a racist and will clearly pass on his racist views. That's irony.

  102. Lucy Dennis says:

    so they were not slaves, but prisoners….Guess how many years you got if you came here as a slave? go on, give it a try, it's not hard,,,you can do this

  103. Lucy Dennis says:

    there is no evidence that white folks came here and served for a lifetime..they were eventually set free…..their children were never born into slavery…they were freed upon birth

  104. Lucy Dennis says:

    that's your opinion and I can accept that…if you feel that I have a distrust….maybe that's how I present myself on this…I won't defend that. My foundation is too strong to let your opinion to cause me to question myself, so let's move on to the topic at hand

  105. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis Learning from the past is a very smart thing to do. It can prevent far worse things than slavery (yes, no matter how disgusting it was, there were much worse events in the past, they just don't all involve blacks/whites).

    You are right about selective memory when it comes to history. It is a problem. How about both of us correcting a small part of the problem together. I'll go and learn more about African American slavery, and you go and learn about non-African American slavery. You might be surprised, or you could keep living in fantasy land where every white person is just waiting with some manacles to enslave you.

  106. Andy Sherwell says:

    "My foundation is too strong to let your opinion to cause me to question myself"

    My foundation is strong because I will always question myself. Otherwise I'd be weak.

  107. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis I would like to cede one important difference between the slaves bought from Africa, and those sentenced, you are right, their children were considered free.

  108. Lucy Dennis says:

    I do understand that there were other things than slavery, however my history lies with slavery and I can not find anything more disgusting than what my ancestors went thru. I am very well scholar in history, I don't need to you advise what I should or should not read upon. I don't find you findings as true as you want them to be. I have done intensive research and those that came here who were non white, were servants and not slaves. Why weren't their children considered slaves? research it. If they were sentenced to a lifetime of service, still doesn't make them slaves. People get lifetime sentences today and they are considered prisoners. There's big difference between slavery and prisoners. And last but not least, your sarcasm, I must say, is something I will choose to ignore, because it's typical of someone of your mindframe to exaggerate, very typical…LOL

  109. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis I assure you I do not consider you to be a bigot because I disagree with you. I called you that because of the content of your comments. I disagree with many people all the time, but I reserve the term 'bigot' for people who show bigotry.

  110. Lucy Dennis says:

    I've been called worse than that, me President Obama, Eric Dyson, even Bill Clinton. and as for as correcting my sentence structure, I've been making mistakes for a while, so you have a lot of corrections to do, but as long as you got what I was saying.

  111. Josh Barrington says:

    I really hate hearing other white people telling black people to move forward and forget anything that has happened or still happens to black people. Institutionalized racism still exists today. It's easy for you to say move on because you and I aren't reminded of our skin color every day. We aren't discriminated against by employers, beaten or shot by police or triggerhappy neighborhood watch, arrested for no reason besides being black etc. Its not like slavery ended and things were just great for black people, like a clean shit where you don't have to wipe. If you meet a black person with gray in their hair, they remember a time when their peers, friends, family, and people from their communities were lynched, that they had to use separate water fountains so give them a second.

  112. God has called each and everyone of us to repent or apologize when we have wrong someone, and the same goes for every nation that have participate in slavery of any kind!! America have never repented or apologize and still carry the same arrogant superior spirit that their before fathers embedded in them; if you dont believe me, watch and listen to how the Republicans treat Our President!! But God is bring all things in its rightful place, whats done in Darkness will come into the light!! America will REPENT!!

  113. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis Your history lies with slavery only because you choose it to. The thing is my history also includes slavery (both sides), genocide (again, both sides), and many other atrocities besides. Do I have black ancestors? No. Do I have slave owner ancestors? Not that I know of. Am I Jewish? No. Am I descended from Nazis? Not as far as I know. So how do I claim it's part of my history? Because it's all a part of human history, and my race is human.

    Just because the English forced my ancestors to starve (leaving some of them no choice but to flee to America) does not mean that I have any right to say anything about the modern English. Perhaps I could have a grudge against the Danes for when they came to my country 1,200 years ago and raped and pillaged, or maybe the Romans 800 years before that. Where do we draw the line? Personally, I draw the line at those who are alive and doing wrong now. Hating the dead, and blaming those who are still alive but had nothing to do with it, is futile in the extreme.

