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5 Black Celebrities Who Bounced Back After A Downward Spiral

comeback lauryn hillLauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill debuted on the musical scene with hip-hop group The Fugees in the 1994 release of the album Blunted to Reality. Two years later, the band, made up of Haitian cousins Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel, released The Score, which sold over 6 million copies. Following her departure from the group, Hill released a solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in 1998. That album would sell more than 10 million copies and earn Hill five Grammys, a record at the time for a female artist.

Hill would disappear from the public eye only to reappear at concerts displaying erratic behavior and leaving her die-hard fans disappointed. In 2012, the Sweetest Thing singer plead guilty to tax evasion and served three months in prison.

On the rise: After her release from federal prison in early October 2013, Hill hit the concert circuit leaving satisfied critics in her wake.

After a New York City concert in late November, one critic said: “It was one of the more exciting moments I’ve felt in live music during 2013. Electric lady? There’s only one.”

Hill also has a new recording contract and plans to release a new album next year.

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7 thoughts on “5 Black Celebrities Who Bounced Back After A Downward Spiral

  1. Bigg Griff says:

    Would've put Vick instead of LeBron.

  2. Mark Haaseth says:

    vick is a monster who should still be in prison for the sickening things he did

  3. Mark Haaseth funny comment, we let boxers beat each other and get brain damage and dog fight is a big deal ?

  4. Alex Remy says:

    Lol wtf these people's scenarios are not that bad at all with the exception of Toni Braxton with lupus… Do better

  5. Vick should have been up here. He came back and change the game…

  6. Carlos Moss says:

    Vick is a monster when we got so many hunting channels on tv. Animal is animal. No dif. Not justifying what the did but cmon he paid his debt

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