  114. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis Your history lies with slavery only because you choose it to. The thing is my history also includes slavery (both sides), genocide (again, both sides), and many other atrocities besides. Do I have black ancestors? No. Do I have slave owner ancestors? Not that I know of. Am I Jewish? No. Am I descended from Nazis? Not as far as I know. So how do I claim it's part of my history? Because it's all a part of human history, and my race is human.

    Just because the English forced my ancestors to starve (leaving some of them no choice but to flee to America) does not mean that I have any right to say anything about the modern English. Perhaps I could have a grudge against the Danes for when they came to my country 1,200 years ago and raped and pillaged, or maybe the Romans 800 years before that. Where do we draw the line? Personally, I draw the line at those who are alive and doing wrong now. Hating the dead, and blaming those who are still alive but had nothing to do with it, is futile in the extreme.

  115. Andy Sherwell says:

    Lucy Dennis "I don't need to you advise what I should or should not read upon"

    Of course you don't need me to do that. You've already decided what you want to believe and will only look where it confirms your views and keeps you in your comfort zone. I understand that. Change can be scary, stay safe, keep your head in the sand.

    I, on the other hand, want to know all about the world I live in with my fellow race members (that would include you).

  116. Lucy Dennis says:

    you can walk into a store and not have to worry about if anyone is going to follow you. Do Blacks steal? yes and so do Whites. You don't have be afraid when a police is in your review mirror and the first thing you ask yourself, what did I do wrong? Do they stop Whites?, yes, but what are the chances that the White person will be harassed and not me? Did you have a brother who was lynched because he wrote about Jim Crow Laws? yes I said lynch. You do not want to admit that there are problems with the races in this country because of many things, but one in particular, the way Blacks are treated. So does that make me a bigot? in your eyes it does, how dare you tell me how I should feel, think and act and because my stance is what it is,,,then you call me a bigot, I'll take that as I said earlier. Hating the dead? a strong word again,,,,why is everytime a Black person say something, they hate? Is it because you believe that your bad habits have rubbed off on all of us? If you knew anything about Black America, then you will know,,,it's not hate, it's anger. We may not be angry if, modern Whites would not declare the same superiority that existed amongst my ancestors. And yes, you can flip it as you like, but it's there. I laugh at the fact that we talk about our history and it is somehow wrong, but it's alright for you to go over your history, somehow, it's alright. And the reason why you are comfortable with the things that happened to your ancestors, is because, it did not touch you, as it touches the Black man, so before you try to correct anyone's stance, you need to realize, you no longer have that right to dictate to anyone, how they should feel act and think.

  117. Lucy Dennis says:

    and if you really want to know about your fellow race members, sit down, pay attention and shut up sometime

  118. Lucy Dennis says:

    it is so peculiar that White folks want peace and the end of racism and when they get this idea that they are going out into the world to create love amongst the race, they always start with trying to change the mindset of Blacks, as if there are not enough bigotry in their race. No they have to come amongst the Blacks and tell us how it is so wrong for us to feel this way and that way. And this was in the past and we should move from it. It's going to tear us apart they say. and sitting right next to them are their white counterparts behaving far worse than any Black. I wonder if they ever just sat back and asked the question, why do Blacks feel this distrust for Whites? Because for the mass of Blacks, we ask the question, why is he in here trying to enlightened us, when he has friends and family members he should be trying to get to change their way of thinking and behaving…The End

  119. Linda Reynolds says:

    Benjamin Belfield Says the white man from the south. I am positive if your great grandparents were enslaved, and your grandparents systemically discriminated against you would be seeing things quite a bit differently.

  120. And these were only the hostile take downs! There were many other cities and communities that were destroyed economically because the whites wouldn't let blacks get their product to market or blacklisted them. Mound Bayou, MS is one that I am familiar with.

  121. And these were only the hostile take downs! There were many other cities and communities that were destroyed economically because the whites wouldn't let blacks get their product to market or blacklisted them. Mound Bayou, MS is one that I am familiar with.

  122. Lucy Dennis Be angry all you want with people who have done evil things, but to be angry at white people in general is as bad as the whites in this story who rioted a whole town of blacks over a couple of blacks they thought committed crimes against them. These stories are from late 1800s and early 1900s! These are 1st and 2nd generational families who DID own slaves or were taught that blacks were less than whites. Do we really want to say that the culture of that time is the same as today? We've even come along way since the more recent days of segregation. These stories ARE important for all of us black, white, and all American fill in the blanks. But to be angry at whites because this happened? In another comment you mentioned owning your own home, car, have a job, don't bow down to the white man and say, "yes master" as you pass by. Everyone who has grown up in America knows about slavery and racism. Things have been done to get away from such an ugly history. It is taught in school. No one is completely minimizing the past and the struggles that "black man" struggled with, but what do you want white people to say about it? What do you want them to do? The living whites today did not riot and murder those blacks or destroy their homes and businesses. If someone does that today, they as individuals should be responsible, not EVERYONE who happens to have the same color of skin. Of course, many people of all origins minimize something that doesn't directly affect them whether because it happened in the past or because it happened to others not directly related to them personally, right? Why do we still have racism? It's because we want to continually blame a WHOLE group of people for evil things individuals alone or even in groups do even if they lived 100 years ago! You want to get justice for these things, yet it is no justice to find guilty those people who did not directly do anything to you or others. Whites do not understand why you feel like you do when blacks' lives are so much better today than then. At least for now, we have a bigger problem brewing and it's going to affect ALL Americans. AND again it is the powers that be and the media who lies! There is so much disinformation out there that it is hard to know what is true anymore. The media play all of us against each other and they use half lies or whole lies to do it. The media is owned by the elite! As one commenter below said, be proud that the black people have endured and be prouder than ever. We should be looking for the freedom of all people. It's not right for anyone to be slaves or feel threatened by another group of people. It isn't justified for whites and it isn't justified for blacks!

  123. Benjamin Belfield this article is not about hate. this article is to prove to us remaining living people of color to not get relaxed around white man. the powers that control this evil america are not black. obama is a puppet to buy them time and to look less racist. all the minority votes for obama wouldnt put a dent in the white vote against. why are not black men portrayed in the media positively then, if u want to be positive? ben. if you arent racist, why are you trying to flip the script by stating the obvious?

  124. J Howard Booth says:

    Funny how you dont see black people destroying entire white communities because of the media.

  125. Lucy Dennis says:

    Lula SororityLife we have racism because we want to continue to blame people, I stopped reading when I read this. Jibberish

  126. J Howard Booth says:

    Lula SororityLife, wait who said they were angry with whites?

  127. Lucy Dennis says:

    J Howard Booth actually J Howard, whites are always saying that we behave the way we behave towards whites because we hate them,,,,I said, not hate, but angry, meaning that this is a white man's country, howevr, the system is still set up that still shows some kind of discrimination and racism,,,example, trying to keep us from voting,,,that angers Blacks….and things to that nature. Miss…LOL thinks it is wrong that we should be angry with the way we are still treated in this country

  128. Lucy Dennis says:

    just because they don't burn down our houses, torture us or hang us, we have no reason to be angry

  129. Lucy Dennis says:

    actually being angry can be a good thing, it's an emotion that perchance can cause one to react in a positive way also. Example, we as a race, grew angry about how the Republicans policies were detrimental to us, so we got up and went to the booths and voted. We saw that the President of the United States was doing a good job for the unfortunate ones and the Republican party was trying to tie his hands, so we got angry about that and what did we do? went to the booths again and voted

  130. Lucy Dennis says:

    J Howard Booth I knew I should not have finish reading this…No she did not say, whites do not understand why we are angry, because after all life is better than what it was? I guess she is living in a bubble, in her world, there's no more racism. That's the word on the streets according to the republican party

  131. J Howard Booth can you name a recent case where white people have done this?

  132. Lucy Dennis says:

    Lula SororityLife you stated that whites do not understand why we are so angry, we are living better than we did in the past. So I guess because we are able to own cars, homes, etc, we should be just thankful about that, never mind the other things that happens to blacks, like being discriminated, like being followed when in stores, like being stereotyped, etc. You act like Blacks being angry is such a terrible thing, honey let me tell you something, that I am sure you have heard before,,,,don't try to minimize our struggle, you have your own struggles. Don't tell us how we should feel because it may make you uncomfortable. And as for me making it understood that I am angry from the past, so now who has given you the authority to determine what others should be angry about? Hell people are still angry about the holocaust, there are people who are still angry that they killed Jesus, people are still angry about the wars and their loved ones dying, so they should not be angry. Do me and others walk around angry everyday? No we do not,,,but when issues rises and we speak on it, yes, we get angry. So you demand that we not be angry with things that are closed to our hearts? How dare you! People like you always come around saying shit like, I don't treat people differently, we don't know that, you may be part of a conspiracy, but generally speaking, whites treats people different, blacks treat people different, accordingly, so stop with that, I want to spread love around the world crap. If you are so concerned about the bridges between the race, sit down, and pay attention. Listen to the other side and try to understand instead of coming in here, trying to make people feel as if their feelings are not merit, because after all it happened in the past, again, you need to walk in some bigger shoes than what you are wearing, maybe someone elses for a while. Pay attention, you may learn something. Your mouth is made in a different direction than those who are speaking on this forum. You don't know the everyday struggle of a person of color, so how dare you try to make their feelings seem something so terrible. The past, the present, they are still our feelings and you have no authorities over them. If you want to help out, go find someone with xenopophia behavair and try to heal them, but first heal yourself, with this I know better than you syndrome. The End

  133. You assume because I'm white that I LIKE these stats. FOOL! I'm concerned about them! And you are stuck in poverty and without role models because you blame white people. FOOL! It's yourselves! 1 out of 3 black children are growing up WITHOUT A FATHER. I didn't just make that up. THIS IS REALITY. Wake up to it or be doomed to be stuck in 20% unemployment, drug dealing, gang banging and hopelessness. NONE OF THAT IS MY FAULT FOOL

  134. I am a white woman. I am not here to spread further negativity. I just want to say that I am making a conscious effort to see the sickness in society that has given me a privilege I wasn’t even really aware that I had. I want to say that I hear the cries of your people. I want to say that the denial on a societal level of what happened to black people during slavery days is part of why this ridiculous tension continues. We never owned what we did to you. We never apologized. We never allowed you the room to say how fucked up all of that was. We deny how you are still effected by it today.

    For whatever part I’ve played in that even on a micro level I am sorry. I am trying to bridge the gap.

    I hope you will too. I hope you will not turn around and label all white people the way so many have tried to label all of you. We are all one human family.

    I pray for you. I pray for your ancestors. I pray for healing.

  135. Don't be deceived into believing that these well instigated and orchestrated riots were merely about race and conducted by "slack-jawed whites with bad teeth". Much in the tune of Reagan's phony "war on drugs" that decimated black communities "under the radar", these riots were largely about economics, rendering black-financial-power non-existant and creating a cyclical dependency where EVERY opportunity or advancement for blacks would come from non-blacks or not at all… power, racism is all about POWER… not just about someone's "feelings" toward another so-called "race".

  136. Abbas Ali says:

    if yor are able to kill 230 Black children you are the Son of Devil.

  137. Is the lesson of the day to stay away from white women? LOL

  138. And to you I present…Bishop Harry Jackson, Hope Christian Senior Pastor. Look him up and learn his message. Learn it well.

  139. SAVAGES! EVIL MFs smh

  140. Everyone who commented on this is racist as hell.

  141. Brandon Law says:

    They should've added the Ocoee, FL Massacre – it was just as bad as Rosewood AND the black people in Ocoee were well off. Ocoee sits right outside Orlando.

  142. Othello York says:

    You should add the 1868 riot from Wilmington, North Carolina. The whites were upset because of the city being a thriving all black city, own and operated by blacks. So, they attempted to vote the blacks out of office but were unsuccessful. Therefore, 2000 white men lead by an ex-confedirate officer attacked, killing some of the black town leaders and residents. Burned down black owned business, homes and entire neighborhood.

  143. Shall I just place my retributions in the basket as it comes around?

  144. It seem white women destroy communities

  145. Let me rephrase White Women getting Raped is most of the excuses uses to carry hunting parties smh!!

  146. Dillon White says:

    Lucy Dennis your not educated your pea brain couldn't handle it. this page is racist. I'm going to report it to obama.

  147. Dillon White says:

    If I posted an article talking about how African Americans ruined cities with there bias racist voting and not paying taxes or working for fifty years id be racist. But this isn't, right.

  148. Dillon White says:

    Have a nice kwanza

  149. And the only times ive ever heard someone call obama the n word was by my african american friends. Stupid pig

  150. Dillon White says:

    I'm gonna call you Lil corn bread from now on

  151. But to conservatives, this is NOT real history, and it has no bearing on today… how sad is that!

  152. To all the people who say to move on to leave the past in the past if ur mother were raped killed or your community pillaged and burned down would u move on would u forget u want us to remember Pearl harbor 9/11 why forget the horrors black people faced why do you want my people to forget to get over it can one of u tell me that

  153. We are not the same maybe in God's eyes yes we are but in our society we are not we as a people have to remember to tell our children to be mindful we have the talk about police and the court system instead of the birds and bees to u who believe there are no black fathers there are more than u think read Black like me better yet live Black like me and tell me what u experience

  154. When you turn the other cheek the only thing you get is another sore cheek, on the other hand if you are willing to fight to the death of every child you will have respect.

  155. David Tice says:

    The Wal-Mart family members are each worth $60 billion each and they pay their workers a non living part time wage with no benefits. They are
    typical of many if not most corporations. They are enemies of us all white, brown, black and asian.

  156. This is an excellent article. I knew about East St. Louis and Rosewood but not the others – and surely wasn't aware of the "Red Summer". Many lessons could be learned from these incidents – because they are awful – I'll share one, from a different angle —- millionaires and highly successful, accomplished people in the early 1900's… achievement and tenacity pay off. Too many times people will try and suppress those who are doing better than they. #TimeForAllToBeBetter

  157. Dew Douglass says:

    What would happen if someone created an article talking about the white cities destroyed by blacks.

  158. Hating people because of the color of their skin is a terrible sin. Whether it's whites not liking blacks or blacks not liking whites.

    Terrible things have been done by white people and black people and to hang that on all white people or all black people is wrong.

    I consider people of all skin colors my brothers and sisters.

    Anyone saying their race is better is a racist and needs to rethink their heart.

    We all need to be pushing for equality for everyone, not more rights for one skin color or another. We need to fight against discrimination in each place it is found. We have a tool in social media to get the word out whenever anyone is being done wrong. We need to expose wrongdoing and demand it be made right.

  159. Terms like "our women" and "our people" is only going to keep the problems going. In that system, power may tip to one group or another, but it will keep shifting and all the gains for one group will be gone. We have to make a system where discrimination is not possible.

    We should view each other as the same. Considering how many people are a mix of white, black, hispanic, middle eastern, asian, etc, we are the same. And when anyone is suffering injustice, we should all demand justice.

    I challenge everyone that reads this to meet and have a real conversation with someone that is a different race.

    I have white friends, black friends, Indian friends, native american friends and cousins, asian friends, so many variations that it would take too long to list them. I love them all.

  160. They did these things to get the results of today. We are now dependent on the government and put our hopes in political parties that don't represent us. Over 90% of our money is spent outside of our community. Which party or government program is geared towards us being independent?

  161. I do hope that the wicked racists who did these appalling acts are barking in hell like they deserve to be. I will never say I hate all white people on a whole but it's people like this that bring shame on their entire race. The mobs that did these atrocious acts are nothing more than bullies and cowards who mostly picked fights wiht unarmed men, women and children and that's what sickens me the most. It's hard not to get emotional after reading this.

  162. Rodney Gantt says:

    Guys I in no way embrace my skin color just so you know. I could be 2" tall for and green for all I care. I just feel like apologizing for being here a lot of the time. I unfortunately turned out taking after my dad as opposed to looking Native American like my mom, but I do see you guys' plight and hate it. I've always (even in the 90's) supported Affirmative Action and the assault upon it is nauseating… so I'd center y'alls rage on that along with the politicians that blocked ObamaCare. Pls take care and don't quit.

  163. James Walker says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ the book BURIED IN THE BITTER WATERS there are more than 6,000 of these incidents, committed by WHITE against BLACKS

  164. These riots were about economics. The Black communities of those times were self reliant and self supporting. Whites could not get to Black dollars because that money stayed in the community it was earned and spent. In order to disrupt this whites destroyed and intimidated the people to reach out to them. Fast forward to this time where Blacks really think integration was their idea, what a joke. Integration was the white man's way of backdooring Black people to get their money, and it been working ever since.

  165. Tyrone Bland says:

    A lifetime of fighting, fighting, fighting.

  166. Molly Murphy says:

    Add 1898: Wilmington on Fire

  167. RESEARCHED THE HISTORY! It seems vengeful angry, slave supporting White Democrats with a KKK mentality were the instigators of 80% of the race riots in America. Another 10% was motivated by economic stress and fear of losing jobs, while the last 10% were started by blacks themselves.
    The information can be found. The newspaper owners and editors that fueled the hate to either start or continue race riots were all Democrats.
    You see, spiteful and vengeful Southern Democrats hated the idea that they were forced to give up their slave work force and decided to do whatever they could to create chaos, to put blacks in a bad light, and the most evil plan to create black (and Jewish) genocide was the plan to murder our babies before they were born. Sanger, a registered Democrat calling us weeds, to be wiped off the face of the earth.
    And what else has the Demoracts done for the black race? LBJ's Fight Poverty Plan, created just for the riping apart of the black families. For a black woman to qualify for the program her husband had to leave the home. So look at the black family today, did it work for who?
    Please understand, every successful black, every formally educated scholar, every black politician during the 1800's were Republican. The Abolishners, the anti-slave citizens, and blacks themselves formed the GOP to end slavery, to allow for all personal freedoms and rights. Even today
    Democrats are still pulling down the black race. So horribly sad to do to your fellow man.
    God bless.

  168. Verrell Reed says:

    All that needs to be known is those who don't know or remember the past are bound to repeat it,we as a peoplehave failed to pass down the history to our future generations , and now when we are faced with the oppressors sons,daughters and grandchildren basically taking on the same ideology as the Master we are shocked. Over and over I hear our people speaking about slavery as something that happened a long time ago let it go,all history happened sometime ago, but if you have no idea of what was actually done to you how can you recognize it when it happens again. truth to the matter is that we all need to look at education as the key to unlocking the chains that still bind us. With that said how many of us who says slavery was a long time ago, get over it even know that when slavery was abolished in the United States,and all its territories, from that day forth and forever, also includes unless you are convicted of a Felony! Now who are they enslaving again still with our ignorance and lack of education,thats in the Constitution.

  169. These riots were about fear and jealousy.

  170. In Canada the first race riot were in Nova Scotia.. white ex- soldiers were angry that blacks were getting better jobs than them. I lived in Nova Scotia during the mid 1990's and I remember there were still race riots going on there. I was actually racially attacked by a white man when I was 14 for being on the wrong side of town.

  171. Steve Leaver says:

    Whether white like me or of any color, collectively we are destined for shackles & chains with the approach of the new slavery. We've played right into their hands by playing into their fabricated degree of racism through media portrayal. We appear that we are all chomping at the bit to murder eachother because of our skin color right? Bullshit. I've been all around and all I can see is false, pre-engineered, fabricated, pre-meditated efforts to cause us to have it out in some kind of race war. Whatever so called Law & Order we enjoy now completely disintegrates; then what? Then the new slavery begins……is anyone seeing this? Is anyone looking ahead? They aren't gonna care about your color…..if you don't suck up to their evil, you will be hunted. Humans will soon know what it is like to love one another. I look forward to that day. We were headed in the right direction until around Sept. 11. Before that I was really thinking that we were on our way as a race towards mutual respect for one another. The media's only mission is to Program You. program., as in modify your behavior. Come on, let's not believe what we are told… that possible?

  172. Craig Crosby says:

    My great-great grandfather was a reconstruction, era, ex-enslaved, legislator in the Georgia Assembly. He shot two Klansmen, was elected twice and eventually poisoned and died by terrorist White supremacists……..Alfred Richardson.

  173. Craig Crosby says:

    Mistakenly deleted, my great-great grandfather was an ex-enslaved human being, elected to the Georgia Assembly twice during the reconstruction era. He shot and killed two klansmen, as was murdered with poison by terrorist White supremacist. ….his name is Alfred Richradson

  174. Wilmington, NC Massacre 1898? How did you miss that one?

  175. I have been saying all along that segregation was a complete joke. Take for instances high school… We had to sit there and watch the whites win everything, but time a black girl won homecoming queen or something… All hell broke loose!

  176. Hold our historical enemies accountable. That is the legacy of the Democrat party and their night rider auxiliaries, the KKK…etc.

  177. Freedom ain't free..

  178. I find it ironic that most of these began with unsupported accusations of black men interacting with white women….

  179. Additionally most began as we were becoming self-sufficient communities.

  180. Rocky Twyman says:

    world coming to an end soon. the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from this earth and there will be more and more race riots riots as we get closer to the end of time. everybody reads the flood chapter in patriarchs and prophets by Ellen White on line.. the Congress of the United States is possessed by demons who are prepared to waiting racial stereotypes. this is a spiritual warfare. we must use the spiritual weapons of prayer and fasting to combat the demons. many of these rap artists and Beyonce are possessed by devils. they are destroyin black youth. check out the good fight ministries YouTube video of Beyonce's Super Bowl performance. President Obama needs to call for a national day of prayer and fasting for this country. we are at the end of time.

  181. The first picture is definitely not from 1863, thus not of the roots

  182. David Canty says:

    It hurts me to my mind&heart, 2C Black people who followed the Laws of this land And Made it Work W/odds against them.white organizations against them fought to make it happen.building communities despite white racists and it being destroyed by white racists organizations which was all the people's in towns officials. Now we know how to do it!set up various to a new land a new offices businesses houses in community and Our Own policing. . . . . . . .

  183. David Canty says:

    we could take lessons from the black people who started to build their own communities for Black, Brown, Red,&yellow peoples. But this time have our own security force. . . And everyone listen up;let make Obama reparations on the table and make it happen before he leaves office it's been too long already for us to keep depending on the other race to give it to us it was promised to the applications that was put in slavery Africa live around the world now lets make him put it on the table and make it happen 40 acres and a mule baby.

  184. because they rewrote the bible king james, new testament, ETC, ETC for further lies and misconceptions and to brainwash people in believing Christ was born on dec 25th no real proof jesus was a white man there were no white men in the hot climates all lies that is what they do.

  185. we can deny the fact that it does not exist but look around at what is going on.

  186. Mark Bowers says:

    The catalyst has always been racism and bias because the agenda has always been about economics.

  187. David Smith says:

    Get off the jet fuel, nobody’s mad.Listen to yourself ,your that those where just trying to protect there women, but how by killing hundreds of that had nothing to do with any of the things that didn’t happen. You see nobody’s mad, but JIM CROW IS VERY MUCH ALIVE TODAY.

  188. Deborah Martin Yeah…I read it when I was 18….dreadful, just dreadful!

  189. Mike Benardo I do NOT wish to be "regular" people like whites, thank you very much! I'd rather stay 'those' or 'them' people.

  190. Now do people understand why there's a depressed black middle class?

  191. Keith Kapko says:

    Funny, that all you blacks here, know about these "white deceivers" that are out to get your money or prevent you from acquiring it. Yet you would rather live in poverty, unemployed, dependent on taxpayer entitlements, provided to you from this "corrupt government". Which is headed by a black president. Am I to believe the black community is too weak and naïve to help themselves, having had this knowledge? And the method by which to speak out against the corruption, be rioting and destruction of your very own neighborhoods you live in? It's time to take responsibility for yourselves. The whites are not the problem or the solution. We have picked up the tab long enough. Will you be asked to pay for riot damages time after time, generation after generation? It's highly unlikely. But whites have. Have a little dignity, pull yourselves up by the bootstraps, quit blaming "whitey" and be responsible for your successes.

  192. you are full of chit.the nigro's are their worst enemy and they**will never have or OWN anything.

  193. Unless we all find a way to unite as citizens for the good of the country we're going to fall. Surely you know there are many countries just waiting for that to happen? I also think the biggest issue isn't merely race, but caste as well. I believe it's further divisive to attach any ethnicity beyond American to a person. I admit, I found it strange that the author would capitalize Black, but not white, and kept switching from Black to African-American.

  194. yes the past is tragic. let it die!!!!! leave the past in the past. can you name any communities that have been destroyed lately by whites? your just kicking a dead horse. move on.

  195. Seems the common thread that sent each riot, except the New York one, in motion was the alleged rape, socializing, beating of a white woman. Letting alleged murders go in Knoxville was crazy! Fear is a powerful assumption on an individual than imposing it on others. Not all blacks were living in the high life. They didn't even bother other whites who were living well or those that hired blacks. We have the only ancestors who were brought over as property and it seems we are still viewed as property.

  196. Robert Kelly says:

    still think integration is a good idea… read this article again. Then read it again. Integration destroyed what the development of black culture and economics post-slavery. Separate or die.

  197. Derrick Hoel says:

    Uno Garrison
    You white people? So we are all one entity without individual thoughts and ideas huh?
    Every white person is out to get the black people right? Give me an example of how a white person you know or knew that held you back personally? I have a job that pays about 40,000 a year , a crappy car and pay rent on a normal house. Where the hell is my piece of the white privilege?

  198. This is a great start, I applaud you, but we need such a healing as FREDERICK DOUGLAS SAID: WHERE ARE THE SO CALL FREE SLAVES GOING….NO EDUCATION, NO MONEY, NO LAND, NO FOOD, HATED BY THE WORLD…SITTING DUCKS FOR HATE TO USE THEM AS SHOOTING TARGET, as you know they did!! Let the healing take its rightful place!!

  199. Wow democrats.. always hurting the black folk from the very beginning, it's still about the vote.

  200. Eddie Deng says:

    Don't u just wish you get to inflict unfathomable pain to them and get away with it.

  201. Elbert Lewis says:

    You never say that to Jewish People!!!!!

  202. Dennis Ware says:

    Not really the past if it repeats itself over and over again.

  203. Yeah racism is a term used to hide the real reason for slavery. It's people who believe they are intitle, those that believe they are the only ones who are in titled to this land. They want to rule over a d control everything. People believe they know what this land needs and the only ones that can solve the woes of this country. When we stop and think everyone is just as good as everyone else, then and only then will this mess stop. So stop thinking it's racism that's behind this and start think about what really lurks in the dark. Your being controlled by the powers that be, bring them out in the open and you will see what makes this world tick.

  204. I love your comment. At the beginning of this article it clearly states that the tensions began with the elites in politics who control the media. The media was used to spread lies and create dissension. They are doing it today to keep us from uniting in our communities. I would love to create a community of all of us, blacks, whites, Asians everyone, who refuses to be controlled by the media and let our feelings about eachother be influenced by anything outside our own experience, will you help me? Should we start with a Facebook page on united citizens of America? I hope you will talk to me. We can keep a positive discussion going between membersof all races and share our experiences, perhaps forge new bonds.

  205. That isn't true. Whites ended slavery because they considered it cruel and unchristian. They imposed it on every country, including Africa who was still profiting from raiding villages and taking slaves to be sold. To whites slavery is abhorrent. However, when reading this article did you notice that it was the elites who incited people to violence through lies spread in the media? It is a minority of elites in power who control what we see and hear. They will keep doing this to keep us from uniting as strong communities as long as we let them. But we can refuse to let them

  206. David Anthony Alvarez Jr. Oh come on. That is a cop out. This guy is being rude. But address what he is saying honestly man to man. The truth is that placing blame is an endless cycle that solves nothing. Strong communities are possible if we stop letting ourselves be manipulated by the media. The media spreads lies now as they did then. The media created the problem, ask yourself why? We need to unite against it and help eachother see the truth. Can we do that?

  207. Keith Kapko says:

    David, you obviously seek to widen the division. Asking for reparations is just another freebie along with all the other this administration so willingly hands out. How does wanting and demanding free stuff build any type of self dependance or self esteem. there are plenty of opporunities afforded to everyone in this country. the key to taking advantage of them is to get off ones lazy ass and apply themselves. Quit listening to the blamers and be your own person. And afterwards, pass your success story on to the younger ones in the community. It takes effort. Not sitting around thinking you deserve something that will never come. Its a complete waste of time and talent. Be sombody by your own hand. Its not easy. But, its not impossible.

